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Raising the brand profile and awareness of clients through strategic sponsorship activities: Sports 1 Marketing

thesiliconreview david meltzer ceo sports 1 marketing 17In the event world, sponsorships are typically the magical potion that helps a show or program survive among its competitors. The traditional means of sports sponsorship includes banners, clings, signage, email campaigns, print, etc. The biggest challenge traditional sponsorship is an inability to provide buyers with real and measurable value in the sponsorship package, failing to maximize branding and customer interaction opportunities. The founders of the company considered these short comings and bottle necks caused by the traditional event sponsorship and established a digital platform, known as the Aggregated Marketing Platform (AMP), which can be used to achieve the same goals as that of traditional sponsorships but with fewer logistical issues and much more data capture.

In the year 2010, Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon and veteran sports and technology executive David Meltzer founded the company Sports 1 Marketing as a global sports and entertainment marketing agency that leverages over $20 billion in relationship capital by bringing a wide range of athletes, celebrities and businesses together to create beneficial, long-lasting relationships for all involved. The company is dedicated to fostering philanthropic efforts in its community (and worldwide)and requires every project it takes on to have a charitable component.

Outset of the journey

Headquartered in Irvine, California, Sports 1 Marketing was founded with the vision to leverage the company’s founders’ relationship capital and situational knowledge that they had accrued over a span of 38 years in a variety of industries such as sports, technology, and business. The founders Warren Moon, David Meltzer and Scott Carter had worked previously together at the famous Leigh Steinberg Sports and Entertainment Agency before they planned to initiate their own business venture, focused on the marketing aspects of sports.

Since its inception, the company has operated based on the mission of its founders, which states: “make a lot of money, help a /thesiliconreview-warren-moon-president sports 1 marketing 17lot of people, and have a lot of fun.” The company focuses on four core principles (gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication) in its work culture, which is based on CEO Dave Meltzer’s years of research and learning. These principles can also be found in Dave Meltzer’s best-selling books: Compassionate Capitalism and Connected to Goodness.

The company contributes to the global business platform through its award-winning product known as AMP, which is used in sports and entertainment events across the world, from the major North American sports leagues (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL) to lifestyle events like the Emmy awards and the International Indian Film Awards (IIFA). AMP also includes a donation page, which helps every eventutilizing the platform toraise money for non-profit organizations. Sports 1 Marketing has also worked to develop a non-profit toolkit, which will help hundreds of charities across the world to have a greater impact in their communities.

He is a former CEO of Samsung’s first Smartphone division, and he is also renowned as a public speaker and has been named by Forbes and Entrepreneur as a Top Keynote Speaker. Dave is also the international best-selling author of Compassionate Capitalism and Connected to Goodness and wasnamed by Variety Magazine as Sports Humanitarian of the Year in 2016. David sits on numerous boards including JUST capital, OCTANE business incubator, Celebvidy, Rose Bowl Foundation, Transformational Leadership Council, Unstoppable Foundation, among several others.

Pillar of the company

It was in January 2016 that the company had rolled out its first major product, the award-winning Aggregated Marketing Platform (also called AMP in short) in order to connect traditional media and sponsors’ products, and also to encourage event attendors to participate in a healthy engagement, and to create a measurable direct response environment. The reason behind the creation of AMP was to: reduce logistical issues with sponsorship, optimize traditional media at events, provide sponsors with data of the consumers they interact with, and improve the overall experience of events attendees.

AMP was first launched at a Los Angeles Angels baseball game. With AMP being branded outside as well as throughout the stadium, the platform helped to drive thousands of more attendees than what was expected at the game, which resulted in a 40% conversion rate among all attendees. “We were able to drive more traffic to the stadium and at the same time raise money for charity with the platform’s pay-it-forward page,” said David Meltzer.

The future hope

To procure more profit in sports business, the company has recently acquired a media company known as S1Media, adding a full-service media component to the company’s other offerings. Through this joint venture, the business focus is directed on providing premium end-to-end video and photography solutions, offering custom-tailored content to a variety of companies and events.

With a rich work culture and dedicated employees, the company has risen to fame quickly and is known as a disrupting force in the global sports marketing industry. “Wehope to continue to grow and scale without losing sight of the principles which set us apart from the crowd,” wraps up David Meltzer.

Roll out the Red carpet for the Co-Founder & CEO

David Meltzer is the Co-Founder and Chief executive Officer (CEO) at Sports 1 Marketing where he utilizes his relationship capital and situational knowledge to secure diverse business opportunities for all clients and partners.

“We are one degree of separation away from anyone in sports due to the relationship capital and situational knowledge that our team has accrued from decades in sports and business.”