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Providing Secure Solutions for Compliance, E-Discovery, Business Continuity & Information Governance: ArcMail Technology


ArcMail’s market strategy is to offer the most flexible and robust, simple-to-use, fully-compliant enterprise information and email archiving solution available in the industry at an affordable price.”

Whether companies are required to respond to legal e-discovery requests or regulatory compliance audits, they face the same information retrieval challenges and risks. The bottom line is that organizations today must evaluate their archiving capabilities to ensure they are mitigating risks and are fully capable of complying with e-discovery requests and regulatory compliance requirements. ArcMail Technology understands the critical role archiving can play in the success of most businesses. Each and every one of its archiving solutions has been designed from the ground up to mitigate risks with an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solution that works simply, affordably, and effectively.

ArcMail Technology was founded in 2005 to help companies and public sector organizations implement effective email archiving programs, boost email server performance and satisfy regulatory requirements. With the rapid growth of email usage, the Shreveport, LA-based company addresses a need for simple, secure email archiving that is affordable for small businesses yet robust enough to handle the demands of enterprise companies and government entities. ArcMail’s solution, the Defender, was developed to provide cost-effective email archiving hardware that improves the user experience, reduces the load on IT resources and safely secures business information contained in emails, all in an easy-to-use appliance.

“We believe the Defender is the best email archiving solution for organizations with anywhere from 5 to 5,000+ mailboxes across a broad section of industries,” said Rory Welch, President & CEO.

ArcMail has also been listed by leading business analyst companies who report on email archiving appliance vendors.

A Broad Array of Archiving Solutions
ArcMail offers customers a broad array of cost-effective, easy-to-use archiving solutions with comprehensive and tailorable features that ensure secure, compliant email, file, and other electronic data retention, storage, and retrieval.

The company’s enterprise information and email archiving solutions support a wide range of digital assets and content types such as most commercially available mail servers, including MS Exchange, LINUX variants, IBM Lotus Domino, GroupWise and others, as well most cloud-based systems such as Google’s Gmail, MS Office365, Google Apps, Google Docs and others. ArcMail also supports Microsoft SharePoint, enterprise social media (Facebook & Twitter) and Microsoft and Linux-based file systems. They are designed for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of vertical markets. The company provides several deployment options for its archiving solution including on premise appliances, fully-hosted archiving services, cloud/on premise hybrid storage gateways, and virtualized (VM) software for VMware and MS Hyper-V environments.

Key ArcMail product features include full-text indexing; granular retention rules; secure and customizable access and permissions; basic and advanced Boolean search; litigation and legal holds; and extensive import and export capabilities that accelerate and simplify eDiscovery requests and compliance audits.

Standing Tall Amongst Peers
The greatest differentiator for ArcMail is its ability to archive multiple data sources (e.g. email, social media, SharePoint, file systems, etc.) and deploy according to the customer’s infrastructure strategy whether it be an on premise appliance, software, fully hosted, or cloud-local hybrid. The company does not just offer one or two deployment methods like most competitors.

What makes ArcMail unique is:

Simple user interface – It provides the simplest archiving software on the market. Users can use their MS Outlook client or a simple Web-based UI to search and retrieve archived data. Our archiving solutions can be easily and effectively deployed to a customer’s entire organization.

Very fast searches & retrieval – The proprietary algorithms used for indexing and searching makes ArcMail one of the fastest search and retrieval archiving systems on the market.

Most number of data sources – ArcMail archives the most sources of data, natively, without using any third-party software to offer customers the ability to archive email, web mail, SharePoint, direct files on shared folders, social media, Google Drive, and other data sources.

Most number of deployment options – The company offers the most deployment options for its solution including an appliance, a virtual machine (VM) software version (VMware & Hyper-V), a storage gateway (which can store to a SAN, NAS, or any cloud-based storage provider), and a fully-hosted solution.

Best customer service – Support is provided at its headquarters in the U.S. by an experienced technical team.

Leading storage-saving performance – ArcMail has single-instance storage, granular retention rules and one of the highest Data compression rates in the industry.

Target Areas of Clientele
ArcMail’s four largest sectors are Education (including both K-12 and higher ed), Financial Services, Healthcare Services, and State and Local government. The common theme around these sectors is they are all highly regulated and thus easily understand the need for archiving. However, part of the mission is to inform customers from other sectors why they need archiving as well, and why backups, PST files, and other means of storing email and other sensitive communications and data do not provide the same compliance and e-discovery capabilities as a true archiving solution. Although the company sells through the IT department, its target customers are the internal or external legal counsel, human resources department, and/or the compliance department.

“ Our archiving solutions meet any electronic data retention compliance requirement in real-time while ensuring the confidentiality and protection of archived data by preventing unauthorized access and/or tampering.”

Client Feedback
“When you tell customers that you have a fool-proof email archiving system, it inspires confidence about the way you do business.” – Mark Connolly, IT Manager, Power Great Lakes

“Defender was by far the easiest for our employees to use. My best indication of that is they rarely call me with a question.”
– Rosemary Doerner, IT Manager, Pinkard Construction Company

The Road Ahead

Technology: ArcMail’s roadmap priorities include incorporating foreign languages into its indexing and search capabilities (i.e. romance languages, Japanese, and Cyrillic), adding multi-tenancy to support the MSP market, adding enhanced policy management, enhanced reporting capabilities, and voice-to-text archiving. In addition to the ongoing development efforts around archiving, the company will be expanding its capabilities to include backup and recovery and security related capabilities.

Markets: The Company will be expanding its markets in the followings areas:

  • International
  • MSP
  • Hybrid Archiving-As-A-Service Model

” Not only is ArcMail a leading solutions provider, we are the go-to entity for companies in search of expertise, information, and supporting resources as they investigate their need and develop strategies for enterprise information and email archiving.”

Meet ArcMail’s Leader

Rory Welch, President & CEO
With his 20+ years of senior management experience cutting across multiple industries and global geographies, Rory brings important perspective and expertise to serving many vertical markets as he leads ArcMail in the next phase of growth. Prior to joining ArcMail, he managed his own consulting firm, and before that held leadership positions at Movado Group, Inc., including COO for the Boutique Division and Senior Vice President of Wholesale Operations. Earlier in his career, Rory was VP of Strategic Planning and Analysis at Arrow Electronics, where he was responsible for building performance models across all aspects of the organization. While at Arrow, Rory also held positions as: VP of Product Management for Asia-Pacific, with responsibility for overseeing all aspects of product management for this $1 billion division; General Manager of Aerospace/Military program accounts; Product Manager; and Asset and Logistics Manager.

In addition to the industries mentioned above, Rory’s management consulting experience has supplemented his industry knowledge, with his clients ranging from Fortune 100s to mid-market players in myriad industry verticals. His broad industry experience includes industrial distribution, Industrial manufacturing, semiconductor distribution, food processing, commercial and industrial communications, document archiving and storage, luxury goods, beauty care, and software.