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Providing Optimized, Software- Defined Network connectivity & Application Acceleration: Aryaka


“Aryaka’s award-winning global connectivity solutions serve as a superhighway to globally distributed enterprises.”

Global businesses expect extremely high availability and performance while accessing “on-premises” and SaaS-based applications on the WAN. Relying on the public Internet adds congestion, packet loss and latency, which deteriorate application performance. This adversely impacts business productivity, execution and collaboration. Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) fail to address application performance issues, especially in global scenarios, due to their reliance on the public Internet.

Founded in 2009, Aryaka’s Software Defined Network Platform combines a global private network, WAN optimization technology and SD-WAN functionality, to deliver enterprise-grade global connectivity and application acceleration. The company’s founders built a Software-Defined Network Platform to address growing application performance challenges caused by globalization and exponential growth in cloud adoption.

There are a few startups that claim to deliver SD-WAN solutions, which implement hybrid networks (different links for different kinds of traffic, based on preset priority levels), enable centralized control of the WAN and reduce overall network costs. However, they fall short on delivering consistent and enhanced application performance due to their reliance on the Internet. Aryaka’s Cloud Access Network is uniquely positioned to provide access and acceleration to cloud services and SaaS-based applications, enabling global enterprises to deliver significantly faster application performance that supports business productivity and execution requirements.

Why Aryaka

  • Aryaka offers WAN Optimization and other network services as part of a software-defined network platform which includes a global private backbone. Aryaka’s backbone bypasses the unreliable public Internet and eliminates congestion, packet loss and jitter.
  • With other technologies, deployment and installation of the hardware could take weeks, and involve complex insertions. With Aryaka’s cloud-delivered solution, however, deployment only takes between 8 and 48 hours.
  • Aryaka’s solution is delivered as a fully-managed service with 24×7 CCIE Engineer level customer support, eliminating the need to invest time, money and talent into the maintenance and management of complex optimization appliances.
  • While investing in traditional WAN optimization appliances involves heavy CapEx, Aryaka’s solution is delivered as a Zero CapEx service, adopting a pay-as-you-go model. Additionally, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is significantly lower than other solutions.
  • Aryaka’s solution enables accelerated access to all cloud services/SaaS applications hosted anywhere in the world.
  • Its solution comes integrated with the web-based MyAryaka customer portal that delivers network and application-wide visibility for WAN connectivity.

Aryaka’s Software Defined Network Platform consists of 2 product families – SMART CONNECT and SMART CDN

The services that are a part of the SMART CONNECT family are:

  • WAN Optimization as-a-Service: The solution combines a global private network, WAN Optimization, real-time network visibility and 24×7 support to deliver faster performance for global on-premises and cloud/SaaS applications.
  • Network as-a- Service: The solution combines a global private network with TCP Optimization and QoS – to deliver enterprise-grade private connectivity to globally distributed businesses – one that can be deployed within only 8 to 48 hours.
  • SD-WAN Ultra: The solution combines Smart Edge and Smart Link technologies with optimization, cloud connectivity and a private network to provide enhanced application performance, reduce costs and simplify network operations at branch offices.
  • MPLS Assure: The solution is an MPLS backup connectivity solution available to enterprises at a lower total cost of ownership than MPLS, which provides higher levels of redundancy and HA in the event of MPLS downtime.

The services that are a part of the SMART CDN family are:

  • Web App Acceleration: The solution combines caching, HTTP/HTTPS acceleration and a global private network to provide superior, consistent performance for public-facing, dynamic web/SaaS applications as well as corporate websites.
  • IP App Acceleration: The solution combines enterprise-grade global connectivity with application-agnostic optimization to offer remote and mobile users a superior way to access centralized enterprise IP resources and applications.

The company has customers across all industry verticals. Aryaka has many marquee clients including Dover Corporation, Air China, Skullcandy, Gucci, Standard Life, JAS Forwarding, and Henny Penny.

“ We are a team of people who are obsessed with customer satisfaction.”

Knowing the Leader

SHAWN FARSHCHI, President and CEO Shawn brings more than 30 years of experience leading, driving, and managing business, technological, organizational, and cultural transformation in highly dynamic environments.

Prior to Aryaka, he was the President and CEO of Saba Software, a leader in the Talent and Learning Management space. In his role as Chief Operating Officer at Coremetrics (an IBM Company), he managed a broad range of responsibilities including product development, service operations, professional services, technical training, and customer service. Prior to Coremetrics, Shawn served as VP of Platform Engineering and Operations as well as the General Manager of Voice Applications at WebEx Communications Inc. (now a part of Cisco). Prior to WebEx, Shawn was a Regional VP at Oracle, Senior VP of Development at BroadVision, and CIO at DHL Airways.