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Providing the Best-in-Class IP Analysis Software for Patent Owners & Innovators: Innography


“Our features and technologies are focused on insights that lead to better business results.”

 Founded in 2007, Innography was conceived as a way to extend manual processes in patent search to true patent business intelligence by developing a set of powerful algorithms that cleanse and normalize data, mine patents for vital information, and automatically make determinations on which patents in a set are the most valuable.

Founder, Tyron Standing’s work life at IBM was consumed with researching and reading hundreds of patents prior to filing new applications. The frustration of not being able to quickly identify prior art, legal status and jurisdictional coverage led to the formation of Innography.Today, Tyron’s original vision has been achieved with Innography’s award-winning platform and products able to analyze and visualize 100 million patents in a matter of seconds.In November 2015, Innography was acquired by CPA Global, the world’s leading specialist in intellectual property (IP) software and services.

Talking about the company’s firm grip on the market, Innography is the game-changer in the sector, bringing current technology capabilities to the typically stale and outdated industry of intellectual property management. There has been one large player in the market, under Thomson Reuters, with a product that has been around for decades and has not caught up with the technological times. What Innography does, is bring advanced technical capabilities to the space, in new and different ways, like crowd-sourcing information and artificial intelligence elements, that correlate and normalize data like no other company in the market can. Innography has won numerous awards for a reason.

Best Out of Investments
Innography delivers comprehensive, online Intellectual Property Business Intelligence (IPBI) applications and patent tools that enable companies of all types and sizes to achieve the best possible return on IP investments. Through a powerful business analytics platform, Innography streamlines manual IP-related tasks by giving instant access to reliable and vital data. The company’s IP analytics tools enable organizations to get products to market faster, uncover new and more lucrative revenue sources, keep better track of competitors, pre-empt litigation claims and stay on top of numerous IP-associated functions.

The main client benefit is time savings – Innography is known to help patent specialists perform analyses several times faster than any other tool. Its Fall 2015 release raised the bar even higher, with innovations in the user interface and data-storage areas that had users reporting that their speed was doubled yet again. And the Spring 2016 release incorporated a newdatabase technology that sped up many operations by a factor of three again.

Innovation as a Core Value
Innovation is one of the core Innography’s values, and as a small disruptive player in its space, it’s how it competes and wins every day. Over the last several years, Innography has:

Doubled R&D investment, resulting in multiple new innovative and successful products such as PatentIQ® and PatentScout®, and numerous awards including “Best Solution” in four different CODiE award categories.

Tripled the size of its Client Success team to ensure clients are getting the most value from its solution, resulting in a two-thirds reduction in churn the last three years and a 97% client satisfaction rate.

Has implemented a first-in-industry client relationship infrastructure including online communities and continuous health monitoring of client usage patterns. As a result, over the last three years it has won over 200 new clients in a flat industry and doubled the size of its client base and revenue.

The Future Sight
The barriers to entry are low in Innography’s industry – anyone can download patent documents from the patent offices, put them online and call it a patent search tool. Innography is unique in its industry in representing a new generation of patent analysis tools, applying big-data, analytics and cloud technologies and modern software development and data-improvement techniques to answer questions better and faster.

In their latest report regarding Innography’s rise versus the legacy players, Outsell Analysts titled their report “Changing of the Guard in the Patent Information Market”, and described how Innography’s market advances would “reshape the whole IP market landscape.” Looking ahead, its goal is to continue to innovate with the clients’ needs in mind — leveraging modern technologies and breaking the historical rules of the industry to deliver next-generation solutions that customers need and appreciate.

The Happy Clients
“Innography has new ways to solve my business problems at a cost that makessense.” – Fortune 100 Conglomerate

“The product itself is a life saver—it is wonderful to have a ‘one-stop shopping’ with this tool. It used to take me hours to search on specific data and now at the click on a button, I have it. The one-on-one support we receive is also exceptional.” – Global Defense Company

“For my portfolio development work, I use the semantic search feature in Innography almost every day. My job is so much easier to do, and I am able to get it done so much faster than I did before.” – Fortune 100 Software Company

Meet the Master

Tyron Stading, Founder: Tyron started Innography with a vision of redefining the intelligence/analytics landscape. As president and founder of Innography, Tyron’s mission is to make insights easier and more integrated into business processes. He is responsible for the technology and partnership roadmap at Innography, which received CODiE awards for Best Business Information Solution, Best Aggregated Data and Best Legal Information Solution. Tyron has been named IAM’s top “300 IP Strategist” in the world, and National Law Journal’s “50 Intellectual Property Trailblazers & Pioneers”.

Prior to Innography, he was an IBM worldwide industry solutions manager in the telecommunications and utilities sector, architecting SmartGrid and Intelligent Planet solutions. Before IBM, Tyron worked at several start-ups focused on mobile communications and networks security. He has published multiple research papers and filed over three dozen patents. Tyron has a BS in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MS in Technology Commercialization from The University of Texas at Austin.

“Only we provide the depth of correlated information needed to quickly build pipelines of licensing leads by uncovering connections between technologies, patents, companies, products, and litigation.”