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50 Best Companies To Watch 2018

Providing the Best Solution to the Insurance Industry’s Biggest Challenges:

thesiliconreview-jason-kulpa-founder-ceo-ue-co-18Starting out with a mission to disrupt the insurance industry by generating leads more efficiently, Underground Elephant, now, took its first step in 2008 in a small office in Mission Valley, San Diego. The company began its journey by working with insurance industry leaders to provide a streamlined way for agents to purchase clicks, calls, and leads from vendors.

Over the years, through savvy software, real-time analytics, transparent platforms, and pure grit, UE has always worked day in and out to increase quality interactions between consumers and providers.

Underground Elephant rebranded to in late 2017, to reflect the creation of their industry-leading customer acquisition, software platform, The Platform. The company builds top-tier marketing and customer acquisition software for insurance companies.

Enterprise-level advertisers leverage the solution to manage the marketing and sales activity of its sales-force. From its cutting-edge platforms to its industry-leading marketing services, the entire team is committed to equipping enterprises with the tools they need for success.

The platform tracks lead life cycles using AI-driven, real-time reporting and provides access to unparalleled support, making click, call, and lead purchasing more efficient. UE does not charge subscription or annual fees and incorporates usage costs into products sourced through the platform. has been recognized as an Inc. Fastest Growing Company, and as San Diego Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Company. The executive team, led by CEO Jason Kulpa, encourages every employee to chase perfection every day to provide the best solution to the Insurance Industry’s most significant challenges.

In-Conversation with CEO, Jason Kulpa:

Q.“Earning trust and respect of consumers is accomplished through a consistent focus on delivering high quality in all of our actions,” how do you interpret this statement?

The leadership team and I know that transparency builds trust. To promote a culture that is created on this aspect of transparency, we have dedicated our time to make sure the employees understand the vision of the company and the factors behind the decisions we make.

Every month, we hold an all company meeting to review the revenue targets set for the business. During these meetings, everyone from the executive leadership team talks through each specific department and their unique goals. Employees can also submit questions - anonymously or in person, and hear them answered by the leadership team during the meeting.

In efforts to start each day with transparency, we all gather in our “central park” at 9 AM to celebrate individual’s victories, review the revenue needle, solve problems, and even play games. Every employee eventually has a chance to speak in front of everyone in the company and ensures everyone is approachable and unified in reaching our goals.

Additionally, we hold a quarterly “Fireside Chat,” in which I sit down with the company to discuss topics such as one of our core values, a further explanation of a sector of the business, or analyzing the culture survey results from the previous quarter.

Q.Fostering a culture of feedback is crucial to the success of every organization. How is this true with your company? has experienced exponential growth over the years. With the peaks and valleys, the ride till date has taught us that even if we think as a large-scale business, it is vital to act small by keeping granular details on matters like investing in every single employee.

We initiated quarterly, 360 reviews to give employees the opportunity to see their progress and highlight areas that need attention, but also allows them to provide feedback to their direct supervisor as well. It is with this type of feedback that we can create some of our best ideas for the platforms and programs offered by the company.

Q.What makes one of the ‘Best’ companies?

Stabilization of the Business: In the first years of UE, the company was focused primarily on marketing services. However, once we realized the benefits of our software, and understood the value it added to our clients, the company shifted its focus, understanding the move would help stabilize the business and recognize the ground-breaking technology our team has created.

The Company Culture: At UE, we strive to provide a culture that not only benefits our employees but is one that they are proud to be a part of. Our Culture Team does more than just offering a great atmosphere to work in; its purpose is to provide them with the tools and environment to grow their career.

We offer training and development onsite through our uLeader Program, a six-month leadership development program, tuition reimbursement to those who want to seek further knowledge outside the office. It also provides the opportunity to celebrate wins and track results through company-wide meetings. have also prioritized sponsoring charitable causes in the San Diego community and giving employees paid opportunities to volunteer in the city. Nearly once a month, employees can volunteer at a Special Olympics event utilizing their business skills to help GiGi’s Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center, or participate by adopting a dog from the Humane Society.

The Man behind the Picture

Jason Kulpa, Founder, and CEO: Jason is responsible for driving the organization’s high-level vision, product road-map, strategic partnerships, and company culture.

Jason studied at Arizona State’s W.P Carey School of Business in Tempe, Arizona and is an avid backcountry snowboarder.

“Our DNA is made of our people, whose knowledge, experience, and strategic vision drive the company’s success. That’s why we invest in our employees, coach thoughtful leaders, and give back to the San Diego community.”