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50 Most Admired Companies of The Year 2017

Real Estate at the speed of thought: Big Purple Dot

image“Big Purple Dot combines, into a single platform, every single feature needed to efficiently manage a lead from its inception all the way to its closing.”

Mortgage and Real Estate industries are some of the most competitive industries at present. Every agency in the industry, with ambitions of growing their business, is seeking out ways to better serve their clients and gain an edge over their competitors.

In this era where everything is technology-driven, Client Relationship Management (CRM) software plays a vital role for the real estate agencies. And even though utilizing CRM software has become a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with leads, prospects, and clients, there has been an obvious void and pain point in the mortgage and real estate industry. Most companies engineered their technology early on, but that technology has remained stagnant, bogged down by bureaucratic processes.

The Dawn Of Big Purple Dot

Big Purple Dot is a real-estate-centric CRM that provides services to both lenders and realtors, form single users to corporate structures. The platform allows lenders and realtors to collaborate with one another on leads, which promotes better communication between all parties involved during the lifecycle of a transaction.

Founded in 2011 with the motto, “Real Estate at the Speed of Thought,” the company saw a major opportunity to create the most cutting-edge tools for an underserved market.

The company started its venture as a front-end website development company for real estate firms with a very basic CRM that captured the leads the site generated. Not only did the website development help bootstrap its growth, it forced the company to take a hands-on approach on the front lines with their users and develop a product that could tackle the problems of CRM and Lead Management head on. With Big Purple Dot’s forward-thinking technology and a talented team, the startup is taking the complicated sales process of the mortgage and real estate industry and simplifying it.

Big Purple Dot's impressive yet easy to use mobile app is a bonus for those on the go! The app caters to lenders, realtors and all other stakeholders involved in the process by providing transparent collaboration between all parties with turn key online loan application systems. With all parties managing shared leads from their own portal on the platform, it’s easier to manage a contact database of any size and ensure that more leads are converted into prospects.

Vanquishing Every Obstacle

Nothing comes easily in the world of startups. Every company has to leap over many large hurdles if they want to reach the summit in their industry. Big Purple Dot is no exception to this rule. When a mortgage company is funding millions of dollars in loans every month, choosing to Real Estate at the Speed of Thought: Big Purple Dot rely on relatively unknown company platform is a risky step they may take months to take, if at all.

After some persistence, clients started to see the value in Big Purple Dot, and more importantly, saw where the company was going. Later the company landed some key players and experienced first hand how complex and demanding the financial sector truly is. At the same time, Big Purple Dot met with more demands from the market, including LOS integrations, pricing engine integrations, and new lead source funneling. Most of the clients from the original days having stayed on board.

“Nothing well-earned comes easy. It’s been an exciting journey so far. The biggest challenge when starting a software company in our space is not saying yes to everything.” - Roxana Davidoff

With Good People, Great Things Happen!

A challenge is not just starting a new venture, it’s about breaking out of the fear of failure and taking action. To have the discipline to not give up during the hard times is the true test of an entrepreneur. It’s a long odyssey that demands every ounce of commitment to succeed, and Big Purple Dot has justified its vision with its immense hard work.

Big Purple Dot has an amazing team of talented individuals who put their heart and soul into making the company’s brand, culture, products and customer service the best in its class. Everyone at Big Purple Dot lives to make the clients successful and in return, the clients value the company’s commitment.

Consistent Growth

With recent technological successes from tech giants like Quicken's Rocket Mortgage, Loan Depot's Mello, and Ellie Mae's Encompass, the bar has been set at a higher level. Before Big Purple Dot came along, only large entities with tens of millions of dollars and impressive technological prowess had a chance to compete and win when going up against companies like the above mentioned. Big Purple Dot has been able to provide the residential mortgage industry with competitive products that allow small and large organizations alike to compete with goliaths from a technological perspective. Today, Big Purple Dot is setting a standard of its own.

The company is focused on providing the best online application intake experience that can be offered on a turnkey basis and is closing in on an integration with a very large vendor who covers virtually all of the market. As a complement to this upcoming integration, Big Purple Dot is currently evolving its platform to also fully function as a Loan Origination System (LOS) and is very confident this next evolution will benefit the mortgage industry as a whole.

Meet the key executives

Roxana Davidoff is the CEO at Big Purple Dot. With comprehensive experience in Mortgage banking since 2001, Roxana’s analysis and understanding of the industry have played a crucial role in the direction and growth of Big Purple Dot. She has navigated Big Purple Dot from a fledgling startup to a key competitor within the mature space of real estate technology.

Aldo Sarmiento is the CTO at Big Purple Dot. Aldo has 9 years of experience in professional software engineering and systems architecture. He is the key engineer at UC Irvine’s Office of Information & Technology, which rolled out a statewide faculty recruit system. Aldo received his B.A. in Sociology, Minor Information & Computer Science from University of California, Irvine.

"Big Purple Dot combines every single feature between a lead’s inceptions all the way to its closing into a single platform”