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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

Pwnie Express: Offering security to client devices by automating wireless and wired device detection

Pwnie Express was founded in 2010 to provide full threat detection of every wireless and wired device in and around your workplace. Today, they are established as the only company that detects rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized devices across wired and wireless spectrums. By automating wireless and wired device detection, their solutions continuously detect the devices on or around network that are open pathways for attackers.
To arm your security team, Pwnie’s customers are using the industry’s only solution to detect and fingerprint any device, from phone to thermostat. They partner with their users so that they not only see all the things, but also have the correct intel to prioritize security response, reduce alert fatigue, address all vulnerabilities, enforce BYOD policy and accelerate incident response.

Pwnie Express’s Outstanding Product Portfolio
PWN PULSE™- is the only solution available today to allow for real-time wireless and wired device detection, and each day their team is deploying functionality to keep you ahead of the latest possible threats. Their solution comes with broad-spectrum device visibility and awareness covering BYOx/mobile, Wireless, Bluetooth, wired, and other network-enabled devices. Pwn Pulse detects, fingerprints, and analyzes rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized wireless and wired devices.

PWN SENSORS- were built to be quickly deployed, cost-effective, and scalable; they come in a variety of form factors for any penetration testing approach, from wherever you are. From the portable Pwn Plug, the mobile-ready Pwn Phone and Pwn Pad, to the powerful Pwn Pro built for commercial penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.

Exquisite Solutions Offered
Internet of Things Security- Pwn Pulse continuously discovers, in real-time, all wired, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices in the vicinity of each of your organization’s locations. Their intuitive user dashboard serves this information up for security team to not only gain device visibility, but to then make immediate decisions on next steps.

BYOD Policy Enforcement- Pwn Pulse helps to find devices by monitoring and alerting on only security policies, security infrastructure, and critical controls. Their rules library is fully customizable and can be set up to alert team about:

  • New or suspicious devices
  • Changes in known devices
  • Known BYOD Devices connecting to unauthorized Access Points
  • Other breaches in BYOD policies

Rough Device Detection- Pwn Pulse has built-in rogue device rules that will immediately alert to the presence of malicious hardware on or around your network. Be alerted to:

  • Purpose built, application specific devices designed to capture passwords, credit and debit card numbers, PINs, keystrokes, and confidential or proprietary data.
  • Devices designed to breach WiFi networks, wireless access points, wireless/mobile client devices and Bluetooth devices.
  • Devices built to compromise the security of cellular networks.
  • Devices designed to attack other commonly used RF technologies.

Threat Investigation- Pwn Pulse helps by monitoring and alerting on only security policies, security infrastructure, and critical controls. Their rules library if fully customizable and can bet set up to continuously monitor devices, changes in known devices, and then alert directly to team or via integration with SIEM/WIPs tool.

Audit and Compliance- Pwnie Express can assist auditors in assessing compliance. Because their devices are loaded with 100+ of the top open source penetration testing tools, one can detect and select vulnerabilities that need to be addressed to meet compliance requirements, including: USGCB, FDCC, SCAP, and Common Criteria, SANS Top 20, Cyberscope, SOX Compliance and CIS Compliance.

Knowing the Thought Leaders
Paul Paget, CEO- Paul brings more than 30 years of leadership experience in the technology and information security markets to his role as CEO of Pwnie Express. Previously, he was CEO at Savant Protection, an innovator in infrastructure protection and industrial control systems that was sold to Digital Guardian. Prior to that, he served as CEO of Core Security Technologies, where he led the company’s transformation into an automated penetration testing leader with more than 600 customers in 40 countries. He also held key executive positions at Baltimore Technologies, where he grew the Americas 500% to a $30+ million dollar business, Nitro Security sold to Intel/McAfee, where he was a board member, and CyberTrust, as VP of Sales and Marketing. Paul’s early career included management positions with Lotus Development and IBM. He is a graduate of Bowdoin College.

Dave Porcello, CTO and Founder- Dave founded Pwnie Express in 2010 with the clear vision of providing unparalleled hardware and expertise in network security to safeguard enterprises across sectors, enabling them to conduct business from anywhere while mitigating risk.

An accomplished entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in security, Dave served as IT Director for Technology Infrastructure at The School for Field Studies, leading six international field stations. Dave also held an IT Management position at Vermont Mutual Insurance. Throughout the country Dave is an active participant in industry topics and conferences, as well as a sought after resource for both media and industry analysts.

Dave draws on his security, business and leadership positions to provide the vision for Pwnie Express’s evolving product line.

“Our customers are using the industry’s only solution to detect and fingerprint any device, from phone to thermostat”

“By automating wireless and wired device detection, our solutions continuously detect the devices on or around network that are open pathways for attackers”