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Providing End To End Security, Distinguishable Penetration Testing Services and Prominent Vulnerability Assessment: AppSecure


“With many years of experience and meticulous expertise, we are here to safeguard your business from online and offline threats or vulnerabilities.”

We Safeguard. We Shield. We Secure.

AppSecure is a Cyber Security Resource founded by a White hat hacker and ex-flipster Anand Prakash. It offers distinguishable penetration testing services alongside prominent vulnerability assessment, unprecedented, security consulting and auditing. Encouraged by a desire to offer eminent solutions, speedily and well planned, AppSecure was conceived and founded to recognize and rectify the weaknesses of the customers in the field of Security Testing.

The professional penetration testing approach by a group of certified security researchers and domain experts at AppSecure is unique because of the company’s intrinsic desire to see if the applications can be broken into past the normally-presented boundaries. The AppSecure team provides all-inclusive reports that assist in getting the vulnerabilities affixed. The company’s competitive pricing strategy ensures a healthy work environment for both businesses and the AppSecure team.

AppSecure conduct penetration tests that would help to determine the weaknesses in the applications, networks, infrastructure, mobile or web services and cloud security. A thorough vulnerability assessment is done through software testing and network security scanning.

Content Management Systems (CMS) like Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Vbulletin, and Joomla are extremely popular and make working with content a cakewalk. But keeping track of CMS security isn’t just as simple. With AppSecure, one can keep checking the site for the latest vulnerabilities, thus making sure the CMS is secure.

“As the blockchain environment is highly volatile, consistent changes in the security scene are to be expected as new bugs keep coming up and new accepted procedures are standardized. We at AppSecure specialize in application and network security of blockchain-based platforms.”

Red Teaming covers a multi-layered attack simulation aimed at measuring how well the company’s applications, networks, and physical security controls can resist an attack from a real-life adversary. AppSecure’s well-executed red team operation considers the scale of the organization along with threats in particular industry and designs tailor-made specific tests. This includes application penetration testing, network penetration testing and social engineering. The AppSecure team specializes in providing a platform for delivering advanced phishing campaigns, which includes spear phishing through Fax, SMS or Telephone.

AppSecure Services

AppSecure not only discover vulnerabilities but also assist in affix them.

  • Blockchain Security: Application and network security of blockchain platforms
  • Penetration Testing: Application / Network / Infrastructure / Mobile / Web Services / Cloud Security
  • Red Teaming: Application Penetration Testing / Network Penetration Testing / Social Engineering
  • CMS Security: Wordpress / Magento / Drupal / Vbulletin / Joomla
  • Bug Bounty Programs: Get bug bounty program managed by security experts
  • Social Engineering: Advanced Phishing campaigns delivered using AppSecure’s platform


“ClearTax have been working with AppSecure for a while now. The team at AppSecure the best security team we have worked with: they are diligent with testing, go the extra many potential problems, and work closely with our engineering team to get issues r AppSecure has been instrumental in making ClearTax more secure, and I will highly record to any company that takes security seriously.”

  • Ankit Solanki (CTO), Cleartax

“To work with AppSecure’s team is both professional & easy at the same time. They are competent, flexible, and extremely quick to understand what is required and how to resolve it. Besides reporting vulnerabilities to us they also help our team to fix them”

  • Shamala Sharma, VP – Risk & Compliance, Strategic Partnership at Voonik

“We've worked with AppSecure across multiple projects for over a year. Their secure were extremely thorough, the explanation of the vulnerabilities they found was detailed always provided great action plans to address the issues. They gave great feedback that security of our products immensely and allowed us to focus on product development w the security of our clients was in great hands.”

  • Keith Morris (Managing Director) Tanooki Labs

Greet the Chief

Anand Prakash, CEO/Founder: Anand is an Indian security engineer (Ex-Flipkart) and Bug Bounty hunter. He was born and brought up in Bhadra, a small town in Rajasthan, India. He started his own venture AppSecure in May 2016, today he not only works with India's most renowned MNCs and startups but also works with businesses worldwide, personally has helped more than 400 companies all over the globe to be more secure. 

Anand has also been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2017 - Enterprise Technology for AppSecure. He also made into top 10 white hat hackers list on Facebook, Twitter, and Uber in the past.

“With many years of experience and meticulous expertise, we are here to safeguard your business from online and offline threats or vulnerabilities.”