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Providing Medical Education by Developing Scientific Stories of Diseases Simpson Healthcare Executives, LLC


“We bring the larger context of healthcare for our clients, aligned with our purpose, and always keeping the patient at the core of our focus.”

The healthcare industry is continuing to become more stable and self-sufficient with every passing year. Inter-related industries are gaining positive benefits from a lot of trends. And technology is making it happen by allowing patients to easily lead better, healthier lives by making use of their phones or tablets without even leaving home.

Founded in 1998, Simpson Healthcare Executives is one the critical players in the healthcare industry. Challenging key stakeholders in the healthcare industry to think disruptively about the future of healthcare, Simpson Healthcare work best to develop the scientific stories of diseases and provide necessary medical education to physicians that most positively impact patients who are in need.

Making the World A Better Place to Live

Set up by Kelly Simpson-Angelini and the scientific agency, Simpson Healthcare Executives is celebrating its 20th year in business. With 40+ employees including some of the witty minds, the healthcare firm provides the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical diagnostic and device industries with a wide range of services in support of overall marketing strategies.

Innovation is central to transforming and evolving the healthcare industry and Simpson goes all-out to fulfill the goal to help people live better. With the high-quality, creative, strategic solutions with unparalleled customer service and brand strategy, Simpson are making a great impact on the healthcare industry.

Over the years, the company has had the opportunity to work with some of the great biopharmaceutical clients, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Genentech, Shire, Genzyme, Amgen, and Merck, to name a few. Unlocking its clients’ full potential to connect with patients who could benefit most from their therapies, Simpson strives to deliver more precise and personalized medicine for patients.

Simpson Healthcare is a diverse scientific agency that has become widely known as a global leader in scientific marketing and communications. The company has earned trust and respect of all its consumers around the globe, as it has developed and pulled through the stories of why its client’s brands matter for patients and how they will improve their lives. Also, the company aligns with its clients on their medical and strategic goals and work together to make things work.

Being a client-centric firm that focuses on providing the top-class services, Simpson ensures that it has the right members on its teams and believes that everyone in the team know the client’s goals and how the scientific story will support using a wide array of lenses and perspectives.

“We activate our clients and our teams as we work together to connect key healthcare providers and stakeholders to the therapies they need to treat their patients and help to improve their lives.”

Simpson Healthcare Executives has been involved with different therapeutic areas and from its biopharmaceuticals clients, the agency has an estimated national impact of 95.6 million people and an estimated worldwide impact of 3.1 billion people; impacting roughly one-third of both US and global populations.

A Bright Future Ahead

Simpson’s award-winning scientific agency has brought the FUTURING service offering to its clients for over the past half-decade, which clients have integrated into their business strategy to create goals and drive decision-making that side-step global crisis and are impactful in many ways.

With FUTURING, the company envisions the potentially best and worst futures without any reference to present day. Once the futures are imagined, the drivers to reach those futures are identified, which helps finding opportunities to shape a desirable future or avoid impact from an undesirable future. The prime purpose of FUTURING is to look at global datasets, policies, and influential variables, and to disrupt key markets in healthcare with a longer 10–20-year vision for the future.

The core stories of disease, diagnosis, and new therapies continue to be new and abundant. And, Simpson Healthcare sees huge opportunity to continue to build knowledge and skills in organizing and showcasing scientific content while being deeply mindful of the importance of improving healthcare for patients.

The company has worked to pioneer sales offerings that are new to the pharmaceutical industry and for the coming years, it believes that it will be supporting new types of products like gene therapies that are once in a lifetime treatment. Also, it has plans to go with a personalized and individualized approach to disease education and “my brand”, which will be something to simplify and focus on.

Meet the Elegant Leader

Kelly Simpson-Angelini, CEO and CSO of Simpson Healthcare Executives. Being the most senior leader, Kelly gets to know her people. She believes that the company’s core values are tied to a purpose that creates a strong bond among the teams. Also, as a senior executive team leader and life coach, Kelly values creating positive employee and client experiences. She coaches and mentors everyone at the company and strives to empower each person to find his/her purpose in life.

Under the leadership of Kelly, Simpson Healthcare most recently made the “Best Places to Work-2018 List” for the second consecutive year. Also, Kelly has been awarded “Healthcare Industry CEO of the Year-USA” and “Most Innovative CEO of the Year-USA” by Business Worldwide Magazine and was named among the “2017 Most Prominent Women in Business” by Acquisition International Magazine, and has won three Stevie Awards for Women in Business for entrepreneurship and innovation. She was also honored as a “2017 Healthcare Transformers-Top 10 Innovation Catalyst” by Medical Marketing and Media (MM&M), the media agency of record for the past 50 years in the medical marketing industry.

“We Believe in Our People. It’s those moments when you look at everyone around you and see how we are all here for each other, you can’t help but take a step back and think - Wow. I love working here.”