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Roar of Success: Adam Povlitz, President of Anago Cleaning Systems goes the Extra Mile

thesiliconreview-adam-povlitz-president-anago-17The Anago Master Franchise Owner will never run out of franchises to sell or buildings to clean: Adam Povlitz, President Anago Cleaning Systems

Founded on the principle of guiding and uplifting the lives of its franchisees, Anago Cleaning Systems is on the rise, and its Master Franchisees are poised to benefit. For Anago Franchise Owners, the proven model means one of the fastest, most risk-free success vehicles in the entire franchise industry.

The company is one of world’s leading commercial cleaning franchise companies, supporting over 35 Master Franchise locations and over 1,400 Unit Franchisees in the U.S. and internationally. Anago has seen a tremendous amount of growth, both from a sales and branding perspective, as they continue to expand into Canada. Due to the company’s successful international growth, Anago is seeking additional opportunities in South America, Australia, and Europe.

Interview Excerpt: Adam Povlitz, President Anago Cleaning Systems 

In this Success Story Interview, Adam tells us about following in his father’s footsteps and leading the company. Read on to find out more about Anago’s exciting Master Franchise opportunity.


Anago was founded in 1989 by my father, David Povlitz, after owning and operating a commercial cleaning business in Detroit, Michigan for 15 years. He moved to South Florida, perfected the systems he created, and Anago was born. The name Anago is derived from the Greek-Latin term “anagogue,” meaning to guide or uplift. Anago was founded with that principle – to guide and uplift the lives of our Master and Unit Franchisees to achieve success. “By 1991, my father was offering individuals the chance for franchise business ownership through the company’s Unit Franchise program. He further enhanced that opportunity to fellow business executives and developed Anago’s Master Franchise program,” David Povlitz’s son Adam reveals.

Prospective Master Franchise Owners should be excited about an Anago Master Franchise: Adam Povlitz

More millionaires are made through master franchising than any other form of franchising. Unlike other franchise models, where multiple units are necessary to build a very successful business, all it takes is one Anago Master Franchise. This is an empire building franchise with residual income and unlimited growth potential. The Anago Master Owner will never run out of franchises to sell or buildings to clean.

A breakthrough

In 2013, Adam promoted a team of IT professionals to lead the development of the industry’s very first Master Franchise App and Anago Cloud system. Now, it has become the industry’s leading mobile application that has doubled the efficiency of sales staff and reduced administrative time by nearly a third. “The biggest issue was educating our staff members on how to utilize the app’s complex algorithm in order to streamline data into an efficient work function,” the president says.

Right attitude speaks louder than words: Adam Povlitz

As one of the largest international franchise organizations, many wish to be part of Anago’s Corporate Team, but only the best are hired. Attitude is one of the most important attributes the management focuses on. Skills can be improved but having a can-do attitude makes a difference. “Anago’s consistent growth can be attributed to the commitment of our staff. We are very selective in who we hire. The candidates go through a thorough application process before they are considered. We look for strong communication skills, advanced technical skills, and a leadership attitude,” Adam says.

Anago offers reimbursement for higher education. The company’s social media coordinator is an ideal example of how it values professional development. The employee was allowed to continue her studies while working at the firm, resulting in Anago’s Facebook following increasing from 2000 to 14,000.

“We have many staff members seeking higher education, including graduate school. The company pays for one college course (undergraduate or graduate) per semester for each employee seeking a degree,” Adam says.

Focus on your purpose, and everything changes: Adam Povlitz

Staff members meet with their department managers to analyze goals, achievements and receive feedback that may inspire them to develop new ideas to enhance their role. “Individual wins are always acknowledged and celebrated, and when Anago secures a new Master Franchise,we celebrate together as everyone contributes to success in one way or another,” he says.

The management has moved several employees from one department to another based on their conviction to implement.“One of our Compliance Coordinators had a knack for IT and presented his strategies to the team. He was quickly tasked in helping conceptualize the Anago app and evolve the company’s proprietary software with the development team,” the president says.

Proud Moment

Anago has been recognized by many prestigious publications for being a top franchise company: It was ranked fifth top low cost franchise in 2016 and tenth fastest-growing franchise by Entrepreneur magazine in 2013. Ranked as one of the best franchises in franchisee satisfaction by Franchise Business Review, the company was also listed by Inc.

Magazine as one of the top privately-held companies in the U.S. This year, the firm finds its place on Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top Global Franchise list.

Meet Adam Povlitz, President

Adam Povlitz began his journey at Anago when he was 26, looking to make a real impact in his professional life instead of just being a spoke in the corporate wheel. He recently made the move from Executive Vice President to President of Anago Cleaning Systems. Previously, Adam was employed by IBM Corporation as the Growth Initiatives & Expense Analyst for North America Sales & Distribution. He holds an MBA from the University of Miami and earned a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Nova Southeastern University. He is a Certified Franchise Executive and an ISSA Cleaning Industry Management Standards Expert.

“We strive to provide the best possible clean for our clients and work hard to exceed expectations on every cleaning visit.”