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10 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2016

Sify Technologies: An ideal partner for all organizations, across sector and scale


Innovative, daring, ahead-of-times, visionary… these are some of the epithets used about Sify when they established in 1995 at Chennai. After becoming the 1st network in India to be IPv6-enabled, the 3rd largest IP VPN service provider in India and an industry-defining portal, they became, in 1999, the first Indian ICT company to be listed on the NASDAQ, all this the outcome of that one attitude that runs in their DNA.

In 2007, Sify realigned itself to build a host of products and services for enterprise thus establishing the country’s premier enterprise Cloud services. Today, offering Converged ICT solutions to over 4000 satisfied corporate customers in over 1100 cities, it’s no surprise that we are the most favoured partner for Enterprise Connectivity, IT and Software services.

In Jan 2012, they became the first ICT Company in India to own a submarine cable landing station in Mumbai with connectivity on both east-and-west sea corridors. Earlier with the voice licenses, the cable paths and a network connectivity that spans the breadth of the country, they are now in an enviable position to partner with both domestic and international Telecom and IT players. And it is not just the enterprises who are taking notice. With orders for 6 State Data Centers already in, both the state and Union governments are actively engaging Sify in their endeavor to rapidly adopt automation across all ministries and departments.

Cloud & Managed Services
Sify offers Public, Private and Managed Cloud services, leveraging enterprise-class technology to guarantee high availability, performance, scalability and security. The services are a testament to Sify’s proven expertise in Cloud services and are offered in customizable, cost-effective models that are easy to deploy and use. The breadth of Sify’s expertise in end-to-end IT services makes Sify the ideal partner to manage the full spectrum of the IT needs of all organizations, across sector and scale.

Sify’s wide range of Cloud services includes:

Enterprise Public Cloud – Sify enterprise Public Cloud helps you to build complex workloads.

Enterprise Private Cloud – Sify Private Cloud leverages the power and flexibility of Cloudinfinit.

Cloud Based Disaster Recovery – Cloud-based Recovery solutions using DR Tools for virtual.

Managed IT Services – Comprehensively monitor and manage your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms seamlessly.

Knowing the Key Leader

Raju Vegesna, Chairman & Managing Director – Raju Vegesna is an Executive and Entrepreneur who has leveraged his technology vision and leadership skills into a multi-decade series of successes in high technology industries. Most recently, Raju was the Founder and CEO of ServerEngines, an industry leader in network and storage convergence products that grew rapidly from its inception in 2003, with significant operations in California, Texas and India.

Vegesna currently serves as the Chairman and Managing Director of Sify Technologies Limited, a publicly traded ICT services company based in India after having purchased a majority stake in 2005. Realizing the emerging potential for Enterprise IT business both within and outside India, Vegesna set about aligning the company’s focus towards the same. Sify is now recognized as a leader in the fast growing segments of ICT services, managed IT services, Connectivity, Voice and Cloud services.

In recognition of his entrepreneurial achievements, Raju was honored at the India Splendor Award event at UCLA in 2007.

Raju has proven to be a gifted entrepreneur, having founded multiple highly-successful startup companies. In 1994, prior to his current involvement with ServerEngines and Sify, Raju founded ServerWorks Corporation and, as Chairman and CEO, led ServerWorks to become the world leader in computer chipsets, commanding a 90% market share in the x86 server chipset market.

Raju received a master’s degree in computer engineering from Wayne State University and a bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering from Bangalore University in India, and holds several patents and publications on microprocessors and multiprocessor technologies.

Philanthropy is important to Raju. Through his personal initiatives and his U.S. and India charitable organizations, The Raju Vegesna Foundation and The Raju Vegesna Foundation (India), Raju has undertaken an ambitious programs to address the availability of clean water and education for communities in need; several large projects have already been completed, and many more are planned in addressing these critical issues.

Sify’s Vision Statement

“We are building a world in which our converged ICT ecosystem and our ‘bring it on’ attitude will be the competitive advantage to our customers”

Customers: Business (large, medium & emerging business) & individuals.
Competitive Advantage: The strategic advantage business/individual entity has over its rival entities within its competitive industry. The strategic advantage can be Cost advantages, technology advantages, people advantages, time advantages which are critical to win goals.
Converged ICT ecosystem: Converged information and communication technology with network services, IT services, software services.
Bring-it-on attitude: An invisible spirit that resides in every employee of Sify and drives the human race forward. A tone that is confident, assertive, yet humble.
Building: Continuously evolving.

“With a focused knowledge, expertise and vast experience to back us up, we are ever-ready to face and conquer any challenge on the converged ICT front. Because in Sify, we believe in the powerful mantra.”