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Rubrik, the Market Leader in Cloud Data Management, is the World’s First Platform to Orchestrate Data for Hybrid Cloud Enterprises Anytime, Anywhere

thesiliconreview-bipul-sinha-ceo-rubrik-19“We blend future-proof architecture with consumer-grade simplicity to pioneer a fresh approach to an old problem.”

In today’s times, data management needs to be broken up into many different dimensions. We should carefully consider the use of proven SQL databases in an agnostic way before jumping into selecting shiny new NoSQL databases. It is vital to understand the short- and long-term business strategy of data management and weigh competing priorities before selecting specific technologies.

In light of the foregoing, we’re thrilled to present Rubrik.

The company develops cloud-based software platform. It offers data backup, protection, analytics, compliance, and recovery solutions by fusing enterprise data management with web-scale IT and eliminating backup software. Rubrik serves government, health care, legal, and financial industries worldwide.

The company was incorporated in 2013 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. It has additional offices located in Bangalore, India, Lawrence, Kansas, Nottingham, England, and Cork, Ireland.

Rubrik: Synopsis


Rubrik was founded by Bipul Sinha (a partner at Lightspeed Ventures), Arvind Jain (ex-Google), Soham Mazumdar (ex-Facebook), and Arvind Nithrakashyap (ex-Oracle).

IVP led a US$180 million Series D funding round in May 2017, at a US$1.3 billion valuation, bringing the company to at least US$292 million raised to date.

In early 2018, Rubrik purchased, another cloud data management company.

In January 2019, the startup has raised $261 million, which helped it to reach $3.3 billion total valuation. The core investors were Bain Capital Ventures together with Lightspeed Venture Partners, Greylock Partners, Khosla Ventures and IVP.

Solutions that Make Rubrik Stand Out

Databases and Operating Systems –

SQL Recoveries and Clones in Seconds: Power on your SQL backups or provision a clone to any desired point-in-time. Rubrik pioneers instant access for your SQL databases for recovery, test/dev, and ad hoc table or row queries. Whether you’re working on-prem or migrating and running SQL in the cloud, Rubrik has you covered.

Instant Recovery and Clones for Oracle: Rubrik provides immediate access with near-zero RTOs and simplifies data management for your Oracle databases. Accelerate app development by providing Oracle clones for test/dev in seconds. Eliminate manual scripting and manage large-scale environments with one SLA policy engine.

NAS Direct Archive Built for Scale: NAS Direct Archive allows you to efficiently store massive unstructured datasets elsewhere on-premises or in the cloud. Unlock policy-driven simplicity, cost savings, and high performance at scale. Drive operational efficiencies with incremental-forever backups and fast file scans.

Protect Database Apps with Native Tools: Rubrik Elastic App Service (EAS) harnesses the power of native and third-party backup tools with Rubrik speed, storage efficiency, and simplicity.

24/7 Availability for Your SAP HANA Databases: Mobilize your data to the cloud with data management purpose-built for SAP HANA. Integrate Rubrik seamlessly into your existing workflows and tools of choice, including SAP HANA Cockpit and Studio. Leverage Rubrik’s app-aware data reduction, policy-driven management, and immutability to defend against Ransomware.

Virtualized Environments –

Multi-Hypervisor Support for a Multi-Cloud World:Unlock near-zero RTOs, policy-driven intelligence, and instant search. Rubrik delivers backup, replication and DR, archival, and analytics for the hypervisor of your choice – VMware vSphere (ESXi), Microsoft Hyper-V, and Nutanix AHV. With Rubrik, enterprises can prepare themselves for a multi-cloud world in which any cloud can be unlocked for test/dev or DR. Freedom of choice is now here.

CLOUD + SaaS –

Faster Recoveries for Office 365: Protect and manage Office 365 with Rubrik’s Polaris SaaS platform, a cloud-native solution. Recover quickly in the event of data loss with granular search and restores. Harness the elasticity of the cloud to auto-scale protection in line with Office 365 usage while retaining full control of where data is stored.

Protect Cloud-Native Apps Built on NoSQL: With Rubrik Datos IO, protect and manage mission-critical, cloud-native applications built on NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and Cassandra. Build next-gen apps faster while benefitting from Rubrik’s fast performance, scalability across hundreds of nodes and multiple clouds, and consumer-grade simplicity.

Automate Protection from Azure Stack to Azure: Simplify data protection on-prem or in Azure with a single platform built for hybrid cloud. Automate custom end-to-end lifecycle orchestration workflows with a consistent suite of APIs across your One Azure ecosystem. Manage your entire Microsoft Stack with a unified user experience.

Instant Application Availability for Google Cloud Platform: Unlock cost-effective and scalable data archival across hybrid cloud environments. Automate long-term data retention to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) by simply moving a slider in the policy engine. Instantly access files in the cloud with predictive search. Ensure military-grade encryption in-flight and at-rest for all data sent to GCP. Simplify archival for your Google Cloud backup.

Cloud Solutions: Elevate Data Management to New Heights:As you look to implement a cloud strategy, Rubrik provides a single software platform to protect applications across data centers and clouds, automate self-service at scale, and eliminate operational complexity.

Whether deployed on-prem or in the public cloud, Rubrik can protect enterprise applications, search across applications and files, and quickly spin up test/dev instances in the cloud. Leverage the cloud to recover faster, migrate data across data centers and clouds, and protect cloud-native applications.

NoSQL Databases –

Application-Consistent Backup and Recovery for Cassandra: Deliver cluster-consistent backups and repair-free recoveries. Eliminate complex home-grown backup tools and unleash up to 80 percent in hard savings. Rubrik Datos IO delivers application-consistent, point-in-time recoveries for your on-prem and cloud deployments of DataStax and Apache Cassandra.

Application-Consistent Backup and Recovery for MongoDB: Stream backups with no quiescing of MongoDB for always-on applications. Protect sharded and unsharded clusters. Reduce recovery times. Eliminate complex home-grown backup tools. Rubrik Datos IO delivers application-consistent, any point-in-time recoveries for your modern applications built on MongoDB, deployed on-prem or in the cloud.

About | Bipul Sinha

Founder Bipul Sinha now serves as CEO after stepping down from his role at Lightspeed. He holds several patents for distributed storage technologies. He has publicly described inviting all 900+ employees to board meetings as an act of “radical transparency.”

“Rubrik is a single software platform that delivers backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance, and copy data management in one secure fabric across data centers and clouds."