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SalesChoice’s AI Sales Analytics delivers insights to help its customers accelerate profitable Revenue Growth!


Sales AI Analytics Deliver Insights that Matter!

Advanced AI Analytics is changing the way B2B organizations interact and prioritize customer interactions. The ability for companies to predict, prioritize and pace marketing and sales activities to increase top line revenue growth, reduce customer churn, and make more fact-based decisions is incredibly powerful. Sales and marketing is now so dependent on Big Data and Analytics, that it’s become a game changer. Overlaying AI driven insight analytics on top of rich CRM patterns, that adeptly balances advanced analytics; with an award winning user interface experience is SalesChoice Inc.

SalesChoice offers an AI predictive and prescriptive analytics SaaS application. The company is designed to work in conjunction with CRM applications like, and has plans to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, and other leading CRM platforms. It’s team of roughly 20 employees includes a strategic blend of highly trained computer science professionals, data science AI analytics experts, and sales and marketing professionals, capable of translating technical details into tangible business benefits.

SalesChoice Roots

SalesChoice launched its first AI Predictive solution with major global tech software leaders. Subsequently SalesChoice has worked with leading brands like: Accenture, Intel, Rogers Communications, Aspen Pharma, and other major mid market companies, like Digiday and RelationEdge a SalesForce Gold Certified Systems Integrator. In 2016, SalesChoice advanced its core Predictive Insight Engine™ to add in prescriptive analytics and propensity to purchase signal detection. In 2017, the company has matured to offer Data Sciences as a Service (DSaaS), where SalesChoice will analyze data patterns and create innovative AI solutions that give its customers a go to market advantage. This journey has made SalesChoice one of the emerging market leaders in AI driven CRM applications. Perhaps not a surprise as the Founder’s roots is in sales and marketing and breakthrough Innovation Growth. 

What makes SalesChoice unique?

The Company has invested in skilled professionals, working to ensure that the product is more than just a slick interface. SalesChoice offers rich cognitive sciences or augmented intelligence analytics, where they discover and understand what is most likely to happen in a customer Sales pipeline. They use very advanced AI methods and provide rich actionable insights in a unique 7x24 coaching experience called the PlayBook and Deal Book which guides sales professionals like Uber does to ensure B2B sales professionals arrive at the right destination, at the right time with the most accurate route intelligence.

“We can now advise sales reps in real time, what patterns are in play that are preventing them from converting an order and give them insights to help them achieve higher odds of success. Our ALGO is reaching performance levels up to 95%+ predictive accuracy. AI Sciences can be uncannily accurate, and we can save companies millions of dollars in waste from engaging in unproductive sales cycles. The real question is how fast will Sales leaders recognize that the old methods of B2B selling are dead, emails are dead, buyers are further up the curve, and social media insights are only a small piece of the conversation. All signals both inside the CRM and outside the CRM hold the answers– that’s the new B2B Customer Highway we are creating for our clients, with SalesForce enablement.”

SalesChoice back-end platform is based on diverse advanced data science and AI methods, that are well beyond decision trees and basic statistics. The company uses machine learning to ensure all of its predictions are based on real time insights that are dynamically changing on the fly. These diverse blended methods used are unique, and the company filed an early patent in 2012 with Norton Rose.

The company goes to market closely with Accenture for Fortune 500 company pursuits, and with RelationEdge for mid market coverage. Typically 15 or more sales reps are required before SalesChoice can bring value to a company, with over 1000 historical win or loss data patterns in order to justify investments.

“We are now solving diverse data science problems by simply listening to our customers’ Big Data challenges and helping them solve specific use cases to tackle that requires AI and advanced data science methods. Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) is a new offering we are very excited about bringing to our clients, especially in Predictive Churn Intelligence. The patterns are in the data, what is key is building a model that can learn from the past and then predict risks accurately to get early alerts and actionable insights into the hands of our customers to make more informed decisions. …”

“You don’t need to be a statistician to work with us. We are putting smarter insights into the hands of our customers to achieve actionable insights that they can trust,” says Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder, SalesChoice.

SalesChoice Core Values

  • We make data speak, with ethically sound AI.
  • We view our customers as precious.
  • We have the courage to innovate.
  • We have a passion for growth.
  • We believe in collaborative teamwork.
  • We value our diverse community.

Awards and Honors

SalesChoice’s growing success is evident from it’s awards:

  • Cindy Gordon won the prestigious Sara Kirke E&Y and CATA Award in May, 2017 as a Most Innovative CEO and Community Builder.
  • SalesChoice won two distinguished Finances Online awards, the Rising Star and Great User Experience awards for Business Intelligence software for the year 2017.
  • SalesChoice won the Top 30 Most Innovative Companies to Watch Award, by Insights Success in 2017
  • SalesChoice Inc. was named in the 25 Most Promising Startups by TieQuest Toronto business venture competition in 2016.
  • SalesChoice was recognized by Gartner Group in the September 7th, 2016 Market Review Report on Predictive Analytics Software Innovators, and is also tracked by IDC and Forrester Research
  • SalesChoice was recognized as Top 25 most empowering data company by 1it Enterprise, in the Big Data Fall, 2016 Edition.

Clients’ Stellar Testimonies

“SalesChoice’s Predictive Analytic Software increased my sales profitability significantly by focusing my sales team on winning pathways. I cannot recommend them enough.” Dinesh Kandanchatha, Founder, CTO, Patriot Technologies.

“SalesChoice is fantastic predictive sales analytics software that has been very effective in meeting our media-centric business needs. I highly recommend SalesChoice Predictive Analytics software to secure a competitive edge.” Paul Borselli, Chief Revenue Officer, Digiday.

“I tracked our SalesForecast over 6 months comparing what SalesChoice said vs. what our native SalesForce said, and SalesChoice was accurate at over 95% predicting where our company would land – far more accurate that what we had in using weighted averages, which are mathematically flawed sales methods.” Matt Stoyka, CEO and Founder, RelationEdge, Gold Certified SI Partner, SalesForce.

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Brains behind the Business

Dr. Cindy Gordon, CEO and Founder: Cindy Gordon is an expert in SaaS, Business Innovation, Early-Stage software commercialization & sales business practices. With entrepreneur, VC and Angel experiences, Cindy is the recent recipient of the EY CATA Sara Kirke Award for Outstanding CEO Innovation and Community Leadership (2017), and has been immersed in numerous global SaaS start-ups like Eloqua, etc. She has held senior leadership roles at Accenture, Xerox and Citicorp, and in Venture Firms, and has also been a Founder of Helix Commerce International, a strategy innovation firm.

She is active in her community and is a Board Director of CATA, National Spokesperson for Women In STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). She has written 14 books on Innovation, Big Data, Social Media, and is currently writing a new book on AI and its impact on business and life.

Dr. Gordon is supported by a strong Board of Advisors, and CEO’s of major F500 companies or mid market companies to help guide the company’s growth strategy, with a world-class Chairman, Dr. Kevin Francis, former CEO of Xerox Canada, and also former CEO of two companies, successfully sold to Adobe, and EarthLink. In addition, her team of AI trailblazers is from Cindy’s perspective, “The glue that enables us to be agile and innovative. We have a diverse team and it’s the collective brains that are our guard rails that motivate me to keep pioneering to make our world a better place.”

"We enable B2B companies to See More to Win More, and leverage the power of AI to enable our customers to grow 8-10x."