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Quest Global: Redefining the boundaries of engineering and design

thesiliconreview-ajit-prabhu-chairman-ceo-quest-global-2018Manufacturing has been a core industry ever since the industrial revolution. In spite of the internet boom and subsequent digitization and globalization, manufacturing remains one of the most important industries in the world. Production engineering is a discipline that combines aspects of manufacturing techniques, engineering design as well as sound management practices. Every heavy industry engaged in the production of heavy-duty equipment has an elaborate production engineering apparatus in place to streamline cutting-edge design, efficient manufacturing with competent management practices.

QuEST Global is one such production engineering company headquartered in Singapore with operations spread across 13 countries that include, The US, Canada, Singapore, The UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, Japan, Sweden, France, and Romania. It is valued at over $1 billion.

Its plethora of services include design & development, engineering analysis, engineering process service, embedded systems & electronics, engineering software, engineering analytics, supply chain management, manufacturing engineering, technical publications services, and aftermarket services for a wide range of sectors that includes oil & gas, power, rail, automotive, aerospace & defense, medical devices, etc.

Commitment to excellence

QuEST Global is constantly on the lookout for outstanding engineering capability. Only about four in 10,000 start-up organizations attain a double-digit annual growth rate in their teenage years. This is one of the few organizations to have consistently maintained revenue CAGR exceeding 30% right from its inception till the teens. From one room, one customer office in 1997, QuEST has come a long way with 10,000+ passionate Questians belonging to 13 nationalities, operating out of more than 42 locations making a positive business impact to customers around the globe. As an organization, QuEST believes in diversification, and over the years we have serviced Fortune 500 market leaders in various industries. The company offers a diverse range of mechatronic engineering solutions spanning the entire product development, production, and operations engineering life cycles.

Much needed solutions for all industry segments

For empowering clients to leveraging the technological, cost and performance benefits of the fourth industrial revolution, QuEST Global provides digital capabilities cut across the product lifecycle. Be it a Business to Business or Business to Consumer requirement, the company is capable of implementing effective digital solutions that help you grow your investments and augur the aspirational future with a minimal threat of disruption. With proven expertise in system engineering, enterprise software and data science across industry segments, QuEST Global’s digital capabilities help you design, develop and implement some of the most pervasive technology solutions to bolster your operational capabilities. Some of them include:

  • Edge Solutions that reduce your dependency on the cloud by facilitating end-device data acquisition, analysis, and control. QuEST doesn’t just stop at Model-based design or deployment, but rather also help you with process engineering, testing, establishing human-machine interfaces, data acquisition, and connectivity.
  • Digital Software & Solutions to string the digital thread across traditionally isolated assets and processes for creating digital twins that enable real-time assessment of the system’s current and future capabilities. Starting from migrating & integrating design tools to a platform and network optimization, the company digitalizes to optimize your business operations & processes.
  • Digital Factories that facilitate detailed digital product engineering with model-based deployment and enables efficient digital manufacturing with flexibility and operational integration with centers of excellence to optimize costs.
  • Pervasive Technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and more to innovate and future-proof user platforms and ecosystems that are continually optimized for enhanced user experience.

Professional ethics

The company does not deviate from certain core values that it holds in the highest regard. The values are:

  • Accountability

With a commitment to excellence, QuEST Global strives to exceed its client’s expectations and deliver on its contracts with the utmost diligence. The company is quality conscious and highly process oriented with complete responsibility for its deliverables with high accountability for the results.

  • High market adaptability

Change is the only constant, especially in today’s era of rapid technological progress and the growing influence of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, QuEST Global perceives the change as opportunities to learn and grow. The company uses it to fuel progress and equip itself to handle change. It is this flexibility that has allowed the corporation to stay ahead of any changes in the market and maintain its dominant position.

  • Customer Focus

Rapid advancements in computing in the last two decades have ushered in unprecedented digitization and globalization. The markets are growing at an amazing pace and customers need cutting-edge technology to beat their competition. QuEST Global operates with a singular focus towards customer satisfaction a steadfast determination that guarantees a loyal customer base.

Meet the intrepid pioneer responsible for QuEST Global’s growth

Ajit Prabhu is chairman and CEO of QuEST Global, a $1 billion product development and production engineering company that enables Fortune 500 companies to increase profitability and transform markets. QuEST has grown at a 30% CAGR since its 1997 inception, a testimony to Ajit’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Ajit has been recognized for his business acumen and was awarded 2017 T.I.E. Global Entrepreneur of the Year, 2014 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2014 SICCI Outstanding Entrepreneur. Ajit is a RAeS fellow and IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt™.

He holds an MS in biomedical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), where he is a Livingston W. Houston Society Patrons member for lifetime giving and a School of Engineering advisory council member; an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University, where he is a department of mechanical engineering hall of fame member. Ajit holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Karnataka University.

“Our passion for engineering motivates us to push the boundaries and evolve continuously.”