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Putting transparency back into the IT Service industry:


“Our Platform does not just "chuck a service request" out to your chosen partner, it provides them with everything they need to deliver clients the best possible service.”

While working in the guise of Operational Manager in several organizations, Wayne Conyers was frustrated by the lack of understanding of how IT services could be delivered in a unified way. He was seeking ways to provide transparency to IT-service.

But, there were people who didn’t believe in this vision; a concept of total transparency and everyone working in a unified way. In a conversation with a business associate, Wayne was even told that it is just un-realistic, and it couldn’t be done, people from different business cultures would never agree to freely share information with one another. This was the decisive moment to prove them wrong.

With a mission to deliver transparency and direct management of IT-service and projects on a global scale – with no walled in networks, Wayne with his partner, Rob Martin founded in 2010.

Headquartered in Folkestone, United Kingdom, has built and developed a platform from the ground up allowing a single point of entry for global management of IT Support requests, contracts, deployments, installations, surveys and much more. Over the last eight-years, the portal has evolved from a simple call management and communications hub and now includes inventory and asset management systems, linked directly to logistics companies to track shipments, globally.

Today, the clients of work directly with all IT service providers via the dedicated platform on the basis that, when everybody works at the same level; communication, cost, and management are delivered in a more effective way, with unnecessary layers removed.

Plan the work, then work the plan

After the inception, started on its journey with a project which required planning and deployment in 21 countries.

The project was to refresh a retail clients EPOS system in Europe and Asia for a client based in the USA. This presented many challenges from simple issues like time zone differences to more complicated issues with language, scheduling and planning.

This gave Wayne and indeed firsthand experience of how their model fitted in with the need to deliver Global services in a unified way. It showed that working as team with a well-executed plan on the same platform could really make a difference.

Another challenge for the company was to prove that even though business outsourcing is generally regarded as throwing a problem over the shoulder, but in reality it is different; if customers and service delivery partners are directly connected, then with just a little effort, problems with communications can be solved completely, on-time and without stress. With and its method of working, you are fully engaged with the people delivering the service from the get-go.

“Believe in what you do and keep a laser focus on your original idea, certainly, make modifications along the way, that’s evolution, but, if your original idea still makes sense that’s what you aim to.”

The Mantra for Customers’ Trust

“Customers are our top priority” and that is a prime pillar of the company’s reputation. The mantra to earn the trust and respect of consumers across the world is always through high quality in all of the company’s actions. With all values, forms part of the sacred core strategy, to continually improve what it does and how it delivers on behalf of its customers. It treats its service delivery partners in the same way as external customers.

Another core pillar of the company is the culture of feedback. Which helps the company in getting the idea that mistakes can easily be fixed and are usually because of someone who has misunderstood something. When it is about feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, embraces everything and works on it to be the best.

Despite, much of what the company does is an automated process; there are still plenty of human touch points in the business process. The transparency of provided by the company’s platform allows everyone to check and assure what is being delivered.

“We bring down the barriers that stop business being business. We do not see language or culture as an obstacle. We educate our clients and obtain recognition for the "real" companies delivering service around the world.”

Crafting the Future Roadmap constantly works on its platform to enhance and develop the products. To better support the customers who need to manage inventory, obtain spares and view supported equipment on a global scale, the company is going to launch a huge upgrade to its logistics and parts elements of its platform.

Since the business began, last year was one of the best for, as people have started to see the value of transparency in the marketplace, a trend the company feels will continue - it’s not just about cost saving these days it’s about relationships and delivery of work.

Looking forward to the rest of 2018 and beyond, will still be providing services on a global basis to its clients with greater results.

Greet the Leader

Wayne Conyers, Co-founder, and Director of Previously, Wayne worked in several organizations as Operations Manager and this gave him the ability to see where things could be greatly improved.

Wayne served 3 years at Citigroup as an Operations Analyst when he was in his early 20's. He used to manage the agencies around Europe and this gave him the opportunity to experience how global business operated.

Wayne is driven by his family, with his wife and 3 daughters aged between 13 and 8, which is certainly enough to keep him busy when he is not trying to create new global relationships.

“Our constant commitment to improve and develop our own platform has maintained the motivation we have and our customers and partners all appreciate that we never stand still.”