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“Having developed 300+ apps, we understand the special needs of startups – technical advice, flexibility, speed – and our team is streamlined to deliver on these parameters”

As the world is increasingly moving to a Mobile First paradigm, not only are traditional businesses scrambling to develop a mobile presence, but all new business models and new startups are designed for mobile platforms from the ground up.

App developers have a strong focus on areas of demand aggregation, social networking, chat, mobile marketing, location-based services, entertainment, mobile commerce, object recognition and mobile payment systems. Today, the requirement for App Development services is increasing exponentially; offering the same Riktam has evolved as one of the leading providers of mobile applications.

Headquartered in Hyderabad and sister office located at Orlando, U.S. Riktam has extensive experience building highly usable web and mobile apps. Since its inception they have designed and engineered more than 300 apps for web, iPhone, iPad, Android and other platforms that have won awards and have topped charts.

The company strives for superior design, the elegance of simple solutions and going that extra mile for their customers’ success. They follow a consultative approach and believe in partnering and collaborating with clients in the best possible way.

Why Riktam
Riktam has evolved to be a specialist for Startups. The team structure, service offerings and project management processes are streamlined towards delivering top class apps at a very fast pace so startups can focus on market entry, product-market fit and service delivery, while the entire Technology piece is handled by Riktam.

The company differentiates itself by offering experienced consultants, best in class design and immaculate execution. Senior Management & Staff from renowned institutions including IITs / IIMs and with worldwide exposure provide solid business & technical understanding and the capability to take ownership of your project. Strong in-house User Interface and User Experience design team and test team ensures a one-stop execution.

Customized services offered
Riktam engages with start- ups in a variety of ways, customized to their needs and their available resources. A typical engagement would start with a contract to develop the MVP (Minimal Viable Product) offering for the client in the fastest possible time. Subsequent engagements could take the form of developing further iterations and enhancements to the product, or assigning a dedicated team to the startup to work continuously on Product Innovation and Product Life Cycle.

Project Contracts – Riktam provides a fully staffed team in order to deliver an end to end functional mobile app project to the client based on their requirement. The team will work with the client to plan the product as per their business requirements – right from interface to specific features and functionality – and provide insight and suggestions on improvement based on their vast experience. Following this the development team will execute the project and assist the client all the way to uploading on the appstore.

Dedicated Developers – In this model, startup clients engage Riktam to provide a set of developers, each experienced and an expert in his or her field, to help them develop their product. This helps startups who find it difficult to hire experienced resources on their own to quickly ramp up their product development effort and still have the flexibility to add or reduce to their tech team and cost structure as their needs change.
Most Riktam clients do a combination of these two models at various stages in their life cycle.

Platforms Offered
Riktam offers full – stack development capability for the mobile world, including iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad, iWatch), Android (smartphones and tablets), Windows Mobile, Mobile Responsive Web and Website development. Riktam has a very strong backend team that works on a variety of platforms & technologies including HTML5, AngularJS, JQuery, Sencha, PHP, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Python, Java, MySQL, MongoDB and is able to deploy highly scaled implementations on Amazon AWS and other cloud platforms.

Riktam primarily offers native application development, as opposed to cross-platform methodologies, as the best way to deliver highly responsive and light applications for any given platform.

In addition Riktam has an in-house test team, as well as complete support team including Analysts, UI/UX experts and Project Managers.

Corporate Clients
Clients Riktam has worked for include The Kellogg Corporation, SMRT (Singapore), Procter & Gamble, Real Clear Politics, FrieslandCampina, Digicel, Globe Telecom, XL Axiata, Tata Capital, Google and HCL America

Startup Clients
Startup clients that Riktam has worked for include Packetzoom, Pictureplix, Picapoco, Trip Europe, Lumoid, SimplifyThis, Whizzle, Discover Nature, CaptivaTour, GPSMyCity, Foody Buddy, Spoonly, Wishnary and Empirico Labs

Company Portfolio
Here are some of the applications successfully developed by Riktam
App Name:
Discover Nature App – DNA
Platform: iOS
Client: Discover Nature Apps
Taking advantage of the device’s many innovative functions including GPS, photography, social media and game-play, Discover Nature Apps encourage people to lift their heads and explore their surroundings in a way that’s interactive, educational and, best of all, fun!
Incorporating outstanding local photography, clever and substantive clues, comprehensive background information, and exceptional design, Discover Nature Apps is a must for getting the most out of your visit to national wildlife refuges, parks and other public lands!
App Name: CaptivaTour
Platform: Android
Client: CaptivaTour
CaptivaTour is an audio guide for the discerning traveler visiting popular tourist places, and looking for authentic historical information, perspectives and stories behind the places you see.
CaptivaTour helps you make the most of your visit in a truly personal journey of exploration, understanding and connecting with the past and the world around you. No wink-wink-nod-nod selling of massages, no hard-sell to buy antiques from shops, no anxiety about choosing the right guide or missing out, and certainly not being drowned in dry facts and dates masquerading as history

Client Testimonials
“The team at Riktam was fantastic to work with… they have a thorough understanding of the mobile gaming landscape, what the client is looking for & what works with end users. The app created for Pringles surpassed expectations and hit #2 on the app store within the first few days of launch! We were very happy with the team work and collaboration with Riktam” -Priyanka Pahwa, Kellogg’s

“CaptivaTour has counted on Riktam for it’s entire technology stack and beyond. The entire product, other than content, was conceptualized, wireframed and designed, and finally coded at Riktam. The product went through multiple revisions at each stage, improving in visual design as well as usability each time.

We found Riktam to be valuable partners who came up with dozens of suggestions and improvements, and very patient with our revisions as well – they truly work as partners and not vendors”.
– Ravishankar Iyer, CaptivaTour

Meet The Director
Siddhartha Kongara, Director is an electronics engineer and a graduate of IIM- Ahmedabad. Prior to Riktam he has worked in the Communications and Leisure Travel industries in India and the UK. He is based in India and is responsible for Business Development and Client engagement.

“We aim to be the technology partner of choice for Start-Ups and Corporate Clients with a start-up mindset, sharing not only our technical expertise but also our experience of having develop hundreds of apps. As the world moves to Mobile first, and on to IoT, we aim to innovate together with our clients and partners to develop the next generation of consumer technology.” - Riktam

Contact Siddhartha Kongara
Mobile: +91 994 904 7670
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