SR 20 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies 2016

Shaking the foundation of Big Data with Interactive Visual Analytics: iVEDiX, Inc.

“Data is the new science. Big Data holds the answers.” – Pat Gelsinger

The amount of data being generated today, be it from infrastructure assets, industrial and non-industrial parts, equipment, wearables, traditional software and/or database repositories far outweigh the market’s current ability to consume that data. The burden on front-end platforms to connect, absorb and visualize the data is extraordinary high today, especially in a fast moving mobile-centric connected global ecosystem. iVEDiXInc.’s flagship product – miVEDiX can not only consume data from any source in real time, it has the unique ability to transform this data, on demand, to create a stunning visual experience for the end user such that the content is not only meaningful but engaging and interactive. miVEDiX has been architected from the ground up to be optimized and delivered on mobile operating systems, iOS, Android and Windows.

A visionary company based in Pittsford, NY, USA, iVEDiX Inc. is shaking the foundation of Big Data with theirinteractive visual analytical product. Their product is in the forefront of empowering companies to reinvent themselves with apps that defy the conventions of business intelligence(BI). Powered by a unique team that has brought together database geniuses, creative BI architects, graphical UI wizards, and application gurus; iVEDiX’s presence echoes through companies around the world.

The team at iVEDiX spends multiple years in Research and Development to create a product that empowers end users to curate and interact with their own content. The miVEDiX product seamlessly integrates with existing data infrastructures, structured or unstructured and gives users access to their data from their mobile device. The platform combines rich visualizations, sophisticated interface options, and real-time updates to deliver an immersive data discovery experience

Digital Health at Your Fingertips
miVEDiX for Healthcare has a prolific customer base and pipeline in the Healthcare space where some of the most progressive Healthcare Provider organizations in the country have commissioned it to transform the abysmal experience physician and other care providers currently face in working with their Electronic Medical Record systems. The miVEDiX platform, when deployed, is garnering record numbers across the board. High marks on user interface and experience, exponential increase in concurrent usage, engagement and data access even from traditional EMRs. Increased engagement with applications and associated systems has proven to improve quality and outcomes for the patient community. Meanwhile, there is also an active push to use the miVEDiX interface to solve complex visualization and workflow challenges like care coordination, patient throughput, Physician Rounding for specialties, Population Management and more. miVEDiX has received tremendous accolades recently including being inducted into the 2015 New York Digital Health Accelerator Program as one of the most promising startups serving the Healthcare industry.

A Cutting-Edge Mobile Solution
miVEDiX, as an enterprise-grade mobile solution lets customers connect seamlessly to their existing information sources and quickly build a configurable mobile application. The platform’s analytical framework provides the best in data management and governance capabilities as well as modules to configure and customize the design, workflow and brand to customer requirements. miVEDiX facilitates bi-directional communication so that customers can read and write-back to source systems. Customers can now bring mobile applications to life faster than they’ve ever been able to do before. They are also able to address uniquely mobile workflows for their increasingly mobile workforce. The product supports stunning 3D visualization, geospatial maps, embedded predictive and simulation modeling capabilities wrapped around sophisticated security protocols. Unlike free-standing apps or universal build and convert platforms, miVEDiX was architected with an analytics IQ designed to universally integrate, stay-connected with an ecosystem that is constantly listening, updating and communicating with all the applications that are configured or mapped in a customer’s application framework.

Customer Base
The company has a robust customer base among the healthcare and retail sectors. Some of its notable clientele are:

Healthcare: Fresenius Medical Care, HCA, United Nations, etc.

Retail: Wegmans Food Markets, etc.

Customer Testimonials
“The app has revolutionized my ability to interact with my patient. What I would say to my colleagues is that once you experience the app, you will never go back to using the laptop”
–Dr. Gary Singer, Medical Director, St. Charles, MO

“The system has capacity for infinite expansion. Hence, provides a platform of continuous improvement in the use of technology for development” –President Uhuru Kenyatta, Republic of Kenya

“It is a tool which will take HIV out of isolation and make the link with child and maternal health, cancer, poverty, NCDs and other issues affecting our people” – Michel Sidibe, Executive Director, UNAids

Future Outlook
iVEDiX ‘s vision is to be the defining standard of providing an immersive experience of interacting with data.

Knowing the Key Executives

Raj Kutty, Founder and CEO
Raj has over 20 years of Data and Business Intelligence experience and has consulted with Fortune 500 clients globally. Raj continues to serve as a trusted advisor to a lot the customers. Prior to founding iVEDiX, Raj served as Director and Principal Architect for arcplan, Inc for 8 years. He was the Analytics Lead for Eastman Kodak’s Global Data Warehouse team 1996 to 2001. Raj has earned numerous accolades from his customers and won multiple engineering awards during his tenures with arcplan and Eastman Kodak. He has a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Hartford (Paris MBA program), a Bachelor’s degree of Commerce from the University of Madras, India and Honors Degree in Systems Design from the National Institute of Information Technology, India. Raj is also a passionate calligraphist.

Marty Glavin, President and COO
Marty brings 30+ years’ experience in the industry. Prior to joining iVEDiX, he served as General Chairman of the 2013 PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club from 2011 to 2013. From 2009 to 2011, Marty served as the President of Tribridge, Inc., an IT consulting and managed services firm. From 2001 to 2009, he served as Managing Director of Navint Consulting, an IT consulting and managed services firm he founded and later merged with Tribridge, Inc. Prior to Navint, in 1991 Marty founded SiGMA Consulting LLC, a management consulting and intellectual technology services firm. He managed SiGMA Consulting LLC until he sold SiGMA to Nextera Enterprises LLC in 1998. Prior to founding SiGMA, he served twelve years in various management consulting positions for PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and KPMG LLP. Marty is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

“As an interactive mobile visual analytics platform, miVEDiX is domain agnostic with a significant focus in healthcare and is actively being commissioned to curate immersive experiences on mobile devices from care providers to case workers and a burgeoning mobile workforce.”