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Secure your database and network with DB Networks today

Suppose if you are running a multi-dollar company and your customer information database is stolen, what will you do? Of course you are not going to tell your clients, but do the best in managing the crisis. But how about you don’t have to face that crisis/risk at all? If your database is already strongly protected and secured so that no foreign invention can further take, how awesome would that be! Still thinking? Think no beyond, but make your data storage more advanced, secure and strong with DB Networks’ offerings custom made to suit every enterprise’s configurations.

Building its base in 2009 with headquarters in San Diego, California, DB networks helps in discovering and identifying all kinds of databases which also includes those that are undocumented or non-compliant which might have risks of security breaches. It also puts lights on providing insights into the interactions of applications to their connected databases. The DB networks also monitor your databases’ connectivity policy.

It uses behavioral analysis to immediately identify when the application has been compromised and is generating rogue SQL statements designed to attack a database. It specializes in Intelligent Continuous Monitoring, Non-Intrusive Database Discovery, and Application to Database Mapping, Core Network Policy Management, and Behavioral Analysis Based Database Security

Products –
• DB Networks ADF-4200 (Adaptive Database Firewall) – It is the only solution that automatically adapts to new, or changed applications, through scheduled learning The ADF-4200 rapidly learns the specific environment in which its operating to build its behavioral model. Each SQL statement is then subjected to a thorough lexical analysis and SQL semantic comparison analysis. Any rogue SQL statements are immediately identified and an alarm procedure is invoked.

• DB Networks DBN-6300 – DB Network’s DBN-6300 offers database cyber security that will according to DB Networks, “shine a light” on your database infrastructure. Operating at the database tier, directly in front of the database servers, the DBN-6300 effectively analyses database traffic. It will immediately identify any undocumented databases, identify traffic to/from restricted segments, and denote advanced database attacks. When rogue SQL statements are present at the database tier it means your perimeter defenses have been breached and your application has also been exploited. The DBN-6300 is the best answer to defend in your database defense-in-depth strategy.

Application Behavioral Model

The core team-
• Brett Helm – Chairman and CEO
• Steve Hunt – President and COO
• Dave Rosenberg- CTO/Products & VP Development
• Michael Sabo – VP Marketing
• Eric Varsanyi – CTO/Architecture
• Rami Shalom – VP Product Management
• Gerry D’Agostino – VP Business Development