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RedLegg Providing Comprehensive Solutions for Security Challenges

thesiliconreview-lynn-weddle-ceo-redlegg-17By adopting a risk management approach to information security, we are able to implement security initiatives that are not only consistent with the strategic goals of organizations, but also effective in combating the particular threats posed to the core business: Lynn Weddle, CEO & Founder RedLegg

Cybersecurity is far from simply being a technology problem; but includes, people and process and requires a balanced approach. The response to creating a balanced approach isn’t a simple one; so many organizations are overwhelmed with the level of complexity required and struggle to identify an appropriate starting point.

In light of the above-mentioned concern, we are thrilled to present RedLegg, a master provider of information security.

The firm is a boutique, nimble, old-fashioned customer service company that enjoys the technology battlefield. Knee deep in the community, RedLegg crafts solutions designed to find, document, monitor, and eliminate the risks and vulnerabilities unique to businesses.

Established in 2008, the company is headquartered in Geneva, Illinois.

Interview Excerpt: Lynn Weddle, CEO & Founder

Why was the company set up? And what do you propose to bring into the market? 

RedLegg was initially a Data Protection company focused on Infrastructure Services as well as Security. In order to focus on the increasing demand and need for information security services, with a key staff and outstanding Chicago security community and network, we began building security services offerings. The goal is to increase the security posture of our clients regardless of size and industry.

Briefly, explain your products and services.

Our three practice areas are: Advisory where we have Virtual CISO, Enterprise Security Assessments, Gap Assessments. Trade craft Labs where we have Vulnerability Assessments, Application Assessments, and Penetration Testing. And Managed Security Services where we have 24x7 managed and co-managed SIEM, UTM/Firewall, Advanced EndPoint, Network Advanced Threat Detection and Threat Intelligence.

What are the factors/elements that make your company ‘One Of The Best Tech Companies’?

Our core values are summed up as: unique client experience, strategy, pride in our work, integrity, collaborative teams, fulfilling environment.

Every executive, team, and individual adopts these values as their perspective when applying efforts to every project and in every aspect of developing client relationships. Operating at this level of understanding and perspective keeps focussing on our larger goals.

Perhaps the most important advice I can provide is to surround yourself with a passionate group of talented people who aren’t afraid to argue their opinions. By checking your own ego at the front door and fostering that in your culture, you will ultimately make better and more informed decisions.

Our office culture is innovative and energetic, and everyone periodically rolls up their sleeves to help co-workers when needed, regardless of their titles. Having teams that you can rely on allows you to maximize your time, whether you are in the office or somewhere else.

We strive to provide an environment where learning is prized, and not just the action of learning but the measured application of new methods, new technologies, etc. We also want people to share their knowledge, by sharing they undergo a deeper level of learning themselves.

What do you feel are the reasons for your consistent growth as an organization?

We recognize that there has been a great deal of value and demand for our products and services. Due to the stability of the platform and due to how much we have invested in a number of different products and services, it’s a good time to start pushing our products from a marketing perspective to help drive more leads.

What is the current market scenario? And what is your company’s position in the market?

The security landscape is always changing and security talent is hard to come by. Products are helpful but it is really balancing the people, process and technology and the individual business goals that matter. We are an extension of our clients current team. Clients like working with us because we help them minimizing risk by building programs based around governance, security operations and threat management.

The Brain behind the Picture

Lynn Weddle, CEO & Founder: Lynn Weddle founded RedLegg and is currently a co-partner. With a career in the information data protection industry spanning over 20 years, Lynn determined the strategic direction of the company and crafted RedLegg into a successful and honorable corporation. He received a degree in Finance from Southern Illinois University and served in the Illinois National Guard for 16 years.

"Our approach to consultancy is based on a solid risk management foundation. We have branded our own methodology, ARMEE, in order to apply a holistic, lifecycle approach to risk management."