50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2016

Seamlessly Connecting Entire Healthcare Communities: DocsInk

“DocsInk has routinely been selected over, and replaced, many of the industry’s legacy systems because it’s an all-in-one package.”

As the emphasis on reducing per capita costs, improving clinical outcomes and increasing levels of patient satisfaction continues to grow within the healthcare industry, so does the need for simple solutions that support a collaborative and team-based method of care delivery. North Carolina based DocsInk promotes inter-connectivity in a hub-and-spoke fashion regardless of healthcare setting, existing technology, provider affiliation, or geographical location. Providing the right data, to the right person, at the right time is the key; and what the company does best.

“Our solution seamlessly links entire healthcare communities while maximizing revenue in both the fee-for-service and value-based care environments,” said Julie Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder.

DocsInk was originally founded in 2012 while working with a premiere group of cardiologists affiliated with Penn Medicine located in Philadelphia, PA. The directive from the President of their group was to create an effective solution that was easy to adopt, simple to use, and customizable to accommodate different clinical workflows. Two years later, DocsInk’s HIPAA-secure application was launched in both Google Play and iTunes, built to eliminate the gaps in clinical revenue, secure communication and care coordination.

The Differentiating Factor
DocsInk is different from any other competitor because it simultaneously addresses the communication, connectivity and fiscal challenges faced by medical professionals within all specialties. Beyond its broad range of functionality and capacity for customization, DocsInk’s sleek user interface (UI) sets it apart from competitors. Setup and training is completed within minutes, so that both the time and financial investment required for a successful DocsInk implementation are minimal. The DocsInk team has created a uniquely stable and reliable solution with a 99.8% up time. As a result its Client Services staff has the time to focus on providing an unparalleled level of personalized service and support ensuring the best user experience possible.

DocsInk’s Modular Platform
DocsInk’s “share care” and consult management features allow affiliated and disparate providers to easily create and control referral networks, helping to identify the appropriate provider(s) for specific treatment plans and facilitate the delivery of care in the appropriate setting(s). All referrals/consults are trackable and reportable using unique real-time “Accept” or “Decline” notifications, revealing the current status of each request and ensuring that no patients are lost to follow up.

Stakeholders securely share patient-centric health information using DocsInk’s mobile and web-based communication platform between groups or individuals, providing time stamps and delivery notifications. Care plans, documents, critical results/messages and images may be sent and received in real-time, speeding up the delivery of care, reducing errors and supporting best outcomes.

DocsInk’s integrated on-call scheduler provides an at-a-glance view of who is on-call per group and per specialty, offering call routing and escalation rules to ensure the right clinician is contacted at the right time. Time is saved and patient satisfaction is improved.

DocsInk’s mobile charge capture feature is responsible for increasing end-user’s revenue by an average of 15% within 45 days and reducing charge lag by up to 95%. Providers are led to the highest level of specificity coding and improved billing accuracy. Charges are sent at the point-of-care within 3-7 seconds, immediately available for review and submission to third party payers for reimbursement.

The Client Dimension The market for DocsInk encompasses every healthcare provider who is looking to ensure HIPAA compliance, improve care coordination, reduce readmission rates, enhance patient outcomes, manage a patient census, embrace value-based healthcare, or simply improve coding to survive declining reimbursements. For that reason its customer base ranges from one-doc-shops, to multi-specialty ACO’s, to the largest academic health systems.

Client Feedback
“I no longer have to spend my day off to make sure my charges are submitted. My charges were actually entered before I even got home. DocsInk saves me time and has greatly improved my process.” – Dr. Viviana Falco, MD, Crescent City Physicians

“DocsInk is easily hands-down the most responsive IT vendor our group has ever dealt with. They are for real; committed to my group’s success, personally handling specific needs for our 6 specialties.” – Dr. Joshua Lowentritt,
MD – Internal Medical Specialists / President of Louisiana Physicians ACO

Focus Areas
The company’s current development is centered on providing DocsInk as a true SaaS solution as it remains laser focused on affecting positive change across the continuum. A large part of that is helping providers overcome the collaborative care and revenue challenges associated with the shift towards value-based care. DocsInk’s mission is to provide simple solutions that address the most complex problems in healthcare.

Knowing the Management Team

Julie Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder
Julie is an expert in the healthcare industry with 24 years experience in the areas of practice and hospital management, revenue cycle analysis, medical billing, process reengineering, chart auditing, EHR implementation, and Meaningful Use compliance. Driven by a passion to help physicians maximize revenue, streamline care coordination, and improve health outcomes, Thomas leads the DocsInk team to address the gaps in the industry. Her broad knowledge draws a demand for her to speak at Medical Society, MGMA and other various conferences, and provide consulting to many organizations across the care continuum.

Brad Hinely, CTO and Co-Founder
As an entrepreneur, Hinely has consistently been a leader in the Information Technology solutions industry for the past 20 years. He has extensive experience in the field of web application design, winning awards for sleek and sophisticated user interfaces. Hinely has developed and deployed several successful applications for school system, banking, and the healthcare industries. At DocsInk, Hinely oversees the product design and builds. In addition to his responsibilities in the connectivity front, he directs much of the marketing and business development for the company.

“We power mobile healthcare solutions, beautifully.”