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Providing flexible, quality solutions to simplify and optimize technology operations: LaSalle Solutions

thesiliconreview-robert-metzen-president-ceo-lasalle-solutions-2017In today’s technology-driven marketplace, innovation and adaptability are key components of success for every business. Organizations must evolve to meet the increasingly complex technology requirements of their industries and to drive business forward. But staying up-to-date with technology and within budget is no easy task, and finding the right tools and processes to maintain that stability is equally difficult.

Headquartered in Rosemont, Illinois, LaSalle Solutions helps customers improve their technology operations to save capital, time and resources, thus enabling continued investment in growth and success. With enhanced processes, award-winning customer service and an industry-leading cloud-based platform called LAMP, LaSalle Solutions gives customers all the tools they need to manage the lifecycle of their assets, maintenance contracts and lease schedules in real time, 24/7.

The Right Partner Changes Everything

Founded in 1980, LaSalle has maintained a dedication to customer service and providing a wide range of financial and equipment solutions to assist customers in managing their technology equipment needs. Over the years, LaSalle has grown as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) by expanding its focus from operating lease (off financial sheet) financing to include asset and maintenance contract management and other equipment lifecycle services, simplifying processes and reporting for better planning and return on investment (ROI).

LaSalle collaborates with customers from diverse industries to help them acquire and manage traditional technology, medical, heavy machinery and other types of equipment. LaSalle provides full transparency to its customers from the very first conversation, demonstrating the company’s commitment to personalized, relationship-driven service that helps customers achieve better business outcomes. “We will continually communicate with and learn from our customers in order to improve our products and services,” said Robert Metzen, President & CEO.

LaSalle partners with industry leaders such as Cisco, Juniper, EMC, Panduit and many more to expand its offerings and deliver best-in-class technology solutions to its customers. LaSalle has been recognized by Cisco with awards for its technology services and customer service and is part of an elite group of Cisco partners to hold Gold Partner status as well as Master Specializations in Collaboration and Security.

Overview of Products & Services

LaSalle’s success comes from its close relationships and emphasis on listening to customers to truly understand their needs. In fact, LaSalle’s LAMP platform was first developed in response to its customers’ need for a simple way to access, track and manage equipment information. Today, LaSalle customers use LAMP to generate reports, set up notifications and track all of their assets, contracts, activities, credits, leasing information, dispositions and more.

LAMP is a powerful platform that provides customers with full visibility into their information across the entire IT infrastructure, unlocking the efficiency potential buried in the details of their data. LAMP, through its intuitive interface and reporting capabilities, makes it easy to ensure that maintenance contracts are up-to-date and that all aspects of the maintenance plan are in sync with manufacturer records. LAMP uses sophisticated APIs to integrate with existing cloud-based or internal IT systems to streamline processes and fill any data gaps.

LaSalle Solutions offers a variety of services and solutions:

  • Leasing: LaSalle’s customized lease programs help take the pain out of equipment leasing by simplifying processes and easing the administrative burden that comes with lease schedule management. With a straightforward approach to leasing that enables systematic and convenient equipment acquisition, financing, maintenance and replacement, LaSalle helps customers order equipment when they need it, cut capital expenses and stay current with technology.
  • Maintenance and Asset Management: LaSalle helps customers ensure that their asset and maintenance contract information is up-to-date and in synch with manufacturer records. By then leveraging the information collected in LAMP, customers can drive a more proactive and intelligent asset lifecycle processes to help them maximize utilization while reducing costs.
  • Engineering Services: LaSalle Solutions’ Professional Services Group (PSG) helps alleviate the technology challenges that impact daily business operations. Every customer engagement is different, so the PSG works accordingly to identify the right solutions to meet each customer’s unique needs by customizing their security solutions for data centers, cloud services, mobile devices and more.

thesiliconreview-steven-robb-president-solutions-group-lasalle-solutions-2017Future in a Nutshell

LaSalle was founded with a commitment to service, flexibility, transparency and versatility, and the company maintains that commitment today through its dedicated support team, long-term relationships and benchmark LAMP platform. LAMP was created in response to customer needs, and LaSalle continues to improve its solutions as those needs change. With that in mind, LaSalle will be releasing its fifth iteration of LAMP—LAMP 5.0—in 2018.

In the coming years, LaSalle wants to strengthen its position as a market leader in asset, maintenance contract and lease schedule management by continuing to deliver the most relevant technology solutions available, ensuring that customers are equipped with the best tools and services to escalate their businesses. “We believe that we have a Blue Ocean of opportunity to swim in for many years to come,” said Steven Robb, president of the Solutions Group at LaSalle Solutions.

Roll out the Red Carpet

Robert Metzen, President and CEO, is the liaison between the board of directors and upper management, also responsible for driving the strategy and business objectives for LaSalle’s success. He joined LaSalle Solutions in 1995 as Chief Financial Officer and has more than 30 years’ experience in the equipment leasing industry and over 20 years in technology services.

Steven Robb, President – Solutions Group, oversees the Product Development, Professional Services and Group Operations teams. He is responsible for all sales, operations and development of LaSalle’s LAMP platform. As the principal customer liaison at LaSalle, Robb is committed to prioritizing customer successes and creating innovative long-term solutions.

“We strive to develop and provide the most effective and simple-to-use business processes, services and tools to ensure our customers receive high returns for their investment.