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Real Restoration Group: A Premier Construction and Restoration Services Company

thesiliconreview-morris-gershengorin-ceo-real-restoration-group-17“We believe that building a best-of-breed team for a specific client is the best way to control costs, time, and quality” - Morris Gershengorin, CEO Real Restoration Group 

Any natural disaster can have a severe impact on human life or property, and even events that may not seem entirely disastrous can have grave consequences depending on how, when and where they strike. Millions of people are affected by disasters such as floods, hurricanes, fires every year, and their impact can be calamitous.

In view of the above mentioned, we are delighted to present Real Restoration Group, a full service construction company providing top quality services with a charitable spirit. The company offers a vast range of residential and commercial building, restoration and construction expertise. It also provides Emergency Services that help homeowners, business and property managers rebuild after an unexpected hardship. Established in 2011, the firm is headquartered in Chicago, the United States.

Interview Excerpt: Morris Gershengorin , CEO 

Why was the company set up? How did you select the vertical and decide to be a part of the global platform?

We saw a void in the market place for a company that can address an owner’s needs in both a residential and commercial construction setting. That is how Real Restoration Group was born. Our roots as a construction and restoration services company provide us with invaluable insights for remedial actions that typical restoration service firms don’t have, translating into high quality on-time and on-budget completion of your projects. 

I believe that transforming homes can transform lives – a principle I hold steadfast through my company’s building, construction and emergency-relief services. I seek out projects that transcend both up and down markets – focusing on new construction when the market is good and restoration and renovation when there’s a downturn - providing qualified solutions and personalized services that surpass expectations.

What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years?

We recognize that there has been a great deal of value and demand for our services. Due to the stability of the platform and due to how much we believe in our team, we have decided to expand our services. It’s worth to mention that we are a proven professional construction and restoration services company dedicated to surpassing its clients’ expectations. We have more than 100 years of cumulative experience in every facet of full service construction and restoration. For every job, we hand pick our professional trades. 

Our clients’ best interests are always at the forefront of every decision we make — whether on a design drawing or a nailhead strike. It is this care and dedication to our clients that make us who we are.

As for our emergency services group, we are always ready — 24 hours, 7 days per week. In the big picture, we have team members who control damages to residential and commercial properties caused by fire, wind and water, and we do everything we can to assist our clients through these frightening events. 

There is virtually nothing we have not seen in terms of damages caused by fire, flood, wind, or other disasters. And, there is virtually nothing we cannot overcome to help restore the lives of our clients. 

What is your company’s vision statement? And to what extent are you successful in achieving the same?

We believe that building a best-of-breed team for a specific client is the best way to control costs, time, and quality. We implement a strategy every day when building a team for an individual project and selecting the proper project manager. 

With years of customer satisfaction, we have become the preferred choice throughout the restoration industry. We have worked extensively with home owners, business owners, property managers, agents, brokers and third party administrators by providing excellent service in a timely manner. In a time of crisis, it's good to know that you are in good hands and backed by our years of experience.

What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

A turning point in any project is the moment when investigation and design shift to field implementation. The handoff from the design team to the construction team introduces risk. Your completion plan is jeopardized should the two not share a common understanding and vision.

Moreover, when assignments are delegated and re-delegated. The team sometimes feel that they are being stuck with the hot potato. This causes conflict and tension. We try to make sure that work is distributed and completed appropriately.

“Our Trusted Customers who Reposed Confidence in our Ability”

Alex Samoylovich – Co-Founder & Managing Partner, CEDARst 

Thank you so much for providing your expertise in project management to our firm time and time again. Having worked with Real Restoration to restore over 227 units in over 180,000sqft of space, I can truly say that the level of integrity displayed is unmistakeable. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to many more years. 

Brooke Linthicum – CMCA Property Manager, THE GRANT

Throughout the remediation and renovation process, it was more than evident that your team is dedicated to professionalism and integrity, making the most detailed and difficult task look easy. Your team’s personal and professional commitment to excellence begins the very day of the project and maintains well after the punch list period. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Real Restoration and look forward to our continued working relationship.

About the CEO 

Morris Gershengorin: Morris has been recognized for his work developing the South Loop’s Grant building into two luxury condos and spearheading numerous emergency relief projects, including the Oak Park Residences and many other multifamily and hospitality projects. 

Born and raised on the North Side of Chicago, Morris grew up in a construction industry. His fondest memories include following his father to visit project sites at a young age and later working alongside him on construction jobs. Through his early experiences and exposure to the industry, Morris realized that his calling was in building, restoration and construction. His education included studies at Madison Area Technical College in Madison, Wisconsin, where he honed his trade and technical skills. Morris sits on the board of the F.R.E.E. organization and donates his time and professional services to other organizations including The Anti-Defamation League, RefugeeOne and the Jewish United Fund.