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Riding on the success of digitalisation, RxPrism Health Systems offers innovative products and cost-effective services to global pharma and life science companies

“Innovation is our habit and being an inventor is our identity!” – Dr Maruthi Viswanathan

A digital customer engagement strategy and solutions provider, RxPrism Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. enables global pharma and life science companies (B2B) to digitalise their customer engagement approaches and strategies. They are also conducting numerous studies on digital adoption among healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients to provide winning solutions to their customers according to market demands.

Started in Bangalore, India, RxPrism opened their subsidiaries in the USA in 2014. While their global delivery centre is in Bangalore, they also operate from offices in Mumbai and Chennai in India. Globally, RxPrism has expanded their footprints to the USA, UK, UAE, Singapore and Japan to serve their clients across the globe.

With a unique blend of people from digital, scientific, creative, marketing and technical backgrounds, the operations team at RxPrism boasts strong domain knowledge and years of experience in life science and healthcare spaces worldwide. The medical communication experts in RxPrism are champions in life science and healthcare industry regulations and marketing guidelines of different countries. This expertise acts as the key differentiator for RxPrism amongst competitors and enables the company to provide 100% regulatory compliant innovative customer engagement solutions using novel technologies.

RxPrism’s Service Offerings
RxPrism offers cost-effective onsite–offshore services for global life science customers. Their service areas include cloud-based physician and patient engagement platforms, mobility solutions, medical communication, marketing communication, medical and patient education, sales force training and other commercial activities. RxPrism manages more than 50 pharma brands and enables them to communicate their values to HCPs.

Offering ‘Uniqueness’ of Its Kind
RxPrism’s products are first-in-class, cloud-based platforms launched and used by pharma companies across the globe. The platforms include remote detailing, virtual detailing, virtual congresses and analytical platforms for sales force. These platforms allow medical representatives (MRs) and medical science liaisons (MSLs) log on to a virtual space using his/her avatar, and connect and interact with any doctors across the globe, thereby facilitating pharma companies reach many physicians virtually even with smaller field forces.

The Next Big Thing
RxPrism is developing a unique healthcare application that will be a game changer for patients, physicians and hospitals alike. RxPrism plans to launch this application in early 2017 and is now in the process of filing a patent for this innovative concept. The company is definite that this application will revolutionise the way healthcare is being delivered, and that it will enable millions across the globe to have access to better healthcare.

This apart, RxPrism has also produced loads of innovative applications for patient education, using advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality. Many of these applications, especially in the area of diabetes and oncology, have been recognised and rewarded in numerous international forums in India, the EU and the USA.

Being Different in the Domain
What makes RxPrism different from others is their domain expertise with the right mix of talents like physicians, pharmacologists, PhDs, medical creative artists, marketing professionals, software engineers and virtual technology experts.Besides this, a highly innovative customer engagement products and services portfolio is regarded as their standout point.

Knowing the Master Mind

Dr Maruthi Viswanathan, CEO, RxPrism Health Systems: A qualified medical practitioner by education, Dr Maruthi is a dynamic visionary who has acquired deep domain experience and expertise in digital medical and scientific education, medico-marketing communication, medical simulations, mobile applications, and innovative healthcare systems for patients and HCPs. In his career span, Dr Maruthi has developed unique 3-D software for scientific visualisation for which he holds several copyrights.

With the advent of new technologies, his thirst for understanding and utilising the new-age media spurred him towards discovering a multitude of digital options that can be designed and deployed through the various latest technologies in the healthcare domain.

In the recent past, Dr Maruthi has been engaging with stakeholders across many countries, such as the USA, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Singapore and Japan, to give shape to his newfound ideas through innovative healthcare solutions. Thus far, Maruthi and his team’s creative solutions have been greatly acknowledged and rewarded in many international forums, such as RxClub, MarCom, Hermes, Webby and New York Festivals.

Serving a Dynamic Client Base
Focusing on life science and healthcare companies in the B2B space and consumers and HCPs in the B2C space, RxPrism works with almost all top 20 pharmaceutical and medical device companies from across the globe. They take pride in gaining the trust of a few big clients, such as Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Abbott, Merck, Takeda, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk, Dr Reddy’s and Mylan.

Maintaining a sustained focus on ‘Innovations’ for today and tomorrow
Today, RxPrism is treading the path of innovation through their 3-D virtual and digital technologies; onsite–offshore (hybrid) business model; domain expertise in medico-marketing, medical education, and patient communication; online platforms; and mobile applications to engage healthcare professionals and patients. For tomorrow, RxPrism is working on a unique and game-changing healthcare application for patients, physicians and hospitals. They are aiming to launch this application in early 2017 and are in the process of filing a patent for the innovative concept. The company is confident that this application will revolutionise the way healthcare is being delivered, and that it will enable millions across the globe to have access to better healthcare.

“We use the latest technologies in all our communication solutions, which yield superior customer engagement experience to our clients”