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SaaS-based application and network performance monitoring for any cloud, every user, and all locations: AppNeta

thesiliconreview-matt-stevens-ceo-appneta-2017Whether large, medium, or small, in every business today, managing and monitoring a wide variety of applications and networks is more challenging than it has ever been. As software dominates the technology market, users expect great things from their systems and tools—and applications are expected to scale to any size. Yet the application and network performance monitoring tools in place often struggle to provide critical performance visibility.

Founded in 2011, AppNeta provides proactive end-user performance monitoring solutions built for the distributed, cloud-connected, digital enterprise. Using AppNeta, IT and Network Operations teams have access to essential performance data to monitor and measure the performance of their web, mobile, and cloud-delivered application environments. AppNeta’s unique and patented TruPath technology eschews traditional device-centric measurement techniques and instead measures performance along the actual application path, allowing AppNeta to measure application performance across both public and private networks. With AppNeta, customers have all of the performance data they need to assure continual and exceptional delivery of business-critical applications and end-user experience.

The Top-Notch Product

AppNeta Performance Manager is a SaaS platform providing complete performance visibility into the usage, delivery, and experience of business-critical cloud and SaaS applications from the end user's perspective.

AppNeta Difference

The performance monitoring software delivers user insights in seconds with AppNeta’s powerful monitoring technology. AppNeta starts by identifying what apps are running on the network to determine what traffic is critical. Then, it creates monitoring paths and synthetic monitors targeting apps so that users can see the impact, performance and network context for all of the business-critical apps. AppNeta also ensures that the user has access to all the data anywhere by working with the existing tools.

Breakthrough Technology

AppNeta’s technology combines the core and the patented technologies to create a platform built for monitoring the distributed digital enterprise. The technologies include AppNeta’s TruPath technology, Deep Packet Inspection engine, and advanced Selenium-based scripting. All of these combine to provide an unparalleled view into web application performance across the enterprise that includes deep diagnostics and actionable metrics to solve network issues fast.

Integrated big data platform

The performance monitoring software by AppNeta handles billions of transactions and delivers insights in seconds. By saving more data for more metrics than any other web application monitoring solution, AppNeta provides unique historical and up-to-date insight on every application used by the organization.

Easy Deployment

AppNeta deployment is fast and flexible, allowing the user to roll out the performance monitoring tool in a fraction of the time of other systems. With monitoring points offered physically and virtually at various sizes, one can right-size the deployment to cover the entire organization. 

Steadfast Support

AppNeta provides responsive, dedicated support to every customer for no extra charge. The company ensures smooth onboarding and quick issue resolution, and make sure the user is running its latest and greatest software version all the time. The AppNeta team gets each and every user on the way to the better web application and network performance monitoring in no time at all.

The Best Enterprise Monitoring Solutions

Everyone at AppNeta is passionate about creating performance monitoring solutions that drive amazing digital experiences for its customers.

Network Performance Monitoring

As applications become more complex, they rely more on  fast network connections. SaaS dependence, API-driven integrations, and distributed users all require strong corporate IT networks for support. Now that both applications and data are decentralized, the requirements for mapping and monitoring enterprise networks have changed.

Traditional monitoring tools were not designed to provide visibility into applications delivered via the WAN, whether they are internal or third-party SaaS apps. But AppNeta was designed from the ground up to solve this problem. AppNeta offers unparalleled insight into the SaaS apps, remote sites, public cloud infrastructure or private cloud deployments.

AppNeta normally runs in a frequent but low-impact testing mode, which means it will have close to zero impact on the network and applications while still providing continuous visibility. AppNeta is the best tool for monitoring a large number of remote locations.

Measure SaaS Performance with AppNeta

Looking over the shoulder of the favorite salesperson isn't a scalable solution to measure app performance. With AppNeta, one can automate synthetic transactions at scale to log in to SaaS apps like a real person, use the application and directly measure the time it takes to perform common actions.

Remote Locations

Monitoring performance at remote locations requires always-on monitoring. Using continuous performance monitoring also allows IT to immediately figure out whether it's the application or the network causing a problem, speeding up the resolution process.

With AppNeta, one can monitor the usage to determine what apps are being used at every location under the control. AppNeta can help find rogue SaaS apps that the employees depend on. One can also determine which business-critical apps aren't getting the resources they need by identifying over-streaming at any location.

Cloud Adoption

Whatever public cloud, hybrid cloud or private cloud—AppNeta has every deployment covered. AppNeta provides the application and network visibility that gives confidence in the operations. AppNeta is designed to be device and deployment agnostic. It provides performance monitoring for any cloud architecture.


“With AppNeta we immediately saw that this tool was not only going to allow us to monitor the guest network,” Paul said, “but we’re going to be able to do everything we have ever wanted to form a visibility and troubleshooting standpoint.”

-Paul Christ, Network Service Manager, Bon-Ton

“MTTR is so much faster, and we can give a reason for what’s happening, especially with cloud services.”

- Bryan Smith, Network Engineer, St. Luke's University Health Network

Meet the CEO

Matt Stevens is the Chief Executive Officer at AppNeta. Prior to becoming the CEO, Matt was the President and Chief Technology Officer at AppNeta. Matt also served as a CTO at RSA Security. Matt was the CTO, President, and Co-Founder of Network Intelligence, a pioneer in the Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) markets.

“AppNeta’s SaaS-based solutions give IT teams the essential application and network performance data, allowing them to constantly monitor user experience across any application, network, data center or cloud.”