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Run the business of your dreams with POS on Cloud


Affordable, cloud based point of sale system for small business merchants.’

POS (Point of Sale) on Cloud is a cloud-based point of sale system for small business merchants to process their merchant transactions online. The company provides an affordable, cloud based point of sale system. The target market is small business merchants who aspire to process their merchant transactions online through a cloud based solution which provides multi-channel sales and configuration models, product/reporting modules while being accessible from any connected hardware from anywhere in the world using an ordinary web browser.

POS on Cloud’s strengths are ease of use and strong support of robust features at an affordable price – for the small business owner. POS on Cloud focuses on how our products will maximize the value received by the customer by tying the Point of Sale with Online Food Ordering Companies, Shopping Carts, CRM, Social Media, Customer feedback, and loyalty programs.

POS on Cloud’s core product is an affordable web-based Point of Sale system which includes help desk support, per and post implementation. POS on Cloud helps retailers and restaurants to concentrate on their core competencies, CRM, Inventory management, Vendor management, Employee Management, and Payment processing while providing the scalability and reliability of a cloud based system. Founded in 2012, POS on Cloud is based in Kentucky.

What you get with POS on Cloud’s point of sale system

Inventory Management
POS on Cloud has a full inventory management suite to help make managing your inventory easier than ever. Everything from stock balances, inventory value, activity, levels, vendors, and more is made manageable with POS on Cloud. When you combine this with the multiple inventory reports that are accessible from anywhere, it truly becomes a one-of-a-kind tool.

Data Security
POS on Cloud is hosted on Amazon EC2 Cloud servers which provide data redundancy, load balancing, and system backups.

The company does not store any credit card data, and uses tokenization combined with point-to-point encryption to mask each card swiped or key entered into our POS. This way, no sensitive cardholder data is transmitted unencrypted. POS on Cloud uses standards that comply with the United States Government’s published requirements for information classified as ‘Secret’ for all sensitive information.

Customer Management
POS on Cloud provides you with tools to manage your customers like never before. With Mail Chimp integration, SMS messaging, promotions, reports to track customers, coupons, discounts, specials, happy hours, sales trends, gift, loyalty, and more, POS on Cloud makes managing your clients a breeze.

Speed of Service
POS on Cloud was built less than 3 years ago. It isn’t built on top of an older POS system, or an old model. POS on Cloud was built to meet the needs of restaurants and retailers today, and the company understands that time is of the essence.

POS on Cloud is sleek, and designed for speed and security, with a modern user interface. The system takes design cues from mobile smartphone and tablet applications so there is an ease of adoption due to familiarity. POS on Cloud is your easy to use, easy to learn, POS system.

Coupons, Discounts, Gift and Loyalty, Online Ordering and More
POS on Cloud offers you the ability to set your discounts and coupons as you wish, and change them any time you feel the need for your business. It also works with two of the largest gift and loyalty card program providers in the world today, Valutec and Clutch.

Employee Management
With POS on Cloud, you can track your employees hours, attendance, and time summary. You are also provided with a slew of reports like labor cost calculation, sales by employees, upsell reports, ticket averages, and more.

Business Intelligence
POS on Cloud helps you in every way conceivable to gather the data about your business that you need to make the right decisions. POS on Cloud provides you with a modern point of sale which allows you to manage your business from anywhere in the world at all with an internet connection.

The company provides you with the reporting tools you need to monitor and manage everything from your employee hours to your stock and inventory, taxes, customers, sales, and more. The reports provide you the ability to also manage how well items are selling, how employees are performing, and more, all for one price.

POS on Cloud gives you the tools to market your business, as well as extensive reporting for customers, coupled with an e-mail engine, giving you the ability to reach your customers with updates and notices. You get the business intelligence tools to successfully know how your business is performing day in and day out.

Client Speak
“The POS on Cloud system is so easy to operate and is extremely user friendly. It surprised me how powerful it was from a functionality standpoint, given that it was so easy to learn and operate. Processing sales is very easy. All the reporting functions are amazing……you can slice and dice and analyze your business anyway you want. For our specific application, there was a missing function to run certain searches and reports the way I wanted. POS on Cloud was very accommodating and programmed something custom for us in a matter of no time.

I would recommend POS on Cloud to any potential business owners out there. Great product, super reliable and great customer service.” – Jason Tedesco, CFO/COO, fit-flavors LLC.

Meet the Key Executive

Randy Sagar, CEO: A former partner in Financial Alliance, Randy was the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for National City Bank of Kentucky and its successor, Bank of America Merchant Services.

“Implementing business intelligence solutions puts you in a continuous improvement loop.”