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10 Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Companies 2017

Right marketing and sales promotion tools in the right places at the right moments:The Regan Group


“In 20 years, we have set a work culture at Regan group to be diverse, entrepreneurial, and multidisciplinary”

Augmented reality, live video streaming, data visualization: There’s plenty of hype about which digital marketing trends will hit the big time in 2017. But, before you rush to jump onto the latest trend bandwagon, take a look at these combat-ready promotional strategies designed by The Regan Group.

Established in the year 1991, Regan puts the right sales promotion tools in the right places at the right moments, forging real connections with your audience. We’re acknowledged leaders in sweepstakes, contests, games, loyalty programs, FSIs, mobile apps and every other form of sales promotion and consumer engagement, working on behalf of blue-chips brands and agencies for 25+ years.

In conversation with the key executive; Patti Regan

What inspired you to start The Regan Group?

“In initial days, I grew up frustrated with my observance of mediocrity in the marketplace; I just wanted to bring new things for better, bigger and amazing future. Being competitive and doing right things inspire me in business.”

When I was doing entertainment promotions for the leading movie studios in Hollywood, I saw a need in the market place for feature film and television promotions. Thus I decided to focus on helping the studios to get their movies on retail store shelves and then pushing it through the distribution channel, which helped the studios to grow their home entertainment business.

The company’s first product was the Lions Gate Entertainment film under this banner “Leprechaun” an Irish film got promoted. My company has ‘little people’ from all over the country to do street-team field marketing, which amassed massive publicity. The Regan Group then conceived and implemented the movie business’ first-ever online promotion for a feature film saw “The Blair Witch Project”.Regan group recruited a team of college students nationwide to post faux stories in online chat rooms, which went viral in just a couple of days, thus it contributed to massive word-of-mouth and greater-than-expected box office admissions.

What was the biggest challenge you and your team faced in shaping Regan Group’s road map?

Road mapping is critical, every year as a team we work on our 1, 3 and 5 year plans. We understand our client’s current and emerging needs, new technologies, and the marketplace in general and as well we define our own internal operations, productivity and profitability for the company’s growth.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers? What are you doing to ensure for the growth of your company?

When I understood that product distributors, retailers, and consumers are alike and constantly looking for ‘the next best thing’ when it comes to digital marketing. They are also in search of online and physical world promotions that got significantly increase in consumer engagement and eventually help to ‘ring the cash register’. Consumers are also looking for promotions that are easy-to-use in online, mobile and social environments, so here, technology plays a vital role in promotions created and activated by The Regan Group. 

I realized the necessity for digital promotions industry is consumer engagement, what brands really need is the ability to capture consumer contact information, demographic and behavioral data, and relevant analytics. So I began to develop and operate a number of online tactics that would be able to capture particular data in a promotional environment and reward consumers for providing the information. With this kind of approach it was able to satisfy the needs of brands, distributors, retails and consumers simultaneously, and cost efficiently.

A client, Mimi Wunderlich, Brand manager at Villa Italian Kitchen says “TRG’s promotion for Villa Italian Kitchen, the “Passport to Italy Sweepstakes,” was the most successful promotion in our company’s history. It increased our fan base by 13%, and delivered great results all around.  We can honestly say that TRG knows every detail of the consumer activation business, and we’ve been the beneficiaries.”

What’s your company’s biggest asset?

Team, Clients, Bank Relationship, Emerging Technology and Exploration; The continual learning and best-practices taught us to use current and emerging technologies. We provide to clients the best things, productive and efficient; to fuel the growth and longevity of our company.

Share your experience on the success of Regan Groups?

Talking about Regan group’s success- that was ultimate experience –it was dream come true-(vision, continual technology exploration, innovation, and unparalleled client service). And I have to thank my team without whom Regan Group success would be impossible - it didn’t come not only through ability but on mutual respect and a positive working environment.

Where do you see Regan Group’s in 5 years down the line?

At the pinnacle of technological integration in the consumer products promotions industry.

Meet the key executive

Patti Regan, CEO and Founder: Began her career at national promotions and field marketing office of Orion Pictures and Paramount Pictures.  ‘The Regan Group’ was created with the vision to implement promotions for the entire entertainment industry, and doing it ‘smarter’. 

Patti established solid relationships with executives of basically every motion picture studio. The Regan Group soon ‘pioneered’ retail account-specific promotions for the studios developing and implementing tent-pole programs, on-pack and in-pack programs, and in-store activations for DreamWorks, Fox, Universal, Warner Bros. Lionsgate, Disney, ABC, NBC, FX, Hallmark Channel, and Spike TV etc. It is with this innovative thinking that The Regan Group was able to build relationships with basically every marketing touch-point of the studios.

Under her supervision, the company has received numerous awards and accolades include ranking #37 in The Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies (Los Angeles Business Journal),“Top 50” Agencies in America (Promo Magazine), and the Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses (Los Angeles Business Journal). Patti was also recognized as of Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Businesses Top CEOs.

She is an active member of WBENC (Women’s Business Enterprise National Council), PMA (Promotion Marketing Association), AMA (American Marketing Association), CTAM (Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing), and NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners).

"For Sweepstakes or Sales Promotion, The Regan Group will activate instant.”