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Rashi Peripherals: Meet the True Value Added Distributor

thesiliconreview-suresh-director-rashi-peripherals“Founded 1989, Rashi Peripherals is the only distribution company which provides not only distribution network but also sales, marketing and service capabilities under one roof.”

With nearly 27 years of experience serving the Distribution Industry, a leading technology company with an extensive history of innovation, Rashi Peripherals today is known as “True Value Added Distributor” not only among channel partners but also among the vendors and the channel media. The company successfully brings 22 brands from a plethora of verticals ranging from components to Networking, communication to peripherals and personal computing.

The brainchild of K.K Choudhary and Suresh Pansari, Rashi Peripherals is a ship steered with absolute brilliance over the past twenty-seven years. Began with an inception of an idea in 1989, Rashi Peripherals is a pan India Distribution Company. The company has gained wide popularity for outstanding credentials; they bring to their customers and to Indian consumer the best brand to their doorsteps. Each of their 22 brands is the leader in their respective product category.

Apart for the service and product excellence, the company is credited for providing employees opportunity to take challenges and grow training and a road map. Rashi Peripherals shares a personal touch with the employees; their attrition ratio is in very low single digits and is one of the lowest in the industry. The remuneration and other things are at par with the industry standards.

Rashi Peripherals Journey in a Nutshell

Rashi Peripherals is an outcome of sheer dedication and passion of two Finance experts K.K Choudhary and Suresh Pansari. Today, the company has grown from a humble set up to the most admired and the best value-added I.T & Mobile distributor company in India with several awards testifying the above statement. With outstanding customer satisfaction and momentous growth over the years, Rashi has established itself as a frontrunner in the distribution ecosystem of India. Enjoying consistent loyalty from its partners owing to its innovative marketing strategies namely its flagship event ‘The Channel Business Forum’ popularly known as C.B.F.

Knowing the Thought Leaders

Kapal Pansari, Director – A Management Graduate in Business and the Director of Rashi Peripherals, Kapal is the second-generation business leader with a clear vision to take on the mantle of Rashi’s future goals into well-diversified areas of business operations.

A tech-savvy at heart, Kapal has invested a vital and a resourceful decade in the organization attributing it with inexhaustible knowledge and innovative ideas. As recognition to his efforts and his leadership, he was honored with the “Next Generation Award” by NCN. An extremely focused young man, he believes in increasing brand categories rather than brand portfolios so as to give better value to the brands and to the vendor partners. He envisions that Rashi will diversify its business portfolio and move beyond just IT products.

Rajesh Goenka, Vice President Sales & Marketing – An Engineering & Management graduate, Rajesh has played a key role in Rashi’s stupendous exponential growth. For over a decade now, he has been at the helm of affairs in steering the course of the ever dynamic sales & marketing team at Rashi. Holding an extensive work experience of over 24 years with various leading British & German engineering companies, he made his debut in the IT industry with Rashi in the year 2001. Thereafter serving a two year stint at NVIDIA, he returned to Rashi Peripherals in the year 2008.

Under his able leadership, Rashi has grown to become one of the most valued IT & Mobile Distribution brands in the country. He has been conferred the enviable admiration as one of the “Top 10 IT Channel Heads” in India by IT Nations. One of the most popular faces in IT media, Rajesh Goenka, is hailed as a “True Marketer”.

Suresh Pansari, Director – Co-founder of Rashi Peripherals, he incepted the company in 1989. Hailing from a small village in Rajasthan, Suresh Pansari came to Mumbai, finished his CA qualifications and started an audit firm but his farsightedness saw the need of organized distribution in a fast burgeoning IT sector. He and his colleague then, Kishan Choudhary both embarked upon carving a success story. In the beginning it was the IT import business which extended its horizons and started manufacturing and distribution of ribbon cartridges under the brand name of IRMACO. Thereafter achieving considerable success, the company, under Suresh Pansari’s able leadership, commenced organized distribution of a plethora of IT products under the brand name Rashi Peripherals.

One of the most respected and acclaimed members of the IT distribution forums, Suresh Pansari was recently felicitated with the Lifetime Achievement Award by Cyber-Media. A go-getter and achiever, Suresh Pansari, never says stop!

Winning the Trust of Clients in IT & Mobile Sector
Carrying a reputation for excellent customer service, the company works closely with clients in IT and Mobile industry. It may start from a small desktop PC user to a server or a workstation or a high-end Smartphone. Rashi Peripherals has many marquee clients including Large system integrators like WIPRO, HCL, LFR’S like Croma, Reliance; E-commerce players like Amazon, Flipkart, dealers across India and retailers in the small towns and cities of India.

Happy Client Speak
“We value our relationship with our distributors and consistently work towards fostering mutually-beneficial relationships with them. Over the years, they have helped us grow tremendously with their overwhelming support and advocacy for our products and solutions. They represent us and it is important that they are acquainted with not only our products and their features but also our brand ethos so they can offer optimal solutions. Rashi Peripherals has consistently been amongst our strongest distributors in the country and also a driving force in our business. We are positive that this relationship will only strengthen further and look forward to a prolonged successful association with them.” – Peter Chang, Region Head – South Asia & Country Manager for ASUS India

Future Focus Areas
Established as a true leader in Distribution industry, the team at Rashi Peripherals is working efficiently and continue to bloom in the existing portfolio. Whereas, for the future the company is looking forward to add newer technologies like IOT, 3D printing and artificial intelligence robotics in their portfolio.“

“Rashi Peripherals is among the top 5 distribution company in India with a CAGR of 25 percent from the last 10 years.”


“For clients Rashi Peripheral is the single source for their buying, marketing-demand generation, servicing and financing needs.”