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SIC Robo: Offering the finest fintech platform in order to make financial systems more effective

thesiliconreview-sidharth-handa-founder-ceo-sic-robo-2018In the present times, the capital market has been profoundly impacted by AI technology applications. They have certainly taken the finance industry and investment services by storm while setting the stage for greater competitiveness among vendors in the finance market. AI applications can enable financial advisors and firms make informed decisions, consider new strategies, and ultimately render outcomes that offer what businesses and clients seek, in the most efficient way. Therefore, AI technology should be rapidly adopted in the wide range of applications offering financial services in order to effectively process information and contribute to a better financial system.

SIC Robo is one such company that aims at assisting investors & traders with real time insights while facilitating a hassle-free and simplistic transaction experience with its Artificial Intelligence powered financial market application, SIC Robo. With a focus on insight rather than information, it segregates and presents everything from news to market information to the user in an easy to understand manner without any requirement of technical deciphering.

Bringing the best-in-class experience to the targeted demographic

SIC Robo, equipped with a conversational interface (chatbot), lets users chat with the AI asking market related questions ranging from simple market information to fundamental and technical analysis. To make transactional experience even simpler, the chatbot supports direct account queries and even placing of orders. SIC believes that technology is the first and foremost enabler of innovation and provides the scale in a cost-effective manner if designed correctly. SIC focuses on developing all customer facing applications in-house thus ensuring a tight integration with its technology platforms. This is unconventional to most financial service companies where technology development is usually outsourced.

“While developing new products inspired by our own customer interactions and market research, we believe that our role as a financial services company should be above and beyond just offering our own products and ideas. Keeping that in mind, we are one of India’s first “Brokerage As API” company allowing fintech entrepreneurs to integrate our broking platform without having to go through the learning curve of compliance and regulations”, the company said. To facilitate this horizontally scalable and tech driven business mode, its tech teams prioritize scale and best-in-class customer experience using a cloud-first approach towards setting up its technology stack. All sensitive data is encrypted at rest and in flight, ensuring complete security to customer’s data.

SIC Robo: Your personal stock market assistant

SIC Robo is a faster, smarter and more transparent way to transact in the direct equities. Built for mobile-savvy millennials and seasoned stock market investors, this robust app offers simplified access to market information and intelligence so that there are no more complex processes and confusing jargons. SIC Robo makes analyzing the market, buying and selling stocks as easy as online shopping and just as rewarding. Its intuitive user interface is backed by state of the art algorithms in quantitative finance. When mere seconds can cause exponential profits or crippling losses, a platform is needed that provides relevant market data in real-time. With personalized notifications that can alert of scheduled events or turbulence, SIC Robo can take complete control of the investments. The app was developed with a vision to enable a novice to navigate the ups and downs of the market. But even professional traders implement its robust features and intelligence to grow their money without spending hours sifting through stock market data.

SIC is a SEBI registered organization, a member of NSE / BSE and also a depository participant with CDSL.

Features that awe investors

  • One-Stop Platform for Portfolio Management

        A first of its kind app for stock market tracking, business news updates and portfolio management - all on a single AI driven platform with easy sign-up option.

  • Robotalk

        A unique financial market chatbot that can share insightful market intelligence, current stock information and even conduct complete transactions.

  • News-Wire

        Users can get verified business news updates from over a 100 Indian and world financial sources, know which stocks are on the rise, and plan their investments accordingly.

  • Practice Accounts

        SIC provides a simulator that uses real market data letting beginners test the waters before jumping into the world of stock investment. Every user is given a virtual sum of Rs.1000000 to transact, learn the trade and build confidence.

  • Pulse Feed

        An active dashboard that tracks real-time market movement and provides access to curated information in one glance. Users can simply set the parameters and select the companies they want the AI to monitor; the Pulse will then track the stock health for them.

  • Data Security

        Personal and financial data is secured through in-transit encryption and multi-level firewall data storage on cloud servers. SIC Robo does not share any information with advertisers and third party vendors or store content on user devices without explicit and repeated permission.

Let’s meet the visionaries behind SIC ROBO

Sidharth Handa, Founder and CEO: “Starting out as a sub-broker under the name of SIC in 1993 in Bangalore, we have come a long way in the past two decades. Over the years, SIC has gained widespread presence across the country, earning access to membership of the country’s top stock exchanges and diversifying into a range of financial solutions to offer our clients the best financial advice and products tailor-made to their needs. We are present in Bangalore, Mumbai.”

Makarand Mone, CTO: An IT Professional with over 10 years of experience and focus on Fintech, Mak is a well rounded developer and technologist with strong communication, leadership, and client-facing skills. He is detail oriented and specific with his work. At SIC, his major focus lies on planning and implementing tech development in coordination with management, spearheading the core dev team for Application and API development, liaising with third party developers and technology partners, ensuring compliance as defined by exchanges, regulatory authorities and proactively defining IT policies at organizational level.

“With a market intelligence tool that was created to provide you with minute-to-minute analytics and insights on the health of your stocks, this is the last app you will need for investment management.”