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Reinventing the Global Event Technology Landscape with Disruptive Solutions: Pte Ltd


Founded in 2006, Pte Ltd is a leader in the event technology provider domain which provides solutions to power the entire event cycle to create experiential events. Backed by a strong team of innovators, it tailors solutions for the M.I.C.E industry in the governmental and the corporate sector. It is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in the United States, Myanmar, India and Ukraine. With an unmatched history of delivering quality solutions, the company has been awarded the globally recognized ISO 27001 certification.

An eternally optimistic leader, Veemal strongly advocates that the seemingly impossible can be achieved with the right passion and dedication and his journey as a founder has traversed this trail. In its inception, with no external funding, he bootstrapped the company. A big challenge for him in the initial years was the absence of a proven track record especially in a competitor dominated industry. Public companies offering enterprise solutions were the strongest barrier to penetrate through especially for a young company. Building the right team is most strategic for any start-up and Veemal had a very clear understanding of this fact. Attracting the right tech talent in an environment of talent war was another big challenge that he faced during his initial years.

In conversation with the thought leader, Veemal Gungadin, Founder and CEO

Q. What do you think is the next big thing in technology?

The next big thing in technology is definitely AI. That takes me back to the memory lane of the thrilling experience while watching Terminator, Star Wars etc. Today we know that is going to be a part of our lifestyle soon. Self-driving cars, smart homes with inbuilt security, human augmenting themselves with robots, home robots doing for your everyday chores, hazardous jobs taken over by robots; all of this is going to happen in the next 10-15 years. Alexa, Siri, Cortana and so many voice and visual assistances are making our lives easier. Though coined in the year 1956 as “Artificial intelligence”, it has a long way to go to completely revolutionize our lives.

Q. A tech company needs to be very agile with product and service innovation in order to withstand the competition, what is your approach towards innovation?

The thing is how willing you are to reinvent yourself and reinvent your company. And as a tech company, we focus on reinvention, innovation and transformation of one of our most important company value. To facilitate this we have a dedicated team of innovators that acts as a catalyst in the growth of the company by introducing breakthrough products based on emerging technologies. We have been recognized to be pioneers in the application of AI and ML in our products.

Our in house customer experience centre is committed to continuously innovate and launch new Proofs-of-concepts. Here we invite industry players and our customers to visit and give us feedback. To further our culture of innovation, we participate in numerous industry and grass root events as speakers and audience to learn about the course of industry transformation and the challenges associated with it.

Q. What are your products and service offerings?

GEVME and Judgify are two flagship products of the company that deliver emerging technology solutions to the industry. GEVME is a fully integrated event management software providing solutions that power the entire event cycle. Some of the emerging technology solutions include:

  • RFID enabled attendee tracking with event analytics
  • Electronic gantries for convenient QR code/barcode scanning
  • Automated guest sign-in system that functions similarly to a guest book
  • eBrochures downloading system based on QR code scanning
  • Judgify, an online award management solution

Globally recognized for delivering SMART technologies, GEVME was ranked #3 as the most affordable event software by Capterra and was shortlisted for the Event Technology. It has also received awards for Best Ticketing Technology, Best Visitor Registration Technology, and Best Conference Technology categories.

Q. What do you feel are the reasons behind your company’s reputation?

Valuing personal touch over traditional B2B culture is an important metric that has helped us create a reputation as a human brand. We believe in consultancy than cold sales. We believe in going that extra mile in personalizing our solutions to cater to specific needs of the client, and we believe in the success of our customers than internal policy execution. In a typical SaaS-based business, bureaucracy can form a layer of sediment that covers up the soul of the brand. But with our customer-centric approach and relationship building strategies, we have been successful in the industry and this is the most important growth metric for

Q. Do you have any new products getting ready to be launched?

We understand the significance of experiential marketing over digital marketing, and hence, our next innovation is focused at augmenting physical engagement during events.

Meet The Man Behind Globalsign.In’s Success

Veemal Gungadin, CEO

Being a tech-obsessed change leader, Founder and CEO of, Veemal Gungadin graduated in BSc. computer science from NUS, Singapore. He architected and coded the first software platform of in 2006 at an age when his peers were settling for college placements. Backed by a team of three, the company emerged as a leader in Asia and secured strong clientele including Global Banks and Government accounts in a very short span of time. Building on the momentum, against the whirlwind of diverse challenges, he took the company global and acquired clientele in Asia, US and the Middle East. Currently driving the product direction of the company, positioned at the spectrum of digital transformation, Veemal is a renowned industry speaker in Singapore.

With multiple recognitions under his belt, Veemal plays a strategic role in driving and nurturing tech talent in Singapore for showcasing globally. He also acquires advisory position in a couple of technology companies like Severalnines, a leading database management company headquartered in Sweden, where he advises on the product and scaling strategy and built their flagship product- cluster control. Being an accomplished expert as a cloud architect, he acquires the role of a strategic advisor at Synchestra, a revolutionary cloud based insurtech platform.

"Staying ahead in the development of SMART event management online is the core value that GSI cultivates. We aim to build shared expertise to connect people through the advanced event planning online tools.”