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10 Fastest Growing Storage Companies

Rubrik: Building simple products for Businesses across the globe to meet the most complex data management needs


“Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing” – Warren Bennis

Looking out for end-to-end protection of your data? Then look no further, as Rubrik is right here! Established in 2014, Rubrik provides the industry’s first Converged Data Management platform with the Rubrik r300 Series Hybrid Cloud Appliance, fusing enterprise-class data management with web-scale IT. Organizations use Rubrik to deliver live data access to recover from failures and accelerate application development.

Rubrik’s high potential team has helped build products such as Google File System, Google Search, YouTube, Facebook Data Infrastructure, VMware Virtualization, Data Domain File System, and Amazon Infrastructure.

A $48 billion industry in need of innovation, Rubrik builds beautifully simple products for businesses to meet their most challenging data management needs. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Rubrik’s offices are located across the world.

The r300 Series of Rubrik
The r300 Series is a Converged Data Management appliance that provides automated backup, instant recovery, unlimited replication, and data archival at infinite scale. It is powered by Rubrik Converged Data Management, a system that distributes data, metadata and tasks across the cluster for linear scalability and performance.

Rubrik’s Astounding Solutions

Automated Backup & Instant Recovery – Rubrik simplifies backup and recovery for virtualized environments. It eliminates backup software by integrating deduplicated storage, catalog management, and data orchestration into a single, scale-out fabric. The r300 Series scales linearly so your business is not hampered by forklift upgrades. Deduplication, compression, and other data services scale in-line with the cluster to maximize efficiency and savings. Instant recovery is delivered without rehydration or additional storage provisioning. With Rubrik, lengthy backup setup times, broken job scheduling, and uncertain recoveries are relics of the past.

Replication & DR – Rubrik provides asynchronous, deduplicated replication for virtualized environments. The r300 Series is a Converged Data Management appliance that delivers replication for instant recovery anywhere at no additional licensing cost. One policy engine lets you setup both backup and replication schedules. Extend RPOs to the rest of your data centers and achieve near-zero RTOs. Replicas are fully recoverable on Rubrik – no rehydration or additional storage provisioning is necessary.

Data Archival – A Fresh Approach to Data Archival, Preserve Easily, Access Quickly.

Rubrik offers a fresh approach to archiving data across hybrid cloud environments. Send data to low-cost private or public cloud storage for long-term retention by just moving a slider in the policy engine. Quickly access your archived data by searching a global index that catalogues all data, no matter where it’s stored. Unlock cost-effective archival services and save time by managing policies versus offloading data to tape.

Managed Service Provider – Rubrik eliminates the management complexity and costs of legacy architecture with a single fabric that unifies traditionally siloed hardware and software components. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) use the r300 Series to deliver secure and reliable backup-as-a-service, replication-as-a-service, and data archival. Scale cloud services to your clients’ needs and unlock massive operational savings with quick setup times and management ease. MSPs can choose from a variety of deployment and pricing models to create innovative cloud services for clients.

Rubrik’s Leadership Team

Bipul S, Co-Founder & CEO
Bipul has 18+ years of experience in building billion-dollar products and companies from the ground up. Previously, Bipul was a partner at Lightspeed, where he invested in Nutanix (founding investor and board member), PernixData, and Numerify.

Arvind J, Co-Founder & VP of Engineering
Arvind was a Distinguished Engineer at Google where he spent over 10 years in various engineering and management roles. He started/managed the Google Fiber, MapMaker and YouTube and Search infrastructure teams.

Soham M, Co- Founder & Architect
Soham was the co-founder and CTO at Tagtile, a mobile loyalty company (acquired by Facebook). He co-founded Teragoogle, a complete re-architecture of Google’s Search Infrastructure, for which he was awarded the Google Founder’s Award.

Arvind N, Co-Founder & CTO
Arvind has over 16 years of experience building storage, databases and distributed systems. He led the real-time ad infrastructure team at Rocketfuel and started his career at Oracle where he co-founded the Exadata storage platform.

Client Testimonials
“The return on investment has been amazing. I sleep better at night knowing that Rubrik is running. We know we can hit our restore time objectives for our clients.”– Chris Bridges, CTO, Protected Trust

“The system is simple to implement, allowing us to think about the things you really care about, such as the SLA policies to apply for protection.” – Nathan Bach, Senior Systems Engineer, Driscoll’s

“We simplify how businesses around the world keep and use their data.”