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10 Fastest Growing Marketing & Advertising Companies 2017

Shelley Media Arts clearly identifies your needs and goals and builds a customized marketing strategy designed to address the unique challenges of your business

thesiliconreview-ryan-shelley-cgo-shelley-media-arts-17“We never settle. The digital space is always moving and changing and so do we.”

It’s no secret that marketing has changed drastically over the past decade. With the internet taking over the world, marketing strategy is ever changing and growing. Compared to traditional outbound marketing tactics such as advertising, inbound is more economical for businesses and, from the standpoint of prospective customers, less intrusive, more personalized, and more educational. With inbound marketing, you create and deploy educational content that solves the challenges your potential customers are facing. Florida based Shelley Media Arts (SMA) is an Inbound Marketing & Personalization Agency. SMA understands that each organization is unique and provides a customized strategy that helps you overcome your challenges and accomplish your goals.

The company saw the need in the technical space for better story telling. Living on the Space Coast, it has strong roots in tech and engineering. It works with small & mid-size engineering and technology firms, healthcare companies, and local businesses by helping them amplify their message and connect with their ideal customers through Inbound Marketing, SEO, Personalization, and Superior Website Design.

Back and Forth with Ryan Shelley, Founder, and CGO

What led to the inception of the company?

Marketing takes time. When I made the commit in late 2014 to take my agency on full time, I knew success would not come overnight. I had to redefine what the word success meant in order to keep going. At the time, I was a one-man shop, doing it all myself. Not only was I helping other companies market themselves I committed to marketing my agency as well. This is something many agencies forget to do. I put together aggressive content marketing and search campaign and stayed the course. We saw a few wins along the way but it took nearly a year to reap the benefits. Since 2015, we’ve grown revenue over 10 times. I found a unique opportunity in the area of search. While many offer SEO, few do it in house or take a customized approach.

What kind of responses have you received from your clients?

Sadly, many companies have been burned by “digital marketing experts.” I get many clients who know they need to grow their digital presence but are afraid to be taken advantage of again. I’ve learned that building trust is the essential to gaining new customers and following through on your promises is what keeps you in business.

Explain on what grounds did you expand the company?

We started off as a small web design and SEO shop. After partnering with HubSpot we moved into full-funnel inbound. Today we offer a number of digital services from Inbound to personalized marketing and marketing BI. We’ve found that customers want to see and understand the data that is being collected. As a result, we have helped our customers get more out of their investment in Marketing and sales.

How did you overcome impediments that you encountered?

Time and doubt where huge challenges. I always felt like there was more work and not enough time. I also doubted my own skill set. Through a lot of help and training, I’ve learned the power of handing things off and empowering others to help me. I’ve also learned to trust what I know and to maintain the posture of a student. I may not have all the skills, but I can learn what I need to know.

Enumerate your firm’s greatest assets.

  • Trust: If you can’t trust others, the work and relationships suffer.
  • Communication: Knowing what needs to be done, when and how helps alleviate frustration.
  • Collaboration: Being able to pull everyone’s best skills together is the key to creating work that matters.
  • Continued Education: Having the posture of a student is the factor for growth.
  • Flexibility: Being able to change directions quickly when something isn’t working is powerful

The Prime Mover

Ryan Shelley, Founder and CGO: Shelley launched Shelley Media Arts in 2009. He ran the agency as a side job until the fall of 2014 when he decided to take it full-time. He saw there was an ever-increasing need in the digital marketing landscape for a more human approach to marketing. Since then, Shelley Media Arts has become a leader in human-driven SEO, Inbound Marketing, and Marketing Personalization. Shelley has a Bachelor of Science in Communications with a focus on Electronic Media from the University of North Florida and is currently pursuing a Masters Certificate in Business Intelligence through Villavona. He is a proud graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA.

“Our work is grounded in a philosophy of Personalization. We create content that connects with your audience in a one-on-one, human level, and outperforms the standard internet marketing noise that we’ve all learned to ignore.”

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