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Revolutionizing the mobile app market with discovery and engagement solutions: Celltick

thesiliconreview-abraham-punnoose-managing-director-celltick-2017In today’s mobile-first world, apps and mobile sites are essential to connect with consumers. Consumers now look to mobile apps for the majority of their product and service needs, and it’s more crucial than ever for businesses to capitalize on this medium. Having a great product with compelling, useful, entertaining, informative features and engaging content is critical for brands in getting usage & engagement. This is a serious challenge for brands & enterprises in a very saturated and competitive app market where in Google Play alone there are over two million apps forcing brands to go one extra step to stay on top among the abundance of choices available for users in every segment.

The key to unlocking app monetization lies in engagement and personalization. Having just an app out there won’t do much for a brand with such bleak retention rates. Therefore, it is important to enable customers to discover and engage with their app in meaningful ways towards monetization. Celltick, a global leader in mobile discovery and engagement, realizes this and helps its customers to design the most effective mobile strategies. The company drives billions of transactions annually and has offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore, Moscow, Herzeliya and Sao Paulo.

Ensuring customer engagement and retention

Celltick drives mobile engagement through content by developing products and platforms that have high visibility, engagement and monetization capabilities. It helps mobile operators, device manufacturers and app developers step up their engagement with their customers and consequently increase their revenues and differentiate by delivering enhanced value for their customers.

Celltick Start is an Android interface that replaces the opening screen of the device, providing an intelligent layer for users to personalize their experience. Through its partnerships with operators and device manufacturer, Start comes preloaded on the device and instantly adopted as the native lock screen. Start provides an incremental channel for the company’s partners to talk with their customers, offering them an improved customer experience and increase retention.

Today, Celltick has over 270 Million active users around the globe for all its products, which helped it in generating more than $1B in gross revenue for the company and its customers.

Enhancing consumer experience

Celltick started off in India with LiveScreen in late 2002, at a time when apps still had to get up to speed with the trend. Since its penetration it has partnered with all the major mobile network operators  in the country - Vodafone, Reliance, Airtel, Idea, BSNL, Aircel and more in the region of Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh with around a billion mobile users in India alone.

In fact, today, 9 out of every 10 sim cards in India are preloaded with Celltick’s LiveScreen app and with the current ongoing consolidation in the telecom sector in India, Celltick will soon have 100% coverage in India with partnership agreements with all mobile operators in the country. As a result, the company enjoys an access to over 1B mobile users across India. “The fact that Celltick has full coverage in India allows us to expand our business portfolio beyond the traditional telco business and to offer new, practical solutions and enterprise targeted services to enterprises across the country”, said Abraham Punnoose, Managing Director, India & Africa.

For example, as commercial regulations today require banks, insurance companies, e-commerce centers and other service providers to actively update customers via mobile notifications on different events that are related to their accounts, Celltick’s technology allows adding targeted offerings in an interactive manner for the users. This helps in engaging users of the relevant firm or service, transforming the transaction notifications to a lead generation& an engagement opportunity. The product also has significant potential for central & state governments in opening up an interactive dialogue with the citizens in regard to the schemes & entitlements.

Celltick’s Mass Alert offers a tailor made solution for homeland security & disaster management agencies, enabling government agencies to send interactive messages in real time and within seconds to hundreds of millions of users in targeted locations impacted by a natural disaster, civil disturbance, terror attacks or disease outbreak. The messages are sent via Cell Broadcast technology together with sms, to all mobile devices that have the Celltick applet installed on them which reaches an estimated 700 Million + users in India, in minutes with no risk of jamming networks and without requiring a mobile number database of users in the targeted or affected locations.

Meeting the sophisticated app user expectations

App developers are also facing the biggest challenge today: a mobile app market suffering from very low engagement and retention rates. An average mobile app loses about 80% of its acquired users within the first 30 days. This forces app developers to get creative and find new ways to engage their users. Celltick provides app developers with content that they can integrate into their applications, to strengthen their user engagement and app monetization.

Celltick has recently introduced Start Magazine, a CaaS (Content as a Service). The solution provides a wide variety of contents to over 200 countries with different languages, lifestyles, and tastes. The company licenses premium global and local content from content providers around the globe, repurposes and serves it contextually to its segmented users at the appropriate window of the day.

Clients are free to pick any content from any category within a few clicks. The content can also be integrated with appropriate ads, depending on the geography and language.

For instance, Tencent has partnered with Celltick to help expand activities beyond China, offering a localized content experience in the various Indian dialects. Another example is Xiaomi, a Chinese device manufacturer, who decided to expand its activities to India, and partnered with Celltick to deliver promotional content, localizing their offering to the Indian market.

Making an impact in the mobile app economy

Celltick’s clients include many leading mobile operators such as all mobile operators in India, all America Movile properties in LatAm, Deutsche Telekom in Europe and more. On the device manufacturer’s side, Celltick has more than 50 customers in China, India, Russia, LatAm, Europe and the US like ZTE, Xiaomi, and TCL. Besides, Celltick is also partnering with major app developers around the globe providing them with premium content and ads in their target geographies to increase user engagement, and monetize. The app developers include Tencent, Baidu and Ali-Baba.

Celltick’s Regional Leadership

Abraham Punnoose, Managing Director, India & Africa: Abraham is responsible for the company´s business in the Indian subcontinent. Prior to joining the company he served as VP Marketing & Business Development at Roamware. With over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business operations across telecom and retail banking, Abraham has proven experience in opening up telecom software markets globally for start-up companies and extensive domain knowledge in the wireless business. Prior to Celltick, Abraham has held management roles at international companies, such as Roamware, Hutchison Telecom, HDFC Bank, American Express.

“We empower mobile operators, device manufacturers and app developers with innovative products and services driving improved engagement & value for customers .”