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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2018

Providing the Best Management Services to All its Clients by Scaling Different Verticals: The LMC Group

thesiliconreview-kristen-carroll-ceo-the-lmc-group-2018A growing company taking one step at a time

A request from a high school friend to help a family business going through a significant transition led to the launch of The LMC Group in 2014, and it has been growing tremendously ever since. The company now serves a wide range of businesses, nonprofits, and municipalities. What these entities have in common is that they are great at what they do, but they can’t always afford to hire top talent internally for every area of their business. Others don’t need a full-time resource, but they do need fractional access to experts.

The LMC Group focused on human resources, business development, and operational services as its main prolific offerings in the past. These services are still in high demand, but over the years the company has added social media, creative services, public relations, MBTI services, customer service, mergers and acquisitions, and finance to its suite of services.

The quality of the firm’s team has been the key to its growth. Each member is completely engaged and self-motivated to enact the company’s vision. Observers are amazed at the visibility the company has. Having a team that creates content based on its areas of expertise, the company is certainly in high demand for its blog posts, journal articles, webinars, and training. LMC is dedicated to providing the best solutions for all its clients through its office locations in Manchester, NH; Atlanta, GA; and Key West, FL.

Why Clients Keep Coming Back to The LMC Group

Offering big benefits for all its employees such as health care coverage, a retirement plan, unlimited PTO, and a variety of other benefits, The LMC Group is truly an employee-centric company. The firm advises its clients to treat their employees well and follows its own advice. It’s the right thing to do, and it has the added benefit of bringing out the best in its team members.

Generosity is the reason for the company’s ongoing success. One of LMC’s unstated yet bedrock beliefs is that doing good things leads to other good things. Many young, small companies might be wary of committing to giving while they are in a building phase, but LMC has decided to give first and give generously. In return, the company gets the obvious benefits of goodwill from its communities and the joy that giving creates. More than that, the firm’s generosity attracts top-quality employees, clients, and partners who share the same values.

The biggest challenge for the company has been the resistance of some smaller businesses to invest in the solutions it offers. However, The LMC Group has always ensured that its clients procure a good return that is more than the invested amount or saves them more than they spend in the venture.

The Collaborative Approach

LMC’s collaborative, partnership approach led to new services based on client needs. To address the personnel needs of its clients, one LMC employee became a certified MBTI consultant. The personality insights provided by the MBTI framework made it possible to move employees to roles best suited for them, teach teams how to communicate and solve conflicts, and identify ideal personality types for various positions within the clients’ companies.

Another example of need driving LMC’s offerings is its Budget Boot Camps. Finance in general and budgeting specifically are the bane of many small businesses. LMC’s Finance Director developed a well-received Budget Boot Camp that is customizable and accessible, demystifying budgets for business owners.

Need inspired The LMC Group to provide greater choice to its clients as well. The company offered HR services from the beginning, but based on what it heard from its clients, LMC developed a tiered system. Some clients fully outsource their HR function to the company, while others take advantage of its fractional services. Still others choose its HR Self-Service option, which gives them access to tools they need for their HR tasks.

The Reason for the Company’s Reputation

Engaged employees do not rent their positions, they own them—and that is certainly the case at LMC. The entire team at LMC has an ownership mentality, and everyone considers the company to be a reflection of their own character. With an engaged workforce, the quality soars, and that is another key to a stellar reputation. People really want to work with The LMC Group, either as a part of its team or as its clients. The company has never had to use the hard sell.

The company’s reputation is supported by its branding — the distinctive green color and Zen circle logo have become synonymous with excellence. Not every company is beloved enough to receive countless examples of LMC green that clients encounter, not to mention the industry friend who created personalized artwork of its logo.

The Future Endeavours

Five years from now, the company anticipates that it will grow by 100% in terms of workforce and well over 100% in terms of revenue. The LMC Group has recently added a payments processing arm to its consulting services, and it believes that its unique approach to consultative merchant services will be very well received.

Clearly, there is a high demand for The LMC Group’s finance, recruiting, social media, and public relations offerings. The company believes that its industry reach will be broader than it is today. The LMC Group expects to have many government clients and has hopes of increasing the number of non-profit clients as well.

The company will continue to innovate the way it has provided services so far:

  • Offering automated solutions such as the self-service HR option it currently provides
  • Producing training videos and modules—training from its consultants is in great demand, and the company can provide it to many more organizations through videos and online resources
  • Multiplying its access points to increase availability and leverage economies of scale
  • Releasing targeted apps that the firm currently has in development, such as ones related to its payments processing arm, as well as an HR app and an MBTI app

The Ingenious Visionary

Kristen Carroll (Founder and CEO): Kristen is a real-life renaissance woman who is an accomplished artist, photographer, vocalist, and writer. She is a visionary with creativity that informs her every thought and business approach.

She launched her first business, a search firm, in 2003, just a few years after entering the workforce. Her work was noticed, and she was recruited to head up the talent acquisition and management function for a large, multi-site health system in Boston. Her career diversified into workforce planning, quality, and service, which led to her successful launch of a healthcare consulting firm. She enjoyed many years of fruitful partnerships with healthcare organizations throughout the United States, helping to select and manage top-tier talent, developing branding and marketing strategies, creating operational efficiencies, and laying the groundwork for secured and vibrant futures.