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With traditional BI tool vendors providing complex and expensive architecture and deployment models, nanobi enables organisations to derive the benefit of analytics with its unique cloud inspired analytic platform in a significantly shorter period of time and at a lesser cost.

The 21st century is the era of data and information which is seeing enterprises use their data to understand their customer, business and ecosystem better and tackle stiff competition from its potential competitors with expertise and ease. As the boundaries of data expand, consumption patterns are becoming complex and while most large enterprises have large investments in data from within the boundaries of their enterprise, smaller enterprises are facing difficulty to accommodate and collaborate/connect data from everywhere as the boundaries expand in terms of skill, technology and capital.

Founded in March 2012 by a group of software professionals experienced in designing and building pre-packaged analytical solutions that have been implemented across Fortune 500 organizations, nanobi data and analytics pvt ltd., based in Bangalore, India is the creator of a robust technology platform that addresses the analytics needs existing both within SME’s as well as large enterprises. The company brings affordable value to the customers in the SME segment by providing reasonably priced, pre-integrated readymade analytics apps specially crafted for use in various areas like Financial Performance Analysis, Sales and Distribution Analytics, CRM, Inventory, Operations Analytics pre-integrated with a variety of ERP applications used by the SMEs, on a subscription basis. It also provides specialized analytics for startups on its cloud inspired analytics platform and App Store, with a new approach to building, deployment and using analytics.

Product Offerings
nanobi offers multiple deployment models to address the needs of enterprises of different sizes which are listed as:-
• nanobi analytics app store hosted on™: A cloud based analytics service operated by nanobi offering specially crafted analytics solutions by domain experts, for the SME industry ensuring a quick start to their analytical journey with zero investments on infrastructure or resources.
• nanobi liquiData analytics platform and industry solutions:
Deployed on the cloud or On-Premise for large enterprises, nanobi helps leverage existing investments to build a larger ecosystem of BI and Analytics users with increased ROI on the investments in the data infrastructure while ensuring increased pervasiveness of the information in the enterprise . liquiData is simple to use and interactive, full-stack visual platform built on the REST architecture that also provides API interfaces along with developer framework to build on. The platform supports multiple modes for distribution of analytics, in a highly secure manner, via Web Browser, Mobile device (Android, Windows 8), Email, SMS or as embedded within the organization’s core applications.

Venturing into Analytics for Enterprises
At the enterprise level, the nanobi analytics platform supports the entire lifecycle of the analytic insight delivery process, using its simple to use, interactive and visual full-stack platform, with plugged predictive models, delivered as subscription software in the cloud or on-premises.

While the SME businesses are leveraging nanobi curated data services that provide exceptional value to users by connecting their analytics with social, market, macro-economic, and weather data available in public domain, large enterprises facing difficulties maintaining and enhancing increasing volumes, types and sources of data (internal and external), new and innovative technologies, complex data integration and quality issues are helped by nanobi who has taken a “big information from small data” architectural approach with a unique technology solution that provides freedom from fragmented islands of data and rigid monolithic warehousing. “We provide data based support to the ‘instinctive reasoning process’ or ‘gut feel’ of SME entrepreneurs, creating a more powerful data-based-intuition platform for their use. Intuition backed by data, leads to a more successful business enterprise”, adds the team at nanobi.

With a patent-pending neural metadata technology to tackle the 4Vs, the company enables a true cloud BI experience with Information Virtualization for speed, consistency and ease in decision-making while its next generation analytic platform also helps power enterprise data assets into more dynamic applications for internal and external consumption through its open REST API framework.Known for its personalized services, the company has regular clientele who leave behind no opportunity to praise the timely delivery and satisfactory customer service. In fact one such client – Firstsource Solutions Ltd. is of the opinion that “nanobi brings a different and refreshing approach to managing and analyzing Big Data. The nanomart approach tremendously improves speed of implementation and at the same time improves quality of analysis of data streams.”

The roadmap ahead
In terms of Product strategy / roadmap nanobi has a two pronged approach, one focusing on the analytical applications available on theanalyticstree™ and the second focusing on the liquiData platform that also powers theanalyticstree™. Intending to have analytical applications spanning industry verticals like BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Manufacturing (specific business use cases), Restaurants, Software Start-ups etc, nanobi is actively working with partners for developing analytical apps.

The team at nanobi believes that the entry of global analytical platform companies into cloud based analytics market is an indication towards the significant potential for the concept. With solutions that are domain and content rich addressing various analytical needs of the enterprise, the company has recently come up with theanalyticstree™, a one-of-its-kind analytical app store wherein SMEs can subscribe to available analytic apps, on a pay-as-you-use model, and be up and running with analytics in less than an hour. With a firm belief that their patented technology and the concept of an Analytics App Store will help position the company better in the competitive landscape, nanobi aims to become the world’s largest analytical app store in the next few years. to build a larger ecosystem of BI and Analytics users with increased ROI on the investments in the data infrastructure at low costs and increased pervasiveness of the information flow from the data warehouse. Simple to use, interactive and a visually full-stack platform built on using the REST architecture and provides published REST API interfaces along with a developer framework to build on, creating data-driven competitive advantages for customers in various industry domains. The platform supports multiple modes for distribution of analytics, in a highly secure manner, via Web Browser, Mobile device (Android, Windows 8), Email, SMS or as embedded within the Organization’s core applications.

Knowing the Key Executives
Mahesh Ramakrishnan
With 25 years of experience in the area of Product Engineering & Solution Architecture, New Product development and Product & Process Innovation on a range of technology platforms, Mr Mahesh is recognized as a thought leader and pioneer in Business Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data warehousing across the industry, by peers and customers. He has been an Inventor, Innovator and Architect of many pioneering ideas, concepts and products and holds a BE degree from Mysore University and MBA degree from IIM Bangalore Sumant Sarkar

As the Co-Founder & VP of technology, Mr Sumant who holds a Bachelor’s degree from IIT Kharagpur and a Master’s degree from Illinois Institute of Tech, Chicago, has delivered many products and also supported Marketing organization to develop and execute Campaigns & Events with his 16+ years of experience in the IT industry in Banking and CRM domains. C V Vinod
As co-founder & VP of industry solutions, Mr Vinod demonstrates his 15+ years of deep domain knowledge in the areas of Risk Management, Credit Cards and Customer Relationship Management Analytics for the BFSI segment. A Chartered Financial Analyst and a PG Diploma holder in Business Administration, he brings in his domain and management experience and helps nanobi achieve accolades through its customer service expertise.

Dr. Jayaprakash
As the Co-Founder & VP of Industry Solutions, Dr. Jayaprakash demonstrates 20+ years of experience in Insurance and IT Industry and specializes in process re-engineering and data analytics that has helped various insurers to save millions of dollars. The PhD holder has presented various papers in International Conferences, written articles, co-authored books and a holds Fellowship in Life and Associateship in non-life from Insurance Institute of India.

Abhishek Purohit
As the Co-founder & VP of product strategy & partner enablement, Mr Abhishek has 14+ years of varied experience ranging from Product & Solution development to Sales in the Analytics space. He has worked with companies like Oracle Financial Services Software Limited and IBM India Private Limited in various capacities. A BTech from NIT Tiruchirapalli, he brings deep technical acumen, business values and industry experience with his pre-sales consulting background and has architected the implementation of analytic solutions for clients across multiple geographies.