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“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life, it is perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.” – Freeman Dyson

The defragmented application space due to Cloud migrations and SaaS deployments make traditional middleware a serious problem for businesses due to the high cost of implementation, reduced flexibility to innovate, and the lack of support for diverse, open standard protocols.

The evolution of technologies like Cloud Computing and IoT has created the need for an IoT & SaaS middleware platform. The growing SaaS market in the past decade has pointed to a developing requirement to implement middleware, and/or Cloud Service Integration (CSI) solutions that are protocol agnostic, cost-effective, and easy to deploy. was founded in 2012 with a vision to build a middleware integration platform for IoT and SaaS that will help businesses solve their Integration challenges and enable then to succeed.

Product Offerings is an IoT & SaaS CSI/middleware platform that can integrate IoT & SaaS applications using any industry standard protocol with no proprietary APIs. At the core, it is a message-oriented middleware with ThingsConnect suite of adapters and connectors, management UI and messaging dashboard with real time analytics engine. ThingsConnect suite of adapters and connectors is what creates this differentiation through protocol adapters and convertors. Two systems can speak different protocols and still be able to integrate together. Additionally, the company has its “Microservices Platform” that uses the core middleware, multi-protocol gateway, along with messaging fabric and docker based development framework, to build services using the Microservices architecture. Microservices based development reduces the cost of implementation and increase the service or component reusability for the client.

The “Event Recorder” component allows storing critical integration events of interest to a relational database or “Big Data” platform, enabling real time analytics and event driven data warehousing.

The “Hybrid Messaging Cloud” provides a local middleware for the integration of local site-specific systems with federation and buffering to the cloud for integration with global or enterprise systems. It is ideal for businesses that have both local and enterprise systems with intermittent network connectivity across sites.

“Device to Dashboard” is the real-time analytics engine that provides IoT device data visualization by simple drag-and-drop of widgets and installation of a plugin on the device.

“Data Driven Alerts” components can send an email, SMS or a phone call if the device identifies an event of interest that matches or crosses a defined threshold. It can also create a support ticket, record for event correlation, case to Salesforce (or other CRM) and/or applicable system/service for the designated triage team to engage instantly.

Key Differentiators differentiates itself from competition due to the following:

  • It is an open platform that is protocol agnostic and supports all standard protocols, unlike most competition, which requires coding to their specific APIs or set of protocols.
  • will be the CSI platform of choice for organizations that truly wish to be innovative by building product and services using diverse and specialized technologies and toolsets. Clients are able to focus on the applications and services that best align with their own business objectives and success while leaving the integration to RoboMQ.
  • It is built with the latest technologies for cloud, SaaS and IoT providing an agile platform that offers significant cost advantages along with faster time to market.
  • It offers significant cost savings vs. traditional legacy middleware as well as other comparable CSI or iPaaS options. Clients can also get the benefits of OpEx vs. CapEx.
  • The platform provides the greatest data integrity through guaranteed delivery and highest rates of availability in the industry.

TopGolf is the largest client of the company. is currently working with many IoT companies with interesting use cases, from metering solar power units to building automation and remote monitoring of critical assets. It is actively targeting IoT players in remote monitoring, activation, provisioning and lifecycle management of critical assets. On SaaS integration, it is targeting entertainment, hospitality, casinos, oil & gas, retail and industrial automation.

Andrew Macaulay, CIO of Topgolf, said, “RoboMQ has quickly enabled us to get our business critical information at the right time, and at the right place, without any manual intervention. Their services have had a significant impact on the ability to optimize and transform our business so we are ultimately able to integrate leading edge SaaS technology to deliver great value and services to all of our Topgolf guests,as well as our own associates.”

Present and Future Focus Areas
Currently, plans to focus on acquiring more customers and create industry specific solutions using its unique platform. For example, based on interaction with the Casino industry, which favors on-premise applications, the company is coming up with an appliance version of the product that will work out of the box when simply racked and powered. For the future, plans to establish itself as the leading Enterprise IoT and CSI platform.

Meet the Key Executives
Bramh Gupta, CEO
Bramh comes from integration middleware and M2M background running mission critical middleware platforms for Fortune 100 telecom companies. He brings business acumen, technology vision and years of product development experience to as an engineer and a MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

Marshall Cromwell, VP of Sales 
Marshall is a veteran of the technology industry. He has worked with both the Commercial and Federal sectors with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations enabling technology transformation and growth.

Fred Yatzeck, Principal Architect
Fred is the technical co-founder who is leading architecture and product development. He has several years of experience in enterprise software and middleware. Fred has worked for the US army, Raytheon, Lucent, Sprint and Clearwire,prior to joining He has a MS in Electrical Engineering from the Catholic University.

“We connect devices, systems, clouds and things to create smart and context-aware applications”.