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RoboRewards: Creating Smart Reward Programs to Maximize Business Growth

thesiliconreview-jonathan-ingram-founder-ceo-roborewards-2017Today’s business environment is facing many rapid changes and challenges. The competitive advantage that organizations formerly achieved due to product differentiation no longer holds true due to a saturation of products and services that (seemingly) look and perform the same. Customers are now more informed, have more options, and have higher expectations. Therefore, it is important to deliver innovative strategies to acquire and retain customers in all markets.

As acquiring new customers is getting costlier day by day, businesses and organizations have to depend on loyalty programs to retain and reward existing customers and maintain relationships all while staying focused on acquiring new customers.

RoboRewards is one such company that realized this early on and was developed specifically to provide smart, automated custom loyalty programs for businesses wanting to reward loyal customers. RoboRewards feature-rich loyalty software fits any business need; complete with custom point to dollar rules, autopilot marketing triggers, surveys, friend referring, POS integration, and much more. The company is committed to offering the highest quality of service and utilizes the most up-to-date technologies. CEO Jonathan Ingram says, “The RoboRewards loyalty software, developed in-house by us, puts you not only in the driver seat but the cockpit of a fighter jet. The level of service and features inside RoboRewards gives you business control like never before.”

Developing Smart Reward Programs

In the beginning, the company started by helping small businesses build email contact lists to encourage repeat business. The businesses handed out business cards and advertisements which drove customers to a website splash page where their contact information was exchanged for a gift or reward. The experience was a hit! Businesses saw a growth in their customer database, and revenue gains followed.

However, even with customer database growth, RoboRewards saw a disconnection between the business and customer experience. Businesses were leaving money on the table and not taking advantage of the repeat customer rule to its full extent. They soon realized, most businesses do not know how to properly market or have the necessary marketing tools at their disposal.

RoboRewards saw an opportunity and created a formula to help businesses grow revenue on autopilot. They accomplish this by increasing the customer purchase frequency; the customer amount spends per transaction, and they incentivize customers (members) to grow the business database.

Today, RoboRewards creates smart reward programs with a proven formula. “We have businesses that claim an easy 15% yearly increase in revenue using our solution,” states Ingram. They have tools to build the member database and consistently market to members in the database on autopilot. Their custom programs touch members at the right time, with the right message, on any device. They offer multiple reward program types, deep member insights, and analytics to help make business and program improvements. Member feedback, redemption rates, and surveys are a few tools that give businesses a competitive advantage.

Helping Clients Gain More Repeat Business

Their clients are typically those looking for more than a basic loyalty program and are impressed by the customization and automation features offered. Their highly experienced development team, in conjunction with client interaction and innovative ideas, has evolved the software into an intelligent, automated rewards loyalty system allowing its users to focus on their day-to-day operations while the software operates automatically.

As marketing and automation tools become more and more intelligent, RoboRewards continues to focus on implementing new features.

“We know the reward and loyalty industry. We are debt-free, self-funded, and flexible. Our highly experienced and sophisticated technical development teams can implement any software customization required into our platform.”

Their teams comprised of industry leaders, innovators, and software specialists whose primary goal is to deliver current, innovative solutions to enhance the repeat customer business.

Custom Loyalty Programs Tailored To Meet Business Needs

“RoboRewards is hands-down the most full-featured, intelligent, scalable and flexible multi-tier loyalty rewards program available today, bar none.” the company said.

RoboRewards understands the importance of being able to develop dynamic, customizable, and scalable reward programs turn-key. Their software is specifically developed and shaped around ever changing new technologies. They continually evolve their software by launching new features and innovation updates approximately every 6-8 weeks.

RoboRewards is most commonly sold to both white label resellers and retail businesses. Their software is found throughout the world from the United States to Canada, the United Kingdom to South America, South Africa, Trinidad, and Haiti. Being their software is flexible, they have clients in most every niche such as the automotive sector, restaurants, furniture, professional industry and more.

Intelligent Marketing Features 

Facebook Lead Ad Integration

Facebook lead ads allow businesses to run Facebook advertisements targeting qualified prospects that meet specified search criteria. The ad promotes any discount advantageous to the potential new member. When the ad is clicked, the Facebook users information adds to the form. Typically, information such as the name, email, phone, address, and birth day are collected. Once the potential member presses submit, they become a new member and the RoboRewards software immediately sends the new member the offer promoted in the ad.

The integration has proven a huge success. Businesses are adding more members in a month to their program than they use to add in year.

The entire process is automated allowing the business to experience member growth at tremendous rate.

Social Sharing & Leaderboard 

Recently, the company introduced a powerful and game-changing Leaderboard feature, utilizing social sharing and friend referring. Members can use social sharing features and refer friends inside their member profile. When social sharing takes place, reward points issue for each social share. Each social share contains a friend referral link, and friend referring bonus points issue when the friend signs up and makes a purchase in the business.

The Leaderboard allows members to compete against each other for monthly gifts and prizes. Effectively the new technology creates a viral effect where customers themselves introduce others to the program and receive rewards for doing so. Instead of paying for expensive marketing mediums, RoboRewards suggests paying members to promote the business and program.

Beacon Technology

When a member enters the store, a welcome message can send to the member’s mobile app, as well as an offer. The member’s profile displays at the counter and sales associates can view pertinent information such as available points, last visit, conversation notes, favorite drink, spending habits and more.

The beacon technology gives sales associates and staff an icebreaker tool to help sell more product to existing members.

“Through the years, our clients have helped shape our smart reward program formula. We listen to you, the client, and develop cutting-edge technologies to automate business growth. We grow your customer base and increase sales while you focus on running your business,” Ingram concludes.

The leader behind RoboRewards, CEO Jonathan Ingram

Studying Biology and Chemistry in college, Jonathan built an online mortgage company in 2004. After the banking crisis in 2008, Jonathan took his online marketing expertise and results to the reward and loyalty industry forming RoboRewards in 2009.

“Our smart reward program formula grows the member database on autopilot, automates the marketing, and provides deep customer insights – all required tools to build loyalty.”