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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

SEMYOU: The Cloud Office of the Future


“Founded by Volker Jahns in 2008, SEMYOU enables a new way to efficiently incorporate the cloud into business, to lower costs and to increase flexibility.”

There are a lot of companies that provide Cloud-Software. However, a firm needs more than one software product. Every company has different departments with different needs and different tasks to solve. The target of each CIO is to reduce IT-Costs. Handling plenty of different applications in an IT-Environment is expensive. Based out of San Francisco, USA, SEMYOU represents not only one product; it represents an APP-Suite. With SEMYOU, you have the opportunity to make your business more efficient with low investment and no effort.

The idea for SEMYOU came to its founder Volker Jahns when he thought of having an App-Store for business apps. Instead of one big application that uses 10% of the functionality, the store would offer an app for each service of a company. The benefit would be: The Right APP for the Task you have to do.

Initially, the company’s plan was to publish a cloud desktop with apps like Apple – just for the business and the desktop PC market. The first version was a Cloud-Desktop with a set of different APPS which the user could use. Over an App-Store, a couple of apps like Knowledge management, Cloud Storage and Project Management Software were provided. The company built a big research team that could investigate the needs of a company and its daily business there. The result was a new product (a new cloud app from SEMYOU).

In 2008, the company built the first Cloud APPS. In the last couple of years, SEMYOU has grown up from zero to a company with over 500 employees and over 7 locations worldwide. With SEMYOU, customers have the opportunity to be agile, reduce their IT-Hardware costs up to 75%, reduce the resources for administration and have the right app for each task in a secure environment.

SEMYOU Cloud Solutions
SEMYOU provides a cloud framework for Enterprise-Cloud APPS and offers different Business-Cloud-APPS as well. The company focuses mainly only on SaaS (Software as a Service) and not on IaaS or PaaS. SEMYOU develops its own Business-APPS and doesn’t allow foreign apps like Apple-Store or the Google Play Store. It currently provides over 30+ Enterprise Apps in the Cloud for different Needs.

Each APP can be ordered and used with one-Click. It is just one click away to setup a global team or providing e.g. a Task-Management Tools to worldwide employees. Each APP can be rent monthly, starting from $5 per month per user. The idea is to use this service (APP) which one really needs, with no effort regarding downloading, installation or changing the hardware infrastructure. The company provides customers with its own App-Store from where they can easily order their required APPS.

SEMYOU provides a wide range of different APPS for different needs. So it has no exact target area when it comes to clients because in the APP portfolio the company has Project-Management APPS, Absence Management APPS, Collaboration APPS or Expense-Management APPS. The long term strategy is to provide the right apps for the right needs. SEMYOU has a lot of different clients worldwide in different branches starting from big automotive companies to small startup firms.

Global Footprint
The company was built generally in Germany and has different locations worldwide. The headquarters is in San Francisco, USA and the other offices are in Switzerland, Russia, UK and Germany. However, the real global value is in the number of users SEMYOU has. The company caters to more than 500,000 user licenses. It has over 70,000 clients (starting from 2008) and over 75% of them are using SEMYOU apps for more than 12 months.

The Road Ahead
In the cloud computing domain, SEMYOU is at the top of the pyramid. The company’s research team has a lot of different ideas for new APPS for Businesses. It has over 200 Apps in its backlog and tries to deliver 50 new Business apps every year. The idea of the CEO (Volker Jahns) for the future is to provide each company a set of Business-APPS which are available just one Click Away.

“We offer various options for cloud usage. Whether you’re a small, medium or large company – we have the right solution for you.

Knowing the Key Executive

Volker Jahns, CEO
Before making his mark as CEO in the IT and banking sectors, Jahns studied computer science and business economics and amassed 25 years of experience in projects ranging from development to consulting. It was during his tenure as CEO of a consulting company that Jahns first had the idea for SEMYOU. With a vision and a clear target, he started SEMYOU in 2008 and, through much hard work, overcame obstacles, and built the company into a global leader in the cloud computing market.

“Increase your flexibility, agility and at the same time reduce your IT costs by 75% using SEMYOU Cloud services.”