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10 Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Companies 2018

Shaping the future of Digital Marketing: Velocity Agency


Digital marketing and advertising is a booming branch in the marketing industry that is re-designing the way marketers are visualizing their hunting grounds. Digital marketing has made it possible to penetrate deeper into the consumers’ needs and better understand the mindset of consumers like never before. Digital marketing is no doubt the future of the advertising industry and one such company that shares the same conviction is Velocity Agency.

Born from a love of creativity and impression making, Robert Berning’s “Velocity Agency” is the evolution of a 42-year-old company - Berning Marketing and Productions, LLC, a full-service film and video production company that now produces more than just media – Velocity Agency produces results.

A New Orleans-based Digital Marketing Firm, Velocity specializes in techniques, strategies, and branding initiatives that engage and influence their clients’ customers on every screen: smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, televisions, outdoor, and experiential. With a sophistication that grows almost daily alongside technological advances, Velocity Agency has the ability to create custom software solutions for clients and design advertising campaigns that can be tracked, analyzed and adjusted for the highest efficiency and highest rate of return on the client’s investment.

The Berning Desire – To Do It Right

Robert Berning, in 1975, founded Robert Berning Productions, Inc. and began working from a 200-year-old New Orleans French Quarter walk up. In 1980, the company relocated to 710 Papworth Avenue and shared office space with a film production equipment rental company. Two years later, through expansion, Berning purchased all of the property at 710 Papworth and became the sole tenant.

Berning’s accelerated growth lead to becoming the premier commercial film production studio in the Greater New Orleans and the Southeast region. In the following decades, Berning expanded his interests in graphic design, original music composition, post production, motion graphics, animation, and special effects.

After Mr. Berning passed away in 2011, it left a big hole in the hearts of the people throughout the advertising and creative communities. Robert Berning III, who had worked closely with his father, for nearly 17 years prior to his passing, decided to carry the legacy that his dad had left. Robert Berning III realized the importance of digital media and thus founded “Velocity Agency”, which today operates as a full-service advertising and digital marketing firm.

A Hi-Tech Evolution

The company has lived through times when technology was taking baby steps, up until the present era, where, when you just look at your cell phone the device recognizes that you are its rightful owner. The era that Velocity has witnessed is moving rapidly towards the ultimate sanctuary of digital perfection and excellence.

The Secret to Staying Ahead

Velocity works on robust principles which are time-tested. They believe that they are the proprietors of strategies that will perform any given tasks. These principles are –

Creative messaging – Creativity is probably the most deciding factor in any form of marketing & advertising. The message that is delivered to a targeted audience should be clear, vocal, but more importantly, it should be able to capture attention and shape perception. Because perception is reality.              

Custom Demographic Content – When you know what is going to fit in a particular part of the population, based on research and specified criteria, it becomes easier to achieve better results in terms of behavioral response.

Laser targeting – When you further filter your target audience and find a specific group of consumers that fall under a single search criteria; it further allows refinement of efficiency.

Hiring the Professionals

The employees of Velocity Agency form the core of the company. The different personalities enabled with different creative ideas, experiences and skills, come together like droplets from different clouds to form a giant river of performance metrics. The secret of their success, the solution to all the problems, is to surround themselves with really smart people.

Stability of Reputation

Velocity believes that to stay ahead in the game, one should produce a service or a product that competes at the international level. Every assignment you take up, the results should surpass the previous results. The rest of the world should set you as the benchmark.

Contributions Made

The kind of custom creative content that Velocity delivers is something that sets it apart from the rest of the marketing world. Its strategies, techniques and approaches can be studied, analyzed, and incorporated to produce even more efficiencies in terms of return on investment (ROI).

The Path to the Future

Velocity at its current pace is set to take over a top position in the digital marketing industry and along with it, the firm hopes to release its own set of entertainment products and ad platforms. Already equipped with a wide arena of services starting from TV commercials, music videos to custom merchandise and digital video brochures, Velocity is set to expand into many more divisions of the mobile entertainment industry.

The Master Sorcererthesiliconreview-robert-berning-III-founder-velocity-agency-2018

Robert Berning III, Founder: Berning has long-standing relationships with many of his clients, such as Northrop Grumman, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz who he has worked with for over 20 years to produce commercials, project documentaries, websites & mobile apps, PR initiatives and digital advertising campaigns. Recently, he founded Event Design Build, a division of Velocity Agency that works with clients such as TNT/TBS & ShurTech’s brand Duck Tape to create Experiential Pop-Ups at music festivals and conventions. Despite his work on the national and international level, Berning has never lost sight of his local community. Since 2010, he has written and directed marketing campaigns for the United Way & Drew Brees Dream Foundation, organizations dedicated to improving the lives of New Orleans area families.

Berning’s work has been recognized locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, for which he has received numerous TELLY, ADDY, Summit & Davey awards.

“Our passion for digital marketing and its implementation in a wider arena inspires us to a goal of infinite achievements. We combine this service with our excellent custom software development skills and provide an ultimate service that is mostly unmatched in its quality.”