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10 Fastest Growing Marketing & Advertising Companies 2017

Redefining Reputation Management: Digital Air Strike

thesiliconreview-alexi-venneri-ceo-digital-air-strike-17As the leading social media technology and reputation management company in the United States and Canada, Digital Air Strike excels at fostering client success and is thrilled to be named one of the “10 Fastest Growing Marketing and Advertising Companies.” Digital Air Strike not only increases social engagement in digital and social environments while generating measurable ROI, the company also develops its own unique digital platforms exclusive to its clients.

A Golden Opportunity

Started at a kitchen table during the height of a recession in 2010, Digital Air Strike has seen consistent, rapid growth. Alexi Venneri recognized the opportunity that social media presented as an alternative to traditional advertising, and leveraged the platforms to generate engagement before most marketers ever realized its potential. As everyone quickly learned, social media provided a cost-effective solution that had the ability to reach the right people at the right time.

In seven years, Digital Air Strike has expanded from a one-person start-up into a thriving company that now employs more than 170 people that serve thousands of businesses across the United States and Canada, including six of the largest automobile manufacturers.

2016 marked Digital Air Strike’s third year of consistent, profitable growth, including increasing its client base by more than 35 percent. The company also expanded to serve strategic markets outside of the automotive industry, which contributed to 20 percent of its overall growth. These stellar results have not gone unnoticed, as Digital Air Strike has been recognized as the most-awarded social media and reputation management firm in the country.

“Digital Air Strike is the real deal! What we love most is the value that they bring to our customers and in return that means value to us. You’re in good hands with Digital Air Strike!”

- Melvin Cooper, Owner, Chevrolet of Watsonville

A Leader in Digital Innovation

Digital Air Strike pioneered several of its own, first-of-their-kind digital platforms to propel clients past their competitors. The company’s innovations streamline social media, social recruiting, online reputation management and lead response for thousands of businesses while improving their customer’s experience and ability to engage.

The company’s latest solution, People Logix, changes the way companies manage their hiring process. According to recent studies, 3.3 million job applications are submitted each year via social media and 79 percent of people are likely to use social media in their job search. Digital Air Strike helps businesses connect with tech-savvy and millennial talent on social media, optimize job listings through AI technology to appeal to specific job seekers and post open positions to 100+ top career sites while managing a company’s employer reputation online.

People Logix also surveys current employees to gain feedback, improve retention and generate positive employee reviews on career sites like Glassdoor. It is a cost-effective solution that allows users to seamlessly track which job boards are producing qualified applicants.

Digital Air Strike’s automotive dealership clients have expressed the difficulty they have finding and retaining top talent in tech roles. People Logix solves this by not only helping job seekers discover these positions, but also by helping dealerships showcase their company culture and great employee benefits, allowing job-seekers to find the position that best suits their needs.

Digital Air Strike recently launched its Mission Control Consumer Intel and Engagement platform. The user-friendly dashboard tracks reviews on top sites and provides average ratings, sentiment and survey analysis, competitor comparisons and more.

In addition to People Logix and Mission Control, Digital Air Strike developed Social Logix which monitors and manages 325+ sites to improve SEO, online reviews and consumer engagement on top social sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.

Digital Air Strike’s patented lead response technology, Response Logix, markets new and used vehicles better to interested consumers. Response Logix integrates with an auto dealership’s CRM to respond to inbound internet leads in 10 minutes or less, 24/7 with a multi-vehicle price quote and custom micro-site tailored to every customer. Through the company’s work with the automotive industry, its products, solutions, team and technology influence 34% of all vehicle sales nationwide.

A Lasting Impact

Digital Air Strike’s innovations have contributed to a notable change in the social media management industry. The company’s platforms create new revenue streams, helping smaller brands outshine competitors with larger budgets and more resources. These platforms are helping companies break long-standing barriers of communication.

The company’s tools have created an environment where consumers expect a quick response to their social media inquiries, reviews and other forms of engagement. Not only does this challenge companies to rethink the way they manage and improve their online reputation, it changes the culture of companies internally.

Looking Towards the Future

Digital Air Strike is always researching innovative approaches to help its clients connect with new audiences and generate revenue. Its relentless desire to promote client growth is the reason the company has enjoyed so much success during the last seven years. Digital Air Strike is already developing newer technologies such as artificial intelligence and bots with the goal of improving the consumer experience.

Meet Digital Air Strike’s Co-founder & CEO

Alexi Venneri is the Co-founder & CEO of Digital Air Strike. Prior to Co-founding Digital Air Strike, Alexi served as the President of Auto Media/Blue Flame 6 (part of The Van Tuyl Automotive Group), VP of Marketing, PR & Investor Relations at DealerTrack (TRAK), CMO at Who’s Calling and Director of Marketing for the Major League Baseball team the Seattle Mariners. Alexi is an accomplished public speaker and author of the best-selling book Balls! Six Rules for Winning the Business Game.

Alexi has a B.A. in Marketing from the University of Calgary and she is an accredited trainer at the University of Washington as well as The Pacific Institute. She supports numerous charitable organizations and works closely with ARME and the Beagle Freedom Project, nonprofit organizations that rescue and rehabilitate animals.

“Our social media and reputation management services, patent-pending survey and review apps and our patented lead response technology deliver serious competitive advantage and measurable results to thousands of businesses across North America. Add to that…our social ad solutions target in market consumers to deliver real measurable results.”