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SimbirSoft: Building Effective and Reliable IT Solutions to Help Your Business Flourish


“To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of discipline.” – Steve Jobs

Founded in 2001, SimbirSoft provides custom software development and testing services for companies in the U.S., the Russian Federation, Japan and Europe. SimbirSoft has completed more than three hundred and fifty projects of business processes automation, document workflow and project management systems, CRM, cloud systems, financial and statistical components, and web and mobile applications, as well as IT-consulting services.

SimbirSoft provides clients with a complex approach to IT solutions. “By complex approach, we mean not only our broad tech expertise, which allows us to address the most complicated challenges, but also a thorough approach to meet our clients’ needs and goals,” said Sergey Yurkin, President, SimbirSoft. “Before proceeding to the development stage we perform a deep study of the client’s business processes and suggest the best solutions that will make the developed software the most useful for the client’s business purposes. Only after these preparations will our specialists initiate the development process.”

Simbirsoft also provides each client with a dedicated project manager to keep them informed about project news and to solve emerging issues immediately. SimbirSoft’s business processes are based on CMMI-DEV 1.3, so its QA managers both monitor code quality and analyze various indicators (deadlines, quality, budget, and efficiency of project teams). This helps all concerned parties to control the project’s progress.

Developing Innovative Tools, Products & Approaches
As a successful IT company, SimbirSoft spends a considerable sum on innovation in tools, products, and approaches. Among recent innovations are the creation of quick operating front-end frameworks which are aimed at complex and huge interfaces such as Gantt charts, dashboards and graphs. As the company grows, we pay special attention to the support and development of our employee’s proficiency. As a result, SimbirSoft has invented its own approach to educational process and expert knowledge exchange. These initiatives have turned into web application called MakeTalents which realizes all these purposes.

Key Differentiating Factors
As the company aims to build long term relationships for existing and future customers, our innovative tools, products and approaches create high value, regardless of market competition or other market scenario. We stick to CMMI–DEV principles, supported by an independent quality service department. SimbirSoft guarantees that:

  • 82% of our projects are completed on time and within budget
  • We guarantee initial results during the first month of work
  • Our services are enabled at the speed of your business
  • We develop multiple technological defections to solve complex business tasks: from high-load
  • cloud server applications to rich web and mobile applications and integrations.
  • Our services will meet your goals.
  • Clientele Target Area
  • SimbirSoft develops B2B custom software solutions for clients in the U.S., Great Britain, Germany,
  • Russia, Israel and Japan. Abby Lingvo, Upland Software, Intland and 3NF are some of our largest clients.

We help many IT companies create a dedicated development team to implementation of their product. With our input, they can easily extend their existing team and add the required number of specialists from various technical branches.

Helping One Client Increase Sales Tenfold
One of our clients with a web docflow and project portfolio management system faced competition from a similar desktop solution that also provided high-performance which was not achievable on the web. Due to its front-end framework, SimbirSoft created enhanced features that performed as fast on the web as on the desktop, operating with unlimited data. Our upgrade became a key competitive advantage for the client, allowing it to increase sales tenfold and expand business from the U.S. to Europe.

Future Outlook
Simbirsoft is now focusing our operations on the US market. Recently, we acquired membership in AmBAR (American Business Association of Russian-Speaking Professionals) and became partners of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center.

“We do our best to make cooperation with us the most predictable and transparent experience for our clients.”

Meet the Key Executive

Sergey Yurkin, President
Sergey founded SimbirSoft in 2001. Sergey is a member of the Rotary Club and performs charitable work. He is currently studying at the Open University, UK, with the goal of achieving his MBA.

“Simbirsoft builds long-term relationships with our clients, helping them realize the most ambitious software projects. Our vast experience and strong connections with IT companies all over the world, along with a highly qualified staff and effective software development methodologies, allow us to get results that best meet our clients’ most demanding business needs.”