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SAIMA Solutions goes beyond a technological implementation, focusing on the deployment of corporate strategy

thesiliconreview-francisco-prats-founder-saima-solutions-17The market is changing. Clients are changing the way they buy solutions. They expect Business Partners to have deep expertise to help them transform their businesses and find new ways to compete and win in industries. IBM is enhancing the PartnerWorld program to help Business Partners develop the capabilities needed to succeed in emerging market opportunities, including cloud, analytics, security and cognitive-based solutions. These changes are designed to help Business Partners grow their businesses and improve profitability while delivering differentiated value to clients. SAIMA is an IBM Gold Business Partner and is the reference consultant for IBM ANALYTICS, which is a web-based, integrated Business Analytics suite by IBM.

The Advanced Analytic Solutions

Founded in 2005, SAIMA Solutions possess the highest accreditation that IBM, QlikView and SAS can give to their partners: IBM “Gold Business Partner", "Certified QlikView Partner" and "Silver Partner", and is their reference consultant. With around 12 years of expertise in Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Business Analytics, it develops business solutions that fit your business. It focuses on the need of managing the information and offers the best methodology that guides your project to success. It deploys vertical and transversal solutions focused on risk management, scorecards, budget control, financial reporting, analytical models and predictive analysis. With its multidisciplinary team and the Research and Development team, it develops vertical and horizontal solutions and validates the IBM product updates before offering them to the clients. SAIMA Solutions brings the technology to the customer and, in addition, it offers a training service to use the tool from the first moment with a high degree of reliability and concurrence.

Partnering with IBM

With more than 14 years of experience in Business Analytics, SAIMA partners with IBM in offering guided self services in developing analytical skills that suits one’s business. Agile and intuitive analytical solutions foster the decision making of business firms. The IBM Cognos Analytics offers a guided experience to create or customize dashboards and reports in minutes. This can in fact reduce the IT load with a local web solution or in the cloud. This way it anticipates the purpose and helps you access trusted and personal data sources without the help of IT. It reduces the burden of data modeling while it helps drive decisions and actions that improve performance with the practical application of results. It is an interactive way for virtually anyone to find, explore, and share data-driven insights in a governed environment.

The Wide Platform that it Offers

As an Advanced Analytics Company, SAIMA helps companies to improve their operational performance and processes maximizing internal efficiency and competitive capacity, providing an excellent service and high level of quality and innovation. It enables the efficient management of resources by providing a guaranteed professional advice in the development and implementation of the Business Intelligence, budget creation and predictive analytics project. The company possess a multidisciplinary team with consultants specialized in different business areas (finance, commercial, human resources, marketing, information systems and logistics) and sectors of activity, providing a great value to the project. In many ways the technologies that it offers can help the business firms to ensure an Optimum Return on Investment (ROI) and can reduce the implementation time. In a process of competitive evolution where markets are increasingly demanding, sources of information are more disparate, being able to decide based on key information for our business can in many cases be the factor of success in many companies. SAIMA Solutions has already proved success in this by reducing the complexities associated with the business.

Highlighting the Customer-Centric Approach

"Getting data into decisions and applying them to competitive Action Plans is at the heart of Business Analytics." SAIMA’s approach is fully customer-centric which supports the business firms in the best possible way. The SAIMA BI Agile methodology (SAM BI methodology) looks into the customer’s requirements with a clear vision and allows governing these projects from a practical vision. The company has got physical offices in Madrid and Barcelona. These offices provide local support to the clients and accompany them in every phase of the project, integrating their work methodology, learning and speaking in their language. For SAIMA, customers are the prior wealth and a customer centric approach has enabled them to work for more than 200 clients, which is a feather in its cap.

Clients Say  ‘Trust SAIMA’

"With the IBM solution and the invaluable assistance of SAIMA Solutions, we now have a much better understanding of our operating results across the country."-Tullio Imparato, Director of Informatics, Base Detall Sport

"Thanks to SAIMA Solutions, Nifco has a global vision and access to detail of all the corporate information in which they can make real comparisons against the annual budget and against other periods."-Albert López, IT and Logistic Manager, Nifco

The Founder’s Desk

Francisco Prats is the founder and Commercial Director in SAIMA Solutions as well as an IBM Cognos Premier Business partner and QlikView and SAS partner. He has a great knowledge of the market and previously worked as the Managing partner and Commercial Director for Iteva Solutions. He is also experienced in the Account Management in corporate clients at Dominion Global. Prats completed his studies PADE from IESE Business School - University of Navarra. A specialist in the implementation of Business Analytics projects, Prats helps companies design their strategy and execute it with dashboards and business intelligence solutions.

"We develop business solutions with a clear vision: managing your information is the key to your success and therefore, to ours"