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Putting companies’ workforce to work while on bench: BenchOn

thesiliconreview-tim-walmsley-ceo-benchon-19Many organizations around the worldtend to cut staff amid financial crunch. Many employees lose their jobs because of the unexpected situation of recession or financial crisis in a company. To make sure that no one loses their job again for such reasons, BenchOn was founded. BenchOn, based in Australia is the world’s first platform that allows businesses to earn extra revenue by loaning their staff to other businesses in need. The company is headquartered in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

The Birth of BenchOn

The idea for BenchOn was born when its CEO, Tim Walmsley, in his role as an executive in the Defence Industry realized that the problem of employee underutilisation was two-sided. Excess staff capacity is a critical issue for small to medium businesses as it cripples their cash flow and forces them to lose valuable employees. At the same time, large organizations are frustrated that they do not have a ‘bench’ of high-quality staff ready to respond to short notice tasks from their clients.

BenchOn efficiently matches these two parties and allows them to manage the peaks and troughs of their business cycle with either contract for their idle employees or high-quality staff to support during surges.

BenchOn currently supports industries like Defence, Marketing, Construction, Education, Telecom, Oil & Gas, Cyber Security, etc. Its unique business model matches companies to paid opportunities based on their available staff's qualifications, skill sets, and experience which means it is breaking down industry boundaries to provide companies access to the hidden talent inside the best companies, regardless of what industry they are in.

Message from the CEO

“Employees are valuable assets to your business that help generate revenue. So, when you are in a lull and need extra cash flow, the last thing you should be doing is letting go of staff. While it creates short-term relief to financial pressures, you are creating additional long term costs for the business as well as cultural and reputational issues. Instead, much like the sharing economy lets you use your underutilized car to drive for Uber and earn extra cash, why can’t businesses earn extra revenue with their underutilized assets – their employees? Well, now you can, with BenchOn.”

Tim Walmsley, CEO, BenchOn

Valuable Services

Finding Talent from the Bench: BenchOn matches its clients’ task, project, or contract requirements to the hidden talent inside Australia’s best companies. They now have access to the largest untapped talent pool in the country – the Happily Employed!


  • It’s free to find available talent from companies in over 10 industries
  • Clients can get curated matches that meet their requirements
  • The companies can be contacted directly using their current processes or BenchOn can help them set up their processes if needed


  • Clients can access experienced professionals from trusted brands
  • Employees can be paid an all-inclusive daily rate as the parent company covers all employee costs
  • Clients can experience up to 40% cost savings on market rates

Managing Companies’ Employee Bench: Whether clients’ staffs are in-between projects, or their business is in a lull, or they just need extra revenue to meet that next goal, they shouldn’t cut away their employees to save money. Instead, they can bench their staff to make money! Using BenchOn, companies can make more revenue and give their team job stability by using BenchOn to match their staff’s availability to short-term task requests from other companies.


  • Clients can pre-emptively manage availability with its12-month availability calendar
  • Employee profiles can be managed directly through the dashboard
  • BenchOn provides protection for Conflict of Interest and Employee Poaching


  • Clients can diversify their business with contracts from over 10 industries
  • They can keep the employees and their corporate knowledge as they no longer need to lay them off
  • The passive system bringing matched contracts to companies when they need them

Meet the Dynamic Leader

Tim Walmsley, Co-founder, and CEO: Tim Walmsley is an Australian entrepreneur passionate about revolutionizing business productivity across the industrial landscape. Tim sits at the forefront of digital innovation and combines his 16 years’ experience in the corporate and government sectors to solve the problem of staff underutilization by minimizing the adverse impacts of business peaks and troughs. An Army Veteran, Tim left the military to enter the commercial sector as National Director of Strategy and Business Development for a US Aerospace Engineering firm.

“Stop the waste in your business and put your workforce to work on.”