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10 Fastest Growing Telecom Companies 2017

Renewing OSS for Telecom Leagues: DonRiver

thesiliconreview-kent-mcneil-co-founder-donriver-17The realm of communication was stupefied, when Alexander Graham Bell spoke these words on the telephone, “Mr. Watson, come here—I want to see you”. The human civilization was never the same again. With the evolution of technology in the last century; we are in the golden era of Telecommunication. Mobiles, Computers, Satellites etc are the devices which rule the world now. The world is interconnected through Communication Service Providers (CSP). Assisting telecom companies in managing their networks is OSS (Operations support systems). OSS is the brain of a CSP. Transforming OSS for Vodafone, Telstra, Comcast and many more telecom giants is: DonRiver.

DonRiver is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in providing next generation solutions in the Communications industry, globally. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with operations throughout North America, Europe and APAC. The company is simplifying OSS to ensure CSPs have the ability to transform to a DSP and compete successfully in today’s challenging industry. It prides itself on being able to combine the best expertise in the market with world-class delivery capability that fundamentally changes the way its clients operate.

Plumb the depths of DonRiver

Why was the company set up?

It’s critically important to have OSS working optimally in order for CSPs to compete in today’s marketplace. Our relentless focus to simplify OSS via virtualization means there has never been a more interesting time for OSS. The OSS becomes a further challenge as cost is continuously in focus; many CSPs have already planned on reducing OPEX as much as possible within their current constraints. And while each CSPs OSS and data configuration is unique, real-time consolidation of this data not only improves end user experience but gives the CSP’s IT team options to migrate away from legacy systems in a gradual manner with no end user impact.

Federation as a solution is proven to be faster, less costly and less risky than data migrations and by removing interdependencies between silos, systems replacement is made simple.

Tell us about your best product?  

We launched our newest version of Fusion in January, 2017. Focused on micro service architecture and designed with future technology support such as NFV in mind it’s our largest achievement to date. At its core, it supports OSS Federation but has greatly enhanced analytics capabilities, support for Life Cycle management (Orchestration) and real-time assurance activities.

Our customers now have the power of a real-time OSS that allows all the information to be viewed in a single source which in turns allows for expedited network analysis, reporting and automated service activation.

What are the factors of DonRiver Fusion? How are they the biggest asset to your customers?

  • OSS virtualization rapidly transforms existing OSS without the need for system consolidation
  • Speeds up existing processes (hours to minutes, minutes to seconds) by enriching OSS, network and 3rdparty data to improve customer experience without introducing additional systems
  • Allows NFV and SDN to seamless integrate with existing OSS without the need of upgrade or implementation of a new system
  • Removes delivery risk and lower the entire TCO by decoupling and removing business users from the underlying OSS
  • Our solution fits within existing OSS environments and we have a robust integration architecture based on TMForum Frameworx

What do you feel is the reasons behind your product popularity?

”The CSP service evolution necessitates single central solutions that merge fragmented processes across various organizational entities, in order to automate & expedite end-to-end fulfillment & operational processes.” – Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operations Support Systems.

This is why DonRiver Fusion continues to expand within our customers as there are hundreds of business processes that need to be optimized. Federation allows CSPs to decouple business processes from the underlying systems, which can be very powerful. This enables the business to embark on ambitious or business critical strategies without impacting on user efficiency or customers, and not requiring additional training.

The ability to not disrupt existing business processes is of critical importance and provides immense value, and that is what DonRiver is known for.

Meet the Architect

Kent McNeil, Co-Founder at DonRiver

Kent was tired of going to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) around the world and seeing each one struggle with the exact same problems again and again. We solved the ‘swivel chair problem’ in the late 1990s, but as technology changed the ‘swivel chair’ issue started to get reintroduced to organizations.

"We are relentless in providing results–driven OSS solutions with an emphasis on partnership, value and quality."