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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017

Safeguard the electronic presence of today’s corporations Axxera Inc.

thesiliconreview-reddy-marri-president-ceo-axxera-inc-2017"Another day another hack” – this is one of the most common headlines we see in the news. Every single day, 8 out of 10 enterprises become casualties of cyber attacks causing disastrous loss in business. Enterprises nowadays are clenching and trying to figure out the best possible ways to keep cyber intrusions away from their territory.

With Cybercrimes increasing exponentially, Security information and event management (SIEM) tools have come to the rescue. SIEM tools have been held in high consideration in the cybersecurity space for the past decade and many enterprises are getting good mileage out of it. SIEM tools today are considered to be the heart of security strategy to identify potential cyber-attacks.

About the pioneer of the industry

Established in 2010, Axxera Inc. is the pioneer in the cybersecurity arena and is uniquely positioned as the leader in the industry by designing and building security infrastructure worldwide. The firm was established to meet the needs of corporations in battling intrusions into their computer networks. With the development of 4n6 which evolved from Axxera’s original SIEM product, the firm is able to cater to the forensic side of cyber crimes, with 4n6 being an evidence and case management tool.

Today, Axxera is sitting on the King’s throne of Cyber Security space with its innovation and contribution to the world with its technologies.

Products getting the spotlight

Axxera’s first product was a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform. To help enterprises and government customers better their cyber security posture, the company developed a highly advanced Central Intelligence Correlation and Ticketing device.

As the first project roll-out, it was highly successful. Axxera deployed and implemented the product for many customers such as the US State Department / Mexican Government. Moreover, the company also uses its own product in Security Operations Center to support its customers.

Earlier this year, Axxera launched Axxera4n6. It is a Case / Evidence Management tool which evolved from the original SIEM Platform. Axxera 4N6 has built in connectors/API that integrates with Digital forensic tools to seamlessly synchronize and retrieve case management and forensic investigation details. This amazing case management tool manages digital forensic cases and investigations.

The users will be able to manage their cases in a single, unified platform that easily captures and tracks cases, reports and findings with its automated case workflow management. All the evidence data and files stored will be completely encrypted by Axxera’s proven DATA at REST technology.

With every passing year and every successful product, Axxera is mastering the art of cybersecurity. The company with its class-apart technology is taking is products and services to a whole another level.

The road to success

Anyone can start a business, but it takes immense fortitude to take the business ahead, especially during the development and pre-sales stages, which can be slow and frustrating. Running a business flawlessly is no child’s play. No company has ever reached the sheer heights of success without struggling.

Just like any other new born company, Axxera had to overcome many hurdles during its initial days. But, with its focus, determination, resilience, persistence, sacrifices discipline and motivation to see the venture through has made Axxera a leader in the industry.

The first few years were purely about product development and it was those years when Axxera needed to be patient and focused. Also at the same time needed to watch other competing products entering into market as well as staying on the cutting edge.

Triggered by the ever- increasing rate of cyber crimes and seeing how its products were actually helping investigating cyber crimes was a great feeling for Axxera. Today, after overcoming every hurdle coming in the way, Axxera is one successful company providing the best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.

Consistent growth and popularity

The popularity of Axxera is increasing at a rapid pace. Enterprises across the world opt for Axxera and its products.

Axxera believes that both SIEM and 4n6 is vendor agnostic and customizable. Being innovative and above trend is what sets the company apart in the industry and is one of the major reason behind Axxera’s consistence growth as an organization.

The cybersecurity leader, Axxera has faith in its five biggest assets that act as the spine of the company.

  • Innovation
  • Fast-Paced Work Environment
  • Staying above Trend
  • Listening to end clients
  • Able to change with the times

As new technologies developed, and market shifts occurred, Axxera was able to grow. The company expanded and adapted to new technologies and environments. Axxera have expanded exponentially with the opening of its own Network Security Operations Center and its Federal Procurement Division.

Axxera’s Certification as a HUBZone Small Business opened doors in the Federal Procurement space that has allowed the company to work with United States State Department, The US Army, Navy and even the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Axxera is also working with many US Embassies throughout Europe and Latin America, which has allowed its products and services scope to grow exponentially.

Future roadmap

Axxera launched 4n6 in early 2017 and this product is more catered towards Digital Forensic labs for Law Enforcements, Federal Organizations and Enterprises. It has an automated integration. But, Axxera plans on expanding its footprint worldwide with particular focus on emerging markets. Axxera will continue to innovate in cybersecurity space and expand into Federal business.

Greet the Chief

Reddy Marri is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Axxera. Reddy brings to his position more than 20 years of technical and sales experience as a CIO, and a Director of IT in the service provider and technical products industry. Prior to joining Axxera, Reddy was the President and CEO of Sitelite. He was also a founder and CEO and President of RECCOM.

Reddy received his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Osmania University and Masters in Engineering Management (MIS) from New Jersey Institute of Technology.

“I believe our products are something other businesses and government agencies need. To be able to develop, launch, and install a product or software that helps another organization do what they do best, is what drives me.”