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Replace outdated paper intensive applications and optimize your workflow with PerfectForms


‘Create any type of online form or workflow application, without writing a single line of code.’

PerfectForms is a web-based application development platform that enables both IT professionals and business users to create workflow applications without writing any code. The company was founded in 2008, and is headquartered at Carlsbad, California.

Any time there is a requirement for online forms, workflow compliance, data collection, business process management or real-time reporting and analysis, PerfectForms can meet your needs. Organizations, large and small, rapidly automate and improve their workflow processes with solutions built with PerfectForms.

It doesn’t matter if you have one simple online form or 100 complex workflow processes, PerfectForms can scale to meet your unique needs. From feedback forms to entire customer relationship management applications, PerfectForms’ form and workflow software offers a flexible and powerful environment.

Form Software
A major obstacle organizations face when implementing web forms into their workflow processes is the time required from technical resources to build form solutions. Cost is another consideration, since it can be very expensive to hire web developers or web designers to create custom web forms in order to meet the specific business needs. These problems are eliminated with PerfectForms form generator software. No technical experience is needed to design and deploy web form solutions.

The company’s system is easy to use and enables you to create web forms. You can even integrate data collected in your HTML forms with legacy and third party systems with no coding. Simply drag and drop objects on a canvas in the HTML form builder to create online forms, workflow and reports – with no coding required.

Workflow Software
PerfectForms’ workflow management software has helped a wide variety of organizations around the world, successfully streamline all aspects of their workflow processes. The company provides a complete solution for workflow process management, facilitating web form design, automation, data capture, real-time reporting and integration with existing systems. Departments across your organization can benefit from PerfectForms workflow software.

PerfectForms accelerates the application development lifecycle, enabling you to quickly build and maintain workflow applications that meet the needs of your end users. Additionally, because PerfectForms requires no knowledge of coding, less technical users can build and maintain their own powerful workflow applications. This frees critical resources by reducing the demands for custom-built applications or changes to existing workflow solutions.

BPM Software
PerfectForms makes it easy to build and maintain workflow applications without relying on coveted IT resources. Build, deploy and report on all your critical operations to ensure business process improvement and optimization in key areas.

From analysis through implementation, PerfectForms’ BPM tool can meet your process improvement needs across departments, including business process modeling, workflow automation and optimization. With its system, you can find existing templates or create your own applications. The ability to tailor this BPM software solution to the needs of your organization gives you unlimited potential.

Human Resource Software
PerfectForms Human Resources (HR) form software can be used to automate your critical workflow processes, so you can spend your time focusing on strategy and employee development. By using PerfectForms’ human resource software, you will get full visibility to the status and performance of each HR process, reduce data entry errors and redundancies, enhance communication, reduce (or completely eliminate) the use of paper and improve employee satisfaction.

PerfectForms is an online form and workflow automation solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of finance operations in any organization. Any procedure or process can be automated so data can be collected and information can be shared among employees, customers and suppliers. From purchase orders to invoicing, you can manage all your critical processes with PerfectForms. Inefficient, manual based processes stifle productivity and introduce unnecessary risk. To ensure visibility and compliance, automate your financial processes with PerfectForms’ easy to use workflow solution. PerfectForms offers a drag and drop, visual designer which makes it simple to create your own custom form and workflow applications to meet your exact financial automation specifications.

It’s true that education institutions require a number of processes to keep them running smoothly – such is the reality of every organization – but they shouldn’t dominate one’s time or focus. Automating these processes, using an academic form and workflow process software tool like PerfectForms, virtually eliminates approval delays and paperwork and keeps critical information from getting lost in the daily shuffle. Increased administrative efficiency coupled with less materials waste means that more time and money can be spent on programs and activities with the people who really matter – students.

Feedback Forms
With PerfectForms feedback form software, you can create professional-looking feedback forms that optimize response rates and meet your exact specifications. With its visual designer, you can introduce advanced logic such as pulling responses from one part of your form to another (piping) or skip questions or pages based on respondents’ responses. Not to mention, you can also build powerful reports for data analysis or the data can easily be exported in CSV format for additional analysis in other statistical packages.

With PerfectForms online HTML form builder, you can start designing electronic survey forms and HTML polls from scratch or start with one of its survey form templates. Any of these can be quickly modified to meet your exact needs.

Meet the Key Executive

Paula Selvidge, President and CEO: Paula is a chief customer evangelist and resident user experience geek. She has a Ph.D. in Human Factors Psychology and a Six Sigma Black Belt. ‘Delight customers at all costs’ is her mantra. She is an obsessed college basketball fan and a fitness enthusiast, with a mean right hook.

“We create software with the goal of helping businesses manage their information in a usable and efficient manner without the need of programming skills.”