50 Innovative Companies to Watch 2016

Providing the Most Reliable Marketing Solutions in the Digital Space: Data-Dynamix


“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.” – Ian Schafer

Data-Dynamix started as a direct marketing company specializing in developing and executing direct marketing strategies. As it evolved into a digital services agency, the company used the unique knowledge and experience with data to create new products. As a result, it has been very successful in teaching new digital strategies to clients and growing their top line revenue.

Founded in 1999, the company is committed to develop new digital solutions for the client base as well as creating new systems that allow them to function quickly and react rapidly to their individual market needs. Data-Dynamix guarantees optimum results due to its significant investment in data collection and management. Further, the company is committed to providing extraordinary “Disney-like” service. Its commitment to the client base includes continual extensive training and in-the-field coaching.

Data-Dynamix’ longevity in the business, reputation for excellence, devotion to customer service and commitment to technology are their key differentiators. It believes that guaranteeing optimum results showcases the continued drive to keep the data fresh and up-to-date. The company’s on-the-ground and in-the field philosophy also shows the passion for sales training and support. It also has a 5 step proven process for email marketing.

Adding significant digital value to the marketing mix
While establishing itself originally as a list brokerage and direct mail business, Data-Dynamix grew with digital technologies to include email marketing, social media marketing, and other emerging digital strategies. Today, the company is the premier source for major media companies for geographic data and marketing strategies. It also offers a variety of service offerings utilizing that extensive database for over 220 million consumers and businesses. The Data-Dynamix team is made up of the top experts in the industry and is poised to embrace the ever-changing digital landscape. The company places customer service as the cornerstone of its values. Professional integrity and attention to detail are of paramount concern to the clients and to the company. It sets the bar high, refusing to compromise the level of service and quality of results that the clients can expect. It is the digital marketing specialist providing customer and business email deployment, list brokerage services, display and banner advertising, predictive modeling and statistical analysis. Clients benefit from the services through the creation of new revenue streams to their enterprise.

Future focus areas

  • Creating sustainable and reliable technology to support the company’s growth as well as the client’s needs.
  • Maintaining a superb database that drives results for the clients and their client base.
  • Living to the company’s goal of being the leading digital solutions provider within the market niche.
  • Ensuring that Data-Dynamix fosters an environment of excellence at the employee level while also supporting their personal needs.

The success wasn’t a piece of cake!
There are many misconceptions about data and the belief that all data and databases are the same. As there are many ways data can be managed, it is not always equal and the company is very careful to maintain extremely high levels of quality. The client’s needs change rapidly so the company must stay fluid with them as it proceeds in the evolving world of digital marketing. It’s an exciting prospect and challenges all who drive audience and sales.

The Customer dimension
Data-Dynamix is specialized in working with media and advertising companies-newspapers, television, radio and cable all over the U.S with more than 250 outlets. It understands the need to create new digital revenue streams and how they operate. This uniquely positions the company to work with partners and develop new revenue opportunities. It has long-standing customer relationships and takes pride in the client’s success. As they grow their top-line revenue using Data-Dynamix’ products and services,
Data-Dynamix has become much more than a vendor- it’s a trusted advisor and resource in the quest for digital dollars.

“Using Data-Dynamix created an important inflection point in our newspaper’s revenue growth. Data-Dynamix showed us how to increase the brokered e-mail segment of our business, by adding follow-up direct mail postcards, targeting the right segments, and crafting compelling subject lines. We grew our e-mail revenues from where they had been for over two years, hovering around $20,000 a month, to over $90,000 a month in 5 months. Thank you Data-Dynamix!
– Greg Swanson, GM, A Media Company

“Our partnership with Data-Dynamix has enabled the Baltimore Sun Media Group to more effectively meet the needs of our advertising clients. And, has driven significant incremental digital revenue to our organization.”
– Harry Jackson, Target Marketing Manager, The Baltimore Sun Media Group

“ We stand by our results and guarantee them to our clients.”

Meet the Master Duo

Kevin Layton-CEO: Kevin has an extensive background for building and nurturing developing businesses and helping them grow through a variety of digital marketing strategies. Kevin has traveled the world, done business in over 35 countries, and has lived in Germany, Australia, and the Czech Republic. He has managed multiple award-winning teams and has worked for leading names such as Lockheed Martin, GE, SRA International, and SAAB-Sensis.

Brent Fankhauser-Founder and President: Brent had a vision for combining data and marketing strategies. His entrepreneurial spirit ultimately founded Data-Dynamix more than fifteen years ago. His unique understanding of the relationship between data, strategy, and real results in marketing has consistently driven a strong revenue base. While extremely successful in the data world, Brent also has business expertise in the restaurant business and the world of importing and exporting.