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QC Manufacturing offers the most energy efficient whole house fan systems in the market

thesiliconreview-qc-manufacturing-2017QC Manufacturing, Inc. is the manufacturer of QuietCool whole house fan and ventilation systems. Headquartered in Temecula, California where QuietCool is manufactured and assembled in 50,000 square foot plant, QuietCool fans are the world's most quiet and energy-efficient whole house fan systems saving up to 90% off your A/C related energy costs. They carry a 10-15 year warranty and they are American made. QC Manufacturing Inc. also has units for the garage, attic, and roof mounted applications that operate on as little as 30watts giving homeowners the ability to cool and ventilate 24hrs per day for pennies. QC Manufacturing Inc. has wholesalers, HVAC, electrical, and solar contractors, builders, and eCommerce retail/online dealers. The entire QuietCool team is committed to building the quietest and most energy efficient whole house fans on the market today.

Leading the Way for a Greener world

The first QuietCool whole house fan was launched in 2003 and QC Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 2009 to create and manufacture the best whole house fan on the market. The company has a 98% customer satisfaction rate and its customers absolutely love the product. In 2013, the California Energy Commission recognized whole house fans as the biggest energy saving appliance for getting to “Net Zero Energy” in 2020. Because of this, whole house fans are now required in about 80% of the new homes in CA. QuietCool has been the only choice for new home builders.

Ethos which guide QC

The company believes that its products set the standard upon which the industry is built. Because of its consistent performance above and beyond what the industry standards was a decade ago, QC products are setting the bar that all other manufacturers are trying to achieve.

Integrity: Integrity is our first core value because integrity is the key to how our company operates. Our moral and our ethics are at the core of our company. We believe having integrity is the key to having quality relationships and products. 

Diligence: Diligence is embedded in all of our employees. Diligence is the act of putting in the right amount of time, in the right way, for the right purpose, with the right standard. This produces the right result. 

Innovation: Innovation is a standard that is set in our company. Our company was founded on innovation and we will never stop innovating. We believe in innovative people, systems, products and services to achieve the most innovative results. 

Improving lives through saving energy and money, while enjoying better health and more comfort is why we believe every home should have QuietCool. Through integrity, diligence, and innovation, our team is dedicated to making people happy and experiencing the joy of QuietCool. 

Product Portfolio

QuietCool Original Classic Line

The Original Classic line of QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans was the first line of QuietCool that was introduced in 2003. The Original Classic line offers the best initial value in the Classic Series.

QuietCool Energy Saver Classic Line

The Energy Saver Classic line of QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans was first introduced in 2011 and was a breakthrough in the whole house fan industry. With energy consumption as low as 61 watts, the QuietCool Energy Saver Classic Line will help you save up to 50-90% off your A/C related energy costs.

QuietCool Trident Pro Line

The Trident Pro line of QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans was first introduced in 2014 and is an evolution of the Original Classic line. The Trident Pro line offers the best initial value in the Professional Series.

QuietCool Stealth Pro Line

The Stealth Pro line of QuietCool Advanced Whole House Fans was first introduced in 2014 and is an evolution of the Energy Saver Classic line. With energy consumption as low as 55 watts and a 15-year warranty, the QuietCool Stealth Pro Line offers ultra-high efficiency and peace of mind operation.

Specialty Fans

  • QuietCool Advanced Attic Gable Fans: QuietCool Advanced Attic Gable Fans are the best in the industry. With the Most Energy Efficient Attic Fan and the Most Powerful Attic Fan, QC has the line-up to beat.
  • QuietCool Garage Fans: QuietCool offers the best line of garage ventilation fans. QC offers both garage attic fans and garage wall mount fans for the best options for garage ventilation.


Customers’ Verdict

“On my current home, I decided to bite the bullet and buy QC. I am so happy I did! Installation was a breeze (pun intended)! This unit is almost unnoticeable on high speed. I also bought the Wi-Fi controller. Wiring took about 15 minutes. Just a great product!”

- Glenn Sefton, Wake Forest, NC

“The QuietCool has changed our lives. Each evening, the AC is able to be shut off and we kick on the QuietCool - what a difference! The house drops degrees in minutes, saving us a ton of money and keeping us comfortable.”

- Steven Michaelis, Rocklin, CA

“I self installed the QC CL-3100 fan in a 1500 sq ft ranch style home with the 2 speed switch and timer. The fan is unbelievably quiet, when we turn it on, it feels more like a cool late spring breeze wafting through the house rather than a vent fan. A/C usage has been cut by half and the comfort level in the house has increased considerably.”

- Craig W. Aspen Hills, MD

The Leading Man

Dane Stevenson

“QC Manufacturing remains thoroughly committed to the health and safety of all of our employees and guests at our facility. Just as we believe our product can and must be continuously improved, so too do we believe that we can always better our work environment.”

“QuietCool whole house fans and attic fans help consumers save money, enjoy better health, and cool their home for just pennies an hour.”