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Providing the best Adaptive Release Orchestration Platform for Organization Depending on DevOps: Electric Cloud

thesiliconreview-carmine-j-napolitano-ceo-electric-cloud-19To win in today’s markets, organizations are making Big Bets on DevOps as one of their key strategies to drive agility and innovation. However, development teams’ agile pace of software delivery and new technology adoption has outstripped the ability of operations teams to keep up. This cadence and skills mismatch limits innovation, jeopardizes transformation, and puts teams in a constant state of release anxiety. Electric Cloud’s Adaptive Release Orchestration platform helps organizations like E*TRADE, HPE, Intel and Lockheed Martin confidently release new applications and adapt to change at any speed demanded by the business, with the analytics and insight to measure, track, and improve their results. Releasing software on business demands is the new secret weapon. To do that you need more than a tool vendor – you need a partner that can provide a roadmap to success. Electric Cloud knows every DevOps journey is unique and different and that is why it has been successful so far.

DevOps Insight

As the frequency, volume and complexity of application releases increases, teams struggle to collect and report on metrics from the myriad of DevOps tools, environments and processes involved. Understanding the status of individual features or stories in a release requires manual scraping of data from various tools, and error-prone spreadsheet analysis to accurately map data points back to their pipeline stages.

Few of the Products offered by the Company


Release on business demand and increase IT efficiency with release orchestration, pipeline, and environment management and deployment automation, coupled with the analytics and insight to measure, track, and improve.

Electric Accelerator

Reduce cycle time and iterate faster by dramatically accelerating builds and tests.

  • Fault-tolerant workload distribution uses local, network, or cloud resources
  • Smart load balancing ensures optimal use of cores across the cluster
  • Dynamic resource provisioning provides instantaneous scale up/down

Integration: Plugins Directory

ElectricFlow plug-ins are used to integrate with the most popular tools and infrastructure, seamlessly bringing them into your DevOps automation. Use these plugins to add a layer of automation and governance to the tools you already use. Plugins are Electric Cloud or community supported, with many plugins open sourced, so you can fork/extend their functionality and give back to the community

Services the Company Provides

Training and Professional Services

Switching on Continuous Delivery is a lot easier when working with an experienced partner. Electric Cloud has been helping organizations automate and accelerate software delivery for over a decade.


Digital transformation is as much about the right skills as it is about the right tools and processes. Electric Cloud University (ECU), in partnership with DevOps Institute (DOI), is a subscription-based training and certification program that provides the skills needed to implement and scale DevOps in your organization successfully. ECU augments its traditional on-site classroom-based training.

Orchestrate Releases

Coordinating release approvals, environments and deployment activities across multiple teams and shared infrastructure is a logistical challenge. Organizations want a way to manage traditional releases and CD pipelines in a scalable, auditable and predictable way and predictability goes a long way towards eliminating release anxiety.

Deployment Automation

Consistently deploying applications into standardized environments is one of the best ways to achieve application rollout success, but most teams still rely on hard-coded scripts and manual instructions. App Support and Ops teams want to eliminate manual and error-prone deployment processes to achieve the velocity needed to deliver any software into any environment – especially into production, where the value is created

Continuous Delivery

With Continuous Delivery, Agile, CI and DevOps practices and tools transform the way software is delivered by continually reducing the cost and risk of application deployment and release. Organizations that want to adopt Continuous Delivery need to allow small check-ins to be verified by automated builds and tests so teams can reduce risk, and release more often.

Container Orchestration

Moving to a microservices architecture using Docker or Rocket promises to provide deployment flexibility, giving organizations the ability to move applications through the lifecycle in a standardized fashion. But building and inventorying microservices containers, knowing what versions are deployed where and understanding the dependencies is hard.

The One Leader Showing the Right Path

Carmine J. Napolitano, CEO:

Carmine “CJ” Napolitano is the CEO of Electric Cloud, the leader in DevOps release automation. Mr. Napolitano has over 25 years of experience in general, financial, and technology management in public and private companies. He has completed over $500MM in financial transactions including an IPO, 3 exits, and over a dozen financings. He has been part of industry-leading teams at Paradata, Blekko, Computer Access Technologies, LeCroy, Centric Software, and Wavefront Technologies. These companies all pioneered new markets and in some cases were ahead of their time.

Mr. Napolitano earned his MBA from New York University, and BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“To stay relevant, organizations are making big bets on DevOps. We are the leaders in our vertical and we give you tomorrow’s software, Today.”