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Say goodbye mobile threats being your security, privacy, and compliance blind spot: Appthority


“Manage mobile risk, before it manages you.”

Appthority, the global leader in enterprise mobile threat protection, delivers proactive visibility into mobile risk starting with the most comprehensive mobile application analysis available. Appthority’s extensive and ongoing threat intelligence eliminates mobile risk blind spots and combines the widest array of customizable policy and remediation options to tailor threat protection to the unique needs of individual enterprises. Appthority was designed to provide a simple, yet scalable, way to manage mobile app risk to company data. Its mission is to identify, expose, and eliminate mobile app risk to the enterprise before it becomes a business-critical issue or crisis.

This is how Appthority can protect
By automating the scanning and analysis of employee mobile devices and apps for risky behaviors, hidden actions, and mobile malware, it gives continuous visibility and control over potential security and privacy threats to the company information. Appthority customers have access to the industry’s most advanced app risk behavioral engine, a growing database of over 4 million analyzed iOS and Android apps, and the easiest, most complete enterprise risk management workflow.

Mobile App Collection: with millions of mobile apps available to employees, companies want to make sure their app risk management solution is continuously up-to-date. Appthority has automatically collected and analyzed over 3 million unique mobile apps. Using smart scanning technologies, it monitors and detects for employee new app installs and changes to existing installed apps through app store version updates.

App Risk Analysis: Every mobile app has the potential to steal or leak sensitive and private company information. Risky app behaviors, hidden actions, and malicious malware code can all conspire to exfiltrate valuable information from employee mobile devices. Appthority incorporates the most advanced app risk analysis technologies available for assessing and reporting the risks to the enterprise information.

Risk Control & Management: Effective security is not one size fits all. Few companies have the same information risk policies nor the same enforcement strategies. Mobile risk policy for executives traveling to remote geographies may be different from development engineers collaborating and sharing sensitive IP. Appthority gives the flexibility and control to create and apply the app risk policy best suited to the security needs.

On-Device Protection & Alerts: The risks to the enterprise from mobile apps is dynamically changing every minute of every day as employees install new apps and/or update existing ones. How can you avoid those mobile environment changes putting your company at risk? Appthority provides on-device mobile apps to continuously monitor employee devices for malware and mobile app changes that could pose a data loss risk, or apps that are aggregating private company information.

Mobile Device Management Integrations: An MDM can be the foundational piece of the enterprise mobility strategy. Managing employee devices, and even apps, is core to that strategy. But how do you add the app security and risk intelligence to drive compliance actions you might want to take with your MDM? Appthority’s seamless integration with leading MDM systems adds powerful app risk assessment and analysis capabilities to greatly enhance your existing mobility management investment.

Full API Access: Want to have programatic access to the most current and comprehensive mobile app risk data available? Need to integrate app risk metrics and security analytics into your existing enterprise applications? Appthority makes all this possible with a complete API to its cloud-based app risk data services.

The Ultimate Benefits

Automated threat assessment: Appthority continually scans and analyzes for malicious malware and mobile app and device behaviors that put corporate data at risk.

Continuous and dynamic monitoring of your employee devices and apps: The mobile apps employees install and use are changing daily. Appthority dynamically syncs with your employees’ app installs to monitor and detect changes in the overall enterprise mobile risk profile.

Simplified risk compliance reporting: See all mobile devices and apps that violate the information security and privacy policies important to the company.

Meet the Master

Paul Stich, CEO: Paul’s career has been focused on building innovative, high-growth companies within the technology sector in general, and cyber security in particular. He was the CEO of two successful Internet security companies; Counterpane, which was acquired by British Telecom in 2006, and Dasient, which was acquired by Twitter in 2012. Prior to founding his first company in 1999, Paul was a Vice President at IBM, responsible for consulting and services in their Telecommunications, Media, Entertainment and Utilities industries for the Americas. He was also with KPMG for 12 years as a Partner in charge of their National Telecommunications practice. He speaks at many industry and technology conferences including CTIA, Fortune, Gartner, InfoSec, RSA, and Supercomm. Paul earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Saint Mary’s College of California and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame Graduate School of Business. He is a member of the Saint Mary’s College Board of Regents.

“We take pride in being the global leader in enterprise mobile threat protection, delivering proactive visibility into mobile risk for executive, security and mobility teams.”