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50 Best Workplaces of the year 2016

Providing the most secure and reliable information management solutions: Data Systems Analysts, Inc.


“DSA is a 100 percent employee-owned company; every employee has a stake in the success of our company and our customers.”

DSA is an employee owned information technology and professional services company headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvania and operating in 25 states, two territories and multiple foreign countries.

Our nearly 300 employees are recognized experts in their fields and are deeply committed to assisting our customers achieve their missions.

They share the common traits of being lifetime learners and team players, being active in their local communities, and caring deeply about DSA and its future growth. This is the basis for DSA being a great place to work.

DSA was founded in 1963 by a team of engineers working for RCA Corporation that developed the software for one of the largest wide area data communications networks in the U.S. The group subsequently formed a company and teamed with Ford Aerospace to win a major contract for the development of a similar network for Western Europe and Asia. Progressing to developing turnkey custom software systems for data communications applications for the Federal Government and large corporations, the company also developed a suite of communications applications for the civil aviation industry that enhanced flight safety. From those beginnings and through many years of continuous evolution, transformation and growth, DSA today is a company offering innovative collaborative technology solutions that assist our diverse military, defense, and federal customers achieve their organizational goals.

DSA Has Transformed Itself to Meet Current and Emerging Customer Needs
DSA is tracking and responding to dynamic changes underway in the federal and, particularly, the defense information technology market segments. This dynamism reflects four major forces:

  1. Emerging serious cyber threats,
  2. Changes in Government information technology requirements and budgets,
  3. Advances in information technology, and
  4. Changes in the information technology business environment.

In the context of these forces, our customers are demanding solutions that will aid them in countering current and emerging cyber threats, incorporate technological advances, and provide organizational approaches to integrate enterprise solutions that will satisfy complex organizational requirements. Building on our 53-year history of continually transforming to accommodate changes in the marketplace, DSA has crafted business strategies and offerings to address these
customer requirements.

DSA’s Customers Are Diverse
DSA focuses on providing the Department of Defense, military services, and other Federal customers secure information management and information technology solutions and professional services. Our list of customers is continually growing as we continue to pursue and win new work.

DSA Offerings Reflect Our Deep Expertise and Comprehensive Understanding of Our Customer’s Needs
DSA’s offerings focus on six major areas: SharePoint Services, Social Business Solutions, Software Services, Data Analytics Services, System Engineering and Integration Services, and Cyber Security Services. For each of these, DSA offers customers subject matter experts who know how to deliver excellence.

Our SharePoint and Social Business Solutions highlight the importance of collaboration and knowledge management to an organization’s success. Global access to information and application of appropriate planning tools are vital to enterprise members who are continually traveling and geographically dispersed, yet must be connected to accomplish their assigned tasks. Our solutions leverage the most advanced technologies and techniques to support leaders and managers in making decisions, foster group collaboration, enhance team performance, and significantly reduce the cost of doing business. DSA professionals analyze, architect, implement, and integrate secure commercial off the shelf (COTS) collaboration suites that transform the work environment into a collaboration culture.

Through our Software Services, our team of experts assist customers in designing, developing, testing, maintaining, and integrating Open Source and custom-developed solutions into organizational architectures. To do so, our employees draw on their advanced educational credentials, possess deep knowledge of relevant computer languages, and attain and maintain specialized certifications.

For Data Analytics Services, our experts assist customers in extracting hidden knowledge to deliver breakthrough insights and drive more informed business decision making. We do this by assisting customers in assessing strategies; performing business intelligence, data management, and data visualization; and facilitating enterprise architecture and design. Our people also design dash boards that aid our customers in visualizing and analyzing data.

Through our Systems Engineering and Integration Services, our systems engineers provide comprehensive life cycle analysis and engineering services to our customers, to include operational evaluation, risk management and mitigation,applied technologies, and sustainment support. In this way, we support our customers in designing and implementing network engineering and systems integration solutions that enhance systems performance, effectiveness and security.

All of our work activities incorporate Cyber Security as a critical ingredient to information technology solutions. This is vital given the plethora of cyber threats that our customer organizations confront each day. Whether a domestic or foreign criminal organization or a state-sponsored actor, DSA experts draw on our long history of combatting cyber threats to assist our customers in devising information technology security solutions that meet Department of Defense and other prescribed standards to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data.

DSA’s Future Success and Growth Are Founded on the Commitment, Talent, and Values of Our Employees
According to CEO Fran Pierce, DSA plans to continue to achieve its corporate growth through a combination of internal expansion and acquisitions. “We are building on our superior business performance and high customer satisfaction and are investing in business development and corporate processes to position the company for future growth”, Ms. Pierce explains. “We are also aggressively pursuing several major multi-year government contracts. With respect to acquisitions, we successfully completed an acquisition of a company in 2015 that we seamlessly integrated into DSA. We are currently assessing other acquisition candidates. Ultimately, DSA’s success is tied to our people. We continue to rely on the commitment, talent, and values of our people–people who have demonstrated that they will do whatever is needed to support our customers in accomplishing their missions in the context of a highly principled and ethical business environment”.

“In the end, DSA’s success is tied to our people. We continue to rely on the commitment, talent, and values of our people – people who have demonstrated that they will do whatever is needed to support our customers in accomplishing their missions in the context of a highly principled and ethical business environment”.